Is This Biden’s Biggest Fib Ever?

(Tea Party PAC) – Joe Biden is the liar in chief. Nothing he says is honest. Part of that is because he suffers from dementia, the other part is because he’s a brazen pathological liar. We’d be careful not to give too much credit to dementia.

Biden has once again been caught in another nonsensical, made-up story meant to pander to the LGBT community, as if they don’t already support Democrats by and large.

He recounted to Kal Penn of “The Daily Show” the very moment he had a so-called epiphany regarding gay marriage. Perhaps you think it happened within the last 20 years considering he spent most his life opposing it but you’d be wrong. Biden claims, in a bizarre story, it was in high school when he determined to support gay marriage.

“I’m curious what your evolution was like on marriage equality and what the federal government might be able to do to protect LGBTQ Americans, especially trans kids who are dealing with all of these regressive state laws that are popping up right now?” Penn asked, prompting Biden to launch into one of his most awkward stories to date.

“I can remember exactly where my epiphany was,” Biden replied before going on to try and convince viewers of the moment he was accepted into the church of all things LGBT.

“Hadn’t thought much about it to tell you the truth and I was a senior in high school and my dad was dropping me off, and I remember about to get out of the car and I look to my right and two well-dressed men in suits kissed each other. I mean like gave each other a kiss. And then one went, looked like he was heading into the Dupont building, one looked like he was headed to the Hercules corporation building,” he continued.

“And I’ll never forget it, I turned and looked at my dad and he said ‘Joey, it’s simple. They love each other.’ It’s simple. No, I’m not joking. It’s simple, they love each other. And it’s never been, it’s never been, it’s just that simple, it doesn’t matter whether it’s same-sex or a heterosexual couple, you should be able to be married. So what is the problem?” Biden recounted.

Whenever Biden throws in his signature, “I’m not joking” phrase you know he’s just spewed a whole lot of nonsense.

Despite having this so-called epiphany while in high school, Joe Biden would go on to oppose gay marriage as a politician for over 50 years. Just look at his actual voting record.

Biden is 80-years-old. That means he was a senior in high school around 1960-1961. Aside from the fact that he spent the majority of his political career opposing gay marriage, there’s little chance anything like what he described actually happened in 1960. At least not in public.

That being said. Over a decade after he graduated high school, Joe Biden declared in 1973 that his “gut reaction” was that homosexuals in the military and government posed “security risks” to the country, as The Morning News reported.

Then, in the 1990s, Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage Act and got behind a measure that aimed to defund schools that taught homosexuality as a “positive lifestyle alternative.”

As recently as 2006, Biden said on “Meet the Press” that he opposed President George W. Bush‘s proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between a man and woman but used the bipartisan Defense of Marriage Act in favor of traditional marriage to do so.

“We already have a law, the Defense of Marriage Act, we’ve all voted, not, or I voted and others and said, ‘Look, marriage is between a man and a woman, and states must respect that. Nobody’s violated that law; there’s been no challenge to that law; why do we need a constitutional amendment? Marriage is between a man and a woman,” Biden argued, clearly not speaking like a man who experienced an epiphany in high school about homosexuality.

Even in 2008, Biden was still in the traditional marriage camp when he took part in the vice-presidential debate against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

“Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage,” he declared, according to Reuters.

It was not until 2012 that Biden first expressed support for “marriage equality” and described himself as being “absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women.”

Don’t count on anyone in the crooked news media to call him out and question him on this fantasy of an epiphany he supposedly had in high school. Joe Biden has spent decades lying like a rug. You’d think he’d be a little bit better at it by now.

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