It’s About Time! Heterosexual Pride Celebration

When everything seems dark and doomed a lone bar stands up and makes an overdue statement!

A bar in Idaho has sparked a contentious discussion by declaring its intention to commemorate a month dedicated to celebrating heterosexuality, rather than LGBTQ Pride Month. The Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, recently announced its unique month-long celebration on Facebook, inviting patrons to join in the festivities with drink specials and themed events.

“Come join us all month to celebrate the importance of traditional relationships, for they play a vital role in our society!” the bar proclaimed.

The saloon’s initiative features themed days that celebrate different aspects of masculinity. On one of these days, called “Hetero Male Monday,” any man dressed in traditionally masculine attire will receive a complimentary beer on tap as a token of appreciation.

In order to maintain the integrity of the attire, the bar is seeking a judge with a discerning eye to evaluate the outfits. The compensation for this role includes a rate of $15 per hour along with complimentary beer.

Additional themed days are available, such as Wednesdays dedicated to couples, where a 15% discount is offered to each heterosexual couple. Thursdays are reserved for ladies, specifically heterosexual ladies, who can enjoy “Her Hetero Happy Hour” with happy-hour prices available all day long.

Opinions on Facebook varied. Opinions on the bar’s stance varied greatly, with some applauding it for its courage, while others criticized it as being intolerant and insecure.

This is quite disappointing. I am open to and respectful of diverse political perspectives. One user expressed their strong disapproval of bigotry and hate towards marginalized communities.

Another person commented, expressing disbelief at the level of insecurity.

“I don’t require this, as I identify as heterosexual.” Perhaps it’s because I am confident in my sexual orientation? remarked someone else.

On the other hand, there were users who backed the decision. “Thank you for standing up for the rest of the community who have been hesitant to do what they believe is right,” one supporter wrote.

“I appreciate your courage in hosting a Hetero Male Monday party,” another supporter said.

Following the backlash, Old State Saloon responded to the criticism in a later post:

1. We value and appreciate our LGBTQ+ patrons!
2. We will remain steadfast in our position and not succumb to the group of individuals who are responding with hostility.
3. Everyone is invited to join us in June to celebrate heterosexuality!

The post continued, dismissing suggestions to include a night for LGBTQ+ patrons by challenging them to prove their love for these patrons. Make sure to also have a night dedicated to them.

The bar’s response highlighted their commitment to celebrating heterosexuality without encountering any hostility, affirming, “We also value our Black patrons.” We greatly appreciate the support of our valued patrons. We greatly appreciate our patrons who work for USPS.

However, special nights are not being organized for those individuals. We are not hosting any special events for the LGBTQ+ community. We are choosing to celebrate individuals in traditional relationships. We should be able to do that without encountering such hostility, falsehoods, attempts to silence us, attacks on our livelihood, or individuals who seek to make everything about themselves.

The post ended with a strong declaration: “If you expect us to alter our choice of who we are honoring, then it’s time to move on.” That’s not going to occur. Celebrating the diversity of relationships!

Final Word: How come everyone can have fun, dress up and enjoy freedom except for heterosexuals? Well, that is changing and not all to soon!

How about his novel though, why don’t we just enjoy ourselves?



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