Is Forced Vaccination About To Become Reality? New York Lawmakers Consider This Chilling Proposal

(Tea Party PAC) – A proposed piece of New York legislation would allow the governor—currently tyrant Democrat Andrew Cuomo, by the way—to “remove” anyone who had been officially deemed a threat to public health.

Just consider what has transpired over the last ten months in our country and let that sink in for a moment.

WND reports that the plan would essentially give authorities permission to detain citizens and vaccinate them with no form of due process, according to The Western Journal’s KrisAnne Hall.

“This bill is not only a threat to the Constitution of New York and the people of New York but also to everyone in America if you consider the way certain legislation can spread throughout America in this age of ‘crisis,'” she wrote.

The bill is being sponsored by Assemblyman N. Nick Perry who says his proposal would “amend the public health law, in relation to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health.”

Yeah, that’s not totally creepy.

The bill appears to directly conflict with the Constitution of New York as it contains no due process for such detention.

Of course, as New York State and other Democrat strongholds have so plainly demonstrated over the past year, they don’t seem to have much regard for the constitutionality of anything when it comes to “public health.”

“Once some health department worker thinks a New Yorker is a carrier or contact to a carrier, that person could be seized and held without hearing, trial, due process or bond for a period of time to be determined by the health department,” the report explained.

The bill has provisions which would allow an individual to no longer be denied bail after officials had determined that the person was “no longer contagious.”


At least they thought of that.

The proposal is currently “active” before the health committee, according to the New York Assembly’s website.

It proposes the “removal and detention of cases” among individuals who don’t even have to be identified by name to be taken into custody, which just adds a whole new level of draconian to this whole thing.

All that is needed to properly jail a super spreader is apparently a “reasonably specific description.”

Those who would be detained could be held in “isolation.”

No one could be held for more than 60 days “without a court order,” however, and those kept in custody would be permitted legal counsel.

At least, “to the extent feasible,” which is troublingly vague.

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  1. Communism about to take over more than just New York it seems! At least one more communist person in Democrat party added to Pelosi group this morning, maybe two of them from Georgia, stolen runoff! Stacy Abram communist machine in full force. Preacher is an admirer of Fidel, just like Bernie!!! Lots of surprises for us in next four years or more!! Satan is hovering over this country casting demons and turmoil in every corner, we and our Republicans in office allowing evil to run rampant to turn America into a waste land like Venezuela!

  2. This is the stuff they do in Communist China. Emperor Cuomo regularly trashes our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It’s as if those documents don’t exist anymore. And you know what? The US Supreme Court isn’t doing anything about it.

  3. So Big Brother will be watching you. Democrats are taking advantage of this pandemic to assert their insane lust for power over others, in complete disregard of individual freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!

    • Ken – big brother HAS been watching us for far too long. This move would just give them more ability to intrude on our daily lives. It is simply the latest step by the left to ruin oops run our lives from cradle to grave, so long as they can squeeze the last couple of bucks out of us. When we are no longer useful to the state we will be eliminated.

  4. In Israel 240 people tested positive after getting the vaccine. Can the govt guarantee the same won’t happen here. Total communist rule in NYC this madness must be stopped now


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