It’s Official: House Passes Measures To Neuter Trump Military Efforts In Iran

(Tea Party PAC) – On Thursday, the House passed a war powers resolution seeking to limit the capacity of the President to take military action against Iran.

The resolution, which passed with a vote of 224 to 194, passed nearly entirely along party lines, with 8 Democrats voting against.

Three Republicans, Gaetz, Massie, and Rooney, voted in favor. Gaetz, notably, of Florida, is one of the president’s staunchest allies in the House.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked the Trump administration for the elimination of top Iranian commander, Qassem Soleimani, in a drone strike last week.

The Department of Defense was clear that Soleimani had plans which posed an “imminent threat” to American lives.

True to form, the Democrats are accusing Trump of committing a war crime by doing so, and are seeking to limit his powers to continue to defend Amerian lives abroad.

“Last week, in our view, the administration conducted a provocative disproportionate airstrike against Iran which endangered Americans, and did so without consulting Congress,” the Speaker declared in her regular presser Thursday morning.

Pelosi has made clear her outrage that Trump “didn’t consult Congress” before ordering the drone strike.

Do the Democrats not get that when they criticize Trump for literally every single thing he ever does, they have very little clout when they’re criticizing him for taking out a man who has the blood of over 600 Americans and thousands of Iranians and more on his hands.

They do realize how obvious it is that they completely hate America and anyone who defends its borders and its service members abroad?

President Trump had the full authority to order the strike which eliminated this monster, and he made it perfectly clear to Pelosi that he had no need of gaining her permission before doing what was best for our brave men and women abroad.

“I don’t have to [get authorization],” Trump said Thursday. “It would all depend on the circumstance. You have to make a split-second decision sometimes. We had a shot at him, and I took it, and that shot was pinpoint accuracy.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy mocked the Democrats’ war powers resolution on Thursday.

The measure was mocked by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday and he asserted the measure would be legally nonbinding.

“This resolution has as much force of law as a New Year’s resolution,” McCarthy said.

“This is a meaningless vote that only sends the wrong message that the House Democrats would rather stand with the socialist base than stand against Iran,” McCarthy added.


  1. Why do most Trump supporters not use the same words to describe them liberals as they believe or use in describing Trump supporters? Words like racist. Nazis, stupid, or just bad people. They are the ones who want the minoriites to believe that republicans would take away the goodies that they receive from the government. That is basically true. But, the republicans want help the minorities to be to take care themselves without the need of government help. The Democrats want them to depend on the government. So, that would make them vote democratic again. The liberals are more like the nazis were because they continue to call republicans racist, white supremists, and nazis until their followers believe it. A very few trump supporters call the Trump Haters stupid. But, most of us believe they are good people. But,are misinformed due their news media.

    • The reason I do not call the left side names is because then I will be stooping to their level. Name calling does not win anything. It’s nothing but schoolyard taunts.

    • I do not resort to calling the liberals any names because then I would be stooping to their childish level.

  2. Looks like the US Congress is being run by the same people who did the Iran Deal…. Isn’t that obvious???? For as long as Republican’s are letting them get away with their crimes, they’ll never stop….. Need some balls????

  3. Until congress rewrites or modifies the War Powers Act of 1973, which says the the President can act if National security crises towards US territories or Property or US troops. The Embassy In foreign countries are US property as are the troops that guard it. Nothing the Dems say means anything and has no power or affect over Pres Trump.

  4. One gets the bad impression that the dims are a living acting part of what is being called “the deep state”. That alone should, would get them unelected in any sane country. How ever people have been ignoring what school children have been being taught for so long that so many now young adults, are now trained in the same vein as the dims are. A really sad fact for the United States, and most of the world. Unknown if even the terrific president we now have can get it straightened out. Pretty sure that any one of less ability than President Trump would fail at it.

  5. These demorats should be sent to the “Idiot Hut” I cannot stand their disrespect for your office and hatred of America! God help us all!!!

  6. While Congress does hold the Constitutional Power to DECLARE WAR, they have NO POWER the Deny the Commander In Chief HIS OWN CONSTITUTIONAL POWER to wage DEFENSIVE WAR as needed!

    Nor doe the Constitution grant any power to congress to MicroManage the Military during either Declared or UNDECLARED DEFENSIVE WAR!

  7. I believe this shows how deplorable Nancy Pelosi is and the Democratic house, also the three republican members. These people do not care about America. They need to be replaced. We the people must save America. It’s very evident that our congress is not.

  8. It’s been a long time coming, when the demonrats continue to put enemies above Americans it’s time to vote them all out!!!!

  9. We sure do have to many traitors on American soil. Allowed to be free to destroy America! If they want nothing done about Iran fine,but these same politicians hypocrites need to shut up and bring our troops home! Let Middle East defend itself,but I bet they have a good excuse for that! Congress full of politicians that are traitors and hypocrites!

  10. Why would President Trump have a loss of credibility and the element of surprise by getting or asking for permission from all the monkeys in the circus? There are so many haters/muslims and soap box spouters that nothing would get done. President Trump relies on his military experts and security INTELLIGENCE forces before he acts.

  11. The Damacrat and I do mean (Dam ) liberals would rather plunge this the United States of America into a 3rd world country than admit that they lost in 2016 and Trump is draining the swamp that he promised It is time to stand behind the President and send the Damacrats and the rest of the liberal socialists packing with a no return ppolicy.

  12. As a veteran US Air Force intelligence officer I can tell you that this resolution is not only unconstitutional but harms our military members serving abroad. It is a disgusting act at a time of great peril and will be used as propaganda by our enemies.

  13. The Democrats in the House should move to Iran and join their party for they are not acting like they are part of America. The Democrats are a disgrace to this country.

  14. The constitution gives the president certain rights when it comes to conflicts. If they didn’t take this into consideration, and it appears they didn’t, the vote was unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable. It will take a change in the constitution to enforce what the democrats voted for.

  15. They’re loyal to George Soros and don’t forget the other main billionaire Globalist Tom Steyers. Yes, Tom Steyers. These two need to be tried for treason because they are really seeking to undermine our government.

  16. Not surprising considering the Dems want to make us a satellite state under the UN as part of their Globalist Socialist agenda. They really are against the USA having a sovereign national government like we have had for over two hundred years and they have liberal news outlets on their side pushing their ideology. That’s why they are for open borders and appeasing countries like Iran that hate us. Shameful and treasonous they are. Do yourself a favor and vote all of them out in November!!!

  17. Who are the Democrats Loyal to ? America ? The people they represent ? Or simply
    the Democratic Party over all else ? It seems that Neither Americas or the people exist
    under the Democrats – it is all about DAS PARTY UBER ALIS. To hell with America if
    it doesn’t benefit the Democrats. The heck with the people – they have their big donors – Geo Soros ? – and they don’t need the people ( because seems that the dead regularly vote Democratic ) And with the “purchased media in hand” why should they care ? The Democrats think of themselves as “royalty above the law with special privileges and a special “line” to God which they ignore They have certain groups brainwashed that they “care” about them so much – when all they do is use and abuse those people. Democrats are fighting tooth and nail THEY ARE THE CORRUPT party only interested in protecting their corruption – and all the rest that makes them the scum o the Earth. May God – the real one – not Nancy – have mercy on us and pro-
    tect us. I saw a graph today showing what China is doing all over the globe with it’s
    investments. While these doo-doo heads fight Trump we are being slowly exter-minated and what they will inherit is a shambles of the once Around US and then again
    turn around and blame others ( Trump ) taking no responsibility for what they have done to a country the offered opportunity, freedom, and progress a long long time ago in a not so distant past.

  18. I guess if we didn’t take out Soleimani and he managed to blow up our embassy Pelosi was willing to accept the responsibility?

    • Are you serious? Don’t you realize that they would blame Trump? Having the intelligence that this would happen and failing to take out this criminal when the opportunity was there?

  19. I just hope people are seeing this and hear how anti-American the demonrats are. They only want power and control over the American people….please vote these un-American’s out of office…

  20. Trump should not use saber rattling with Iran to distract from his very real and distasteful impeachment trial upcoming. The guy is irratic and must be removed.

    • Do you have any IQ? YOU support this impeachment sham which is nothing more than a “lynching” attempt with ZERO FACTUAL EVIDENCE and only accusations, assumptions, false charges, and rumors. Well if you are a Democrat it certainly fits . . . just like the Democrat lynchings of blacks and Republicans after the Civil War, in many cases on the same basis, and with ZERO due process!

  21. Such a sorry excuse for representation of the American people. Since when does it take priority for one’s personal opinion to override the people’s choice? Gaetz, Romney, MurCOWskey, Collins and Paul should all be eliminated at the ballot ox, along with a very large group of clowns called democrats.

  22. Please support our President we elected him and he is going a great job.Nobody has been attacked like our President from day one. He was elected by the people please let him do his job. I support The President.!!!!!!!


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