Is Kamala Harris A Houseplant?

(PCC)Several commentators have cleverly drew a parallel between Kamala Harris’s role and  of a houseplant. With a touch of humor has highlighted how Harris appears to be low-maintenance and unobtrusive, much like a houseplant quietly sitting in the corner. This subtle critique subtly alluded to a burgeoning sentiment  Harris’s tenure as vice president has been far from stellar.

In a stunning turn of events, a wave of left-leaning pundits has suddenly emerged, imploring President Biden to reevaluate his choice of running mate for the upcoming election. The resounding clamor of voices has reached a crescendo, with certain members of the media audaciously issuing warnings of dire repercussions should Vice President Kamala Harris be replaced on the electoral slate. Is this truly the prudent decision for the Democratic Party, or is it yet another manifestation of the party’s ongoing internal discord?

In the midst of the political arena, a heated debate has unfurled, captivating the attention of the nation. As the battle lines are drawn, ideological differences are laid bare, revealing

The discussion commenced as political analysts contemplated the potential scenario of President Biden considering a replacement for Vice President Kamala Harris on the upcoming election ticket. Critics have raised concerns  this decision may alienate a significant portion of the African American electorate, potentially jeopardizing the candidate’s chances.

Remember the media saying: “We Have Her Back,” serves as a stark reminder of the prevailing biases within certain circles of the media. But the question is, will her media friend have her back or turn their back on Kameltoe Harris?

In a stunning revelation, a recently surfaced memo has shed light on the alarming influence of political correctness within news divisions. This memo, predating the announcement of Kamala Harris as the vice-presidential candidate, serves as a stark reminder of the cautionary tone being imposed on media outlets, urging them to prioritize gender and race sensitivities in their coverage. The evident bias in the media’s treatment of Harris cannot be ignored.

An astute observer pointed out the predicament  the Democratic Party has found itself in due to their decision to elect Joe Biden, an elderly White candidate. This choice has left them with limited alternatives should they consider replacing Harris.

Several media journalists have astutely pointed out the troubling phenomenon of “soft bigotry”  arises when individuals refrain from criticizing Harris solely due to her identity. In other words the race and female gender card is coming back to the democrats as a full house trump!  Critiquing Kamala Harris should not be unjustly labeled as an act of racism or sexism but if criticism comes from the right then it is racist and sexist.

Kamala Harris claims to champion the cause of equal opportunity, her policies and rhetoric suggest a different agenda. Harris often advocates for government intervention and redistribution of wealth, but who’s wealth will she distribute? Yours of course!

In her recent remarks, Vice President Harris made a concerning statement about equity, claiming  there is an ongoing assault on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In a stunning revelation, she proposed  the solution to disparities and inequities lies in implementing measures that would require accommodations and adjustments, all in the name of achieving equal outcomes.

Judge Jeanine Pirro astutely highlighted the glaring flaw in Harris’s argument. She raised doubts about whether this ideology applies to political contests, insinuating  if a candidate from a minority background were vying for the presidency, should accommodations be made to guarantee their triumph? The notion of manipulating election results based on identity is not only impractical but inherently flawed.

The mounting insistence from the progressive liberals to oust Kamala Harris from the Democratic ticket serves as a stark reminder of the deepening schism within the party. While certain individuals may contend  Harris’s performance falls very short of expectations, there are those who swiftly dismiss any critique by resorting to accusations of racism or sexism.

Final Word: Yes, Kamala Harris is a houseplant but possibly more than that, she is more like poison ivy infecting everyone who politically touches her with an itch they seemingly can’t get rid of.


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