Is Your Life Better Now Than Four Years Ago? Check Out How 56% Of Americans Answered

(Tea Party PAC) – The media wants you to believe that the majority of Americans hate President Trump and agree that he’s a liar and a dictator but the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Obviously, we all know by now that the media lies nonstop but it’s appalling how brazen they are getting in those lies. CNN recently highlighted a poll that shows Joe Biden blowing President Trump out of the water but according to a new Gallup poll a solid majority of 56 percent of Americans say they are better off now than they were four years ago, which as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham pointed out, is “the highest Gallup has ever recorded.”

On the other hand, only 32 percent say they are worse off than four years ago and the past four years includes the coronavirus debacle.

President Trump responded to the survey in a tweet:

Breitbart has more:

Historically speaking, this bodes very well for President Donald Trump as he seeks reelection. Right around previous presidential elections when an incumbent has been seeking reelection dating back to the mid-1980s, never has this number been this high — or even at a majority. For instance, when former President Barack Obama was seeking reelection in early 2012, the number was at 45 percent. It stayed at that level through the election that Obama won until December 2012. Likewise, when former President George W. Bush was seeking reelection in 2004 — in October — the number was at 47 percent. The junior Bush won. When former President George H.W. Bush was seeking reelection in 1992, the number dropped down to 38 percent — and the senior Bush lost. But in 1984, when former President Ronald Reagan was seeking reelection — he won 49 states in a landslide defeat of his Democrat opponent — the number was down at just 44 percent.

It is unclear what the number was during former President Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996 in the immediate lead-up to the election as Gallup’s chart does not include that year, but earlier in 1996, less than a year before the election in January, the number was reported at 50 percent.

While the 56 percent number is impressive indeed — again the highest ever recorded this close to an election — it was even higher before the coronavirus pandemic swept across the United States. In February, a whopping 61 percent said they believed they were better off than three years earlier when Trump took office in January 2017. As such, while the number slid a little bit — five points — during the coronavirus pandemic the past six months, the number of Americans who consider their lives better with Trump as president remains at record levels even with all the disruption this year.

All this means, also, that the vast majority of Americans think their lives are better off — literally during, again, a pandemic that has upended American life — than it was when Obama was president and Trump’s opponent this year former Vice President Joe Biden was Obama’s second-in-command. Even with the disruption from the pandemic, in other words, it is hard to see those people who like life more now under Trump than they did when Biden was in charge voting for a change. And it would amount to a serious historical aberration for Trump to lose, given the trends in Gallup polling on this question since Reagan asked it of the public in 1984.

In other words, the only incumbent president who has lost reelection when seeking a second term since this question was first asked — the elder Bush — saw the number nearly 20 percent less than where it is now for Trump. And this year has an extra interesting dynamic in that the challenging party’s candidate was the number two in the previous administration, which consistently had a much worse rating on this question than where it is now under Trump.

The only way Joe Biden wins in November is via massive nation-wide fraud and election tampering. Voters must show up in person November 3rd in numbers the country has never seen before. We aren’t just voting for President Trump’s reelection. Our votes are literally competing against countless plots by Democrats to steal this election. We cannot let them get away with it. Vote in person November 3rd.

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  1. President Trump has kept his word about everything he said he would do. He has made our great country a better place to live in, despite everything he has done met with the dems & liberals has tried to stop him. He is a billionaire which he gave up to run for our country to make it great again. They have tried to stop him anyway they can, trumped up charges which were proved illegal. He wants to make our country great again and he is doing it. He loves this country as much as we all do. We deserve for him to be re-elected. The person running against him is for the dems & liberals. They want to undo all he has done. This Country was found on Christian faith. They want to do away with our faith, bring our country to socialism’s. We the people don’t want that. We the people look to our Lord & Savior for his help. We pray for him to intervene for the good of our country. There is good God fearing people in this country. We all pray for God’s help to take care of our great Country. God is stronger than Satan, I believe in miracles.

    • Wanda you are so right. President Trump has made and kept his promises which the liberal left are steaming mad over. They hate him so much that they will stop at nothing to bring him down. We the people need to fight back and show our support to our great president. We deserve to have President Trump for 4 more years and he deserves to have a decent 4 more years to run our country the best it’s ever been. He’s proven how much he cares for all the people, he would never let us down. The liberals only want the power and the money they don’t care about the people and they have proven that for decades. All liberal democrat cities are trashed people living in disgusting conditions but they don’t want to help the people they turn their backs on them after these elections. Biden hasn’t done a thing in 47 years but made millions for himself and his family. President Trump said he would drain the swamp, he should be given the chance to do so. These people we have in congress are there much to long and they need to be exposed for the corruption they have done. I pray to our Lord to give our President the strength to keep going and to get the people to vote for this wonderful man. In Jesus name, Amen


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