It’s Over: Supreme Court Just Destroyed Second Impeachment Charge Against Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday morning, the House Judiciary Committee voted 23 to 17, strictly along party lines, to approve two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump after weeks of insufferably bogus show trials in the Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

No evidence was presented against President Donald Trump other than the opinions of openly partisan people, some with second-hand knowledge of the president’s interaction with his counterpart in Ukraine, and none of whom could claim to know that a crime or impeachable offense was committed.

These are the non-crimes that Trump is being charged with.

1.) Abuse of power
2.) Obstructing Congress

They may as well have impeached him for “Winning An Election” because this is exactly what is going on here.

On Friday, however, the Supreme Court agreed to hear three cases over President Trump’s financial records in 2020, which sets the stage for a historic legal showdown.

The president asked the justices to reverse three lower court rulings that would have required his longtime accounting firm as well as two of the banking institutions he uses to provide the Democrat investigators with financial records.

Remember, on Friday morning, President Trump was accused of “obstruction of Congress.”

Friday evening, Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who is a Democrat, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that SCOTUS’ decision actually pulls the rug out completely from the Democrats’ arguments.

“Look, the most important development happened today,” he explained.

“The Supreme Court of the United States absolutely pulled the rug out of part two of the impeachment referral by granting certiorari, by granting review in a case where Trump challenged a congressional subpoena!” he continued.

“And the Supreme Court said we’re going to hear this case!… Think of what that message is – It’s Trump was right!” he concluded.


Do the Democrats know what just happened?


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  7. Aside from the issues addressed here, it is my observation that the majority of people who submit their comments did not pass high school English.

  8. We all knew Nancy Pelosi had many Flying Monkeys….but now, after these last 3 years, we got to know their true names:

    ….and about 6,000+ more

  9. Elizabeth Smith must be deaf, dumb, and blind! In no way on Earth is Donald Dump a president in any sense of the word and certainly not the best anything America ever had! Being the poster child for “Liars ‘N Cheats ‘R Us” seems to be one of two of his redeeming qualities. The other being the perpetual cover for “Dookie Balls ‘R Us” fits him to a tee! The only thing he can do for America is resign! For he will never be a president again!! He’s done! I know it’s hard to tell being spray painted orange and all, but he is. Put in your change of address DB! Boy, bye!

    • This is what happens when mommy lets her precious little baby out of the basement. Fresh air and sunlight are bad for poor little baby. Reality is really lacking on the dumbocratic side of politics. Nothing but a bunch of hate America stuffed suits on the dumbocratic side. KAG KAG KAG

    • SD Virgil you will eat your words just like all the Dems did when President Trump was elected —— remember “he will never be elected “ our president is the best that this country has ever had . Get ready with your crying towels, they will have to last you through 2024 !!!!!!!!!

    • “WARNING” This Buttercup’s Opinion may not be suitable for realistic forward thinking People.
      His infantile rantings are perpetuated by an Obama administration. His President was in all respects a poser.
      He no doubt voted for Hillary, and in his own disillusionment, has suffered a nervous breakdown when a Man of substance won.
      Mr. President please continue to drain the swamp, and when you finally find the handle……Flush the Toilet of the Democratic and Republican fraudsters that have been running this Country into the ground.

    • And your very uninformed of what the Democrat party is wanting to do to America. Tear up the constitution, raise taxes to give to everyone that walks across an open border, shut down millions of jobs putting people back on welfare which will raise taxes even more. Take guns away from honest Americans so their is no longer any defense from the gangs that will grow and take over YOUR neighborhood.
      You need to open your eyes, if your life hasn’t gotten better from Donald Trump’s changes by putting more money in your pockets then you must live on the West coast or one of the other Democrat strongholds where your taxed to death and led to believe that it is best for you that gang members freely walk the streets without being deported back to where they came from after they kill your children and even then your told that it was your child’s fault for walking to school and having lunch money.
      Your hero’s in Congress have been proven over and over to push every lie they can but continue to do it because they have gullible people like you that have been sweet talked into believing everything they say bad about OUR President. They have admitted that they can’t beat him due to the good things he has done for us, the American people. You may not enjoy your freedom but I do, I fought for it and will fight again if need be. I was a Recon Marine and if your whole neighborhood thinks like you then if civil war does break out you may be visited. Just be ignorant enough to post your address when your hero’s in congress tell you to.

    • Ok. What has he done, specifically, to break the law , or are you just another name-calling hater? Can you not see that the corruption in DC runs deep? And that the only real threat to that corruption is a president that can’t be bought? The real reason for all of this BS (he peed on someone! He’s a racist! He’s a mysogonist! He collided with Russia! No wait it was Ukraine!) is that he is exposing all your false idols for what they are: Heathens. Liars. Fear-mongers.
      I say hang em all! Anyone that agrees with pelosi and her ilk is an idiot that is in love with the idea of a godless nation.

    • Listen…it could be a lot worse..a WHOLE lot worse. You could be as dumb and brainwashed as SD Virgil….. oh wait a minute…

    • SD Virgil..why don’t you do us all a favor and get your butt kicked to Venezuela!!! We’ll try not to miss you too much!!!!!

    • and yesterday today and tomorrow (that’s for u dropo) and the next 5 years
      our president Donald Trump is YOUR president to admire.

    • You are truly a hateful individual that would never understand the greatness of president Trump. Nor would you want to. Very sad indeed.

  10. I recall that the last POTUS had literally everything about his private life sealed so no one could look at it. Too bad what is good for one isnt good for all. F’n double standard in the good ol’ US of A-how could that be?????

  11. My whole family will again be voting for President Trump to win his second term. We happen to like what he is doing for America and all Americans. Even thise anti Trump anti Americans that definitely have no problem enjoying Americas greatness all the while spewing there anti American hate speech. But folks let me add that we have way too many panzy ass Republican law makers that are still not totally behind our great President and his making America great again. You all know who they are and you know what you have to do. Send them to the point emails and phone calls laying it all out. Eaither they back President Trump or not get re-elected.

  12. I will try this once more It is time that the Democrats are shown for what they are commie party. When President Trump wins in 2020 as was in 2016 with the House back in the Republican party maybe the running of the country can go back to what is should be balancing budget, passing bills instead of wasting the tax payers monies on witch hunts and bring down the American people with all the Democrats who do not even belong in this country. Limited terms for House and Senate.

    • When the sole purpose for the existence of an “alleged” political party is the overthrow of a dully elected president and the government officially created under a legal constitution over 200 years ago that this president is responsible for it is time to call this political organization what it is and has become since FDR was elected in the 1930’s. Until just a few months ago the real agenda of this organization was never verbalized, But now we have politicians within the democrat party openly telling us that they are socialist/communists. This group of treasonous and subversive enemies of the American people are domestic terrorist and need to be dealt with as such.

  13. There are many people that support President Trump that do not have money to give but will give him the vote come 2020 and as 2016 the people will have spoke again when President Trump is re-elected to the White House. When the House is once more in the Republican domain. Maybe then these witch hunts will stop and the country can get back to running the House and Senate for what they are there for balancing budget, passing bills that are for the people of America which is what President Trump has been doing to no help from the House Democrats.

    • We still don’t know his parentage, his country of origin, or how he got into Harvard. Even Old Liz Warren we know better than this. She cynically faked her way into Harvard as an American Indian, thus cheating some bona fide American Indian out of an opportunity.

  14. Thank you, President Trump, for working so hard for our country. In my opinion, it is very important that the seditionists and democrat traitors be imprisoned as a message to the corrupt swamp dwellers and future leaders. Nothing would make me happier than to see Hillary, Obama, Holder, Pelosi, every democrat involved in this Twilight Zone impeachment, every corrupt democrat and RINO congressperson and FBI agents who have focused on removing our wonderful fairly elected president from office locked up in prison at least for the rest of my life. You have withstood unspeakable abuse from the Trump haters, the never Trumpers, the lying media, and you will come out on top because God has singled you out to save our nation. God bless you and your family, President Trump, and God bless the USA.

  15. trump is a joke, I hope NY indicts him. He has harmed the country so much, the environment, the national debt, the farmers, the coal miners. He has made the U.S. more unsafe with his playing with Iran and NK. He has made the U.S. a laughing stock in the international community. He has lied, cheated the American people while amassing millions for his private use. He has committed treason by telling a foreign power classified information. He has asked a foreign power to interfere in a U.S. election, he got away with it once, and he TRIED again but got caught. He has defied congress in carrying out their duties of oversight. He has wasted millions with his golf trips, he has locked up children, and those are his good points. I feel sorry for your trump supporters, how blind can you be.

    • You’re obviously one of 2 types. Either you’re one of the dishonest, shameless, political fascist hacks that parrot DNC/ media propaganda or you’re just a CNN bred idiot who worships the media and their socialist programming. Either way you’re not to be paid any attention to because of the foolishness you display. I’m glad you’re unhappy.

    • Andrew,
      Do your due diligence , Research the backgrounds of the men and women that are in power check out the senior senior services , more than 500 powerful People.
      Many are connected with the Clinton Foundation . check out the Military closed Indictments .Check out the accomplishments of our President , you will be amazed.
      Oh and really what happened in Begaze…. 4 military seals were killed. So Hillary would not have been a president for the American People.As she was in charge of the planned murder of Steve who was sent there by sec of state Clinton.
      Its easy to complain , when you haven’t researched the truth. Check out Pelosi years ago welcoming the usa signing up with the UN agenda 21 .look up sustainable development in your city government. look up executive order 11110 that JFK exercised , to print united states notes, and he was assassinated for it. by the IMF. and more.check out the act of 1871. check out the web site.. freedom school – texas
      Have a great study.

    • You’re completely clueless. The exact opposite of what you said is the real truth. Nothing makes sense of what you said
      Trump released the phone transcript. Read it… Standing up to china, will negotiate a great trade deal to help our farmers and eveyone else you mentioned. You are so blinded by your hate for this man that you cant see the truth when it hits you right in your face.

    • You have obviously blamed Trump for what Obama actually did!! You must be a flaming left wing Liberal hate filled Democrat that wants to tear this country apart. Did you get your garbage-filled mind from an Liberal college professor? Wake up!

  16. There might come a time when a person with a “Leftist” orientation can be trusted, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be around to see it.

  17. Everyone on this site should read the “Muller Report” and watch the replay of the Impeachment Inquiry hearings before they comment here. The ignorance displayed is sad, as the comments reflect only the propaganda vomited out by by Trump’s tweets. The “disinformation” campaign by Trump’s defenders is making a joke out of the truth and facts. Education ( reading) is the only way to the truth. Try it, you might like it.

  18. Trump has only raised our debt all of you tried to impeach Clinton and he lowered the debt, all be along party lines. He was better for the people, yet he did it without half the country fighting the other.

  19. I firmly believe that God has heard and answered our prayers. Just like Paul who was probably the most unlikely candidate to bring Gods word to the people. But God knew his heart and character. Just like King David who broke five of the ten commandments yet God called him a man after His own Heart. Why because he repented. Sounds so much like Mr. Trump. I firmly believe these demonicRATS who are so quick to shed innocent blood and support a life style that God call an abomination to His creation are fighting a losing battle. Keep praying that the Lord our God is with us and that he protect and guide Mr. Trump and that this land will remain the nation under God.

  20. I firmly believe that God has heard and answered our prayers. Just like Paul who was probably the most unlikely candidate to bring Gods word to the people. But God knew his heart and character. Just like King David who broke five of the ten commandments yet God called him a man after His own Heart. Why because he repented. Sounds so much like Mr. Trump. I firmly believe these demonicRATS who are so quick to shed innocent blood and support a life style that God call an abomination to His creation are fighting a losing battle. Keep praying that the Lord our God is with us and that he protect and guide Mr. Trump and that this land will remain the nation under God.

  21. al sharpton jr
    either I am reading your response wrong
    or if I am not then you need to move to
    where your communist idiotic scumbag
    friends are so you will be with the rest of
    family you commies are all alike liars and
    dirty illiterates… TRUMP IS A GREAT PRESIDENT

  22. What the Democrats had showed is we really don’t need all these people in Washington DC
    They haven’t done their job since Trump was elected
    So why would we reelect people that don’t even do their jobs
    I think we need to cut the people working in Washington It’s shows The American people we Do Not need them They haven’t done anything. Trumps whole point we’re paying all these people to do nothing they steal our money, they’re crooked people they just keep taking from our taxes we pay taxes on top of Taxes on top of tax
    these people are millionaires from our sweat off The American people backs I don’t think there’s much more is it American people are going to stand for enough is enough

  23. I didn’t vote for the President for who he is as a person, I voted for him for what he could do for our country. He has gotten more done than any other President, even tho the Democrats and others have done everything in there power to destroy him. I have never even voted before until President Trump came along. I never had faith in our gov’t at all. President Trump is showing the American people just how corrupt some of our elected officials really are. We the people voted for him because we wanted change, and President Trump is giving that to the American people. We finally have someone to believe in and get things done. What I see, is a lot of corrupt people trying to stop him so we the people don’t see just how corrupt some are. It’s disgusting how unfair the Democrats & the media have treated him, but this man has showed the people that he is “For the People” . This whole impeachment circus has made me respect him even more, and I will vote for him again. He will go down as the best President ever.

  24. Sir you keep asking for my donations.
    Sorry as I am totally broke.
    If I had a million i couldn’t say that anymore.
    Then i could, without a doubt, support your causes.
    With deep regret I must pass.

  25. Finally, a president who gets it! The dems have been ruining this country for years and getting worse. Trump is getting things done inspire of the very dishonest and corrupt left like schiff, pelosi.)

  26. The ones that are doing the impeachments are the ones that need to be impeached we the people have spoken Congress is a joke you are all fired

  27. Hopefully, it is over and congress can do their job and work with the president before they are voted out of office OR impeached for theire wrong doings

  28. Our whole family loves President Trump. We cannot believe all that he has accomplished with so much opposition from the Democrats and the media. Finally a man that says what he means and means what he says. If the dems had won, we would not have known the depth of corruption in our government and media. We pray for our president evert day and all those in government who are trying to do what is right. And also, pray for all the corruption to be exposed.

  29. Wow, SCOTUS gives POTUS ammunition to use against Congress, our balance of power works! Will Pelosi honor it, probably not. She has been violating her oath of office for the last 22 months (according to her), probably a heck of a lot longer though. Dems need to walk away before she leads them over a cliff (not just the voters but the politicians as well).

  30. Wow, SCOTUS gives POTUS ammunition to use against Congress. The Balance of Powers that our forefathers established works! Will Congress honor what SCOTUS did, probably not, Pelosi has been violating her oath of office for at least 22 months according to her (probably a lot longer). Why should she suddenly honor what another branch of the US does, even if it is stabilizing our Balance of Power option. Dems need to walk away from their leadership before she leads them all over a cliff (not just the voters but the politicians as well). They have allowed this joke/hoax to go on far too long, at the expense of their constituents, the American People!!

  31. TIME HAS COME TO INPEACH all the ones that have done nothing during the 3 years that they have been trying to impeach Trump. Being they did not work for the people as pledged on the bible they should be impeached and hung for whatever charges we can bring up against each and everyone of them.

    • John,
      I couldn’t have said it any better if I tried. Absolutely APPALLING what the Democrats have done(nothing). Bring back the Gallows and line em up. Every one of them are more crooked than Ukraine even thought of being and sleepy Ass Joe is the leader of them all. Go Trump 2020, all the way!!!

  32. Edmundo – Mr President – I do not believe You should be impeached because there is no evidence You committed a crime. I voted for You in 2016 and I will vote for You again in 2020.

  33. I am 67 years old and as far back as I can remember have never seen a president work so hard to keep his campaign promises. I worked for many years in the energy industry and believe me there was plenty of tough men in this industry. President Trump is the strongest man I have ever seen in my life. Keep up the fight as the little folks in the trenches are fighting right along beside you. This wave of socialism needs to be shut down.
    Thank you for being exactly who you are.

    • Agree. President Trump is an amazing man, God bless him. In spite of all the persecution he was under since day one of his presidency from the crooked Democrats, he managed to accomplished so many things. He is no wimp, hurray for the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. He is one tough Hombre. My friends and I have lifted you up in prayer all along,
      Mr. President.

  34. I am very fair-minded, I am British and watch the kangaroo court circus from here in UK. It is utterly deplorable the way the demrats-you can see the ecil in their eyes-are trying to wresk revemge on tue president and destroy the harmony of the country in the process. I know the perpetrators will get their just deserts. I feel very bad for your wonderful presidemtl

  35. It’s times like these that confirm that God is in control. Prayers for Mr. Russ are needed, as with all our former and active military. There’s so much pain out there. The Liberal front has no idea of the pain they are causing to good American citizens. Conservative values must win for the good of everyone’s freedom. Pray, pray, pray that the “Catholics” Nancy and Joe see the wrongdoing of their actions, and more Democratic representatives and senators make the move over to GOP. Restore sanity.

  36. President Trump, we the American people that have even 1 ounce of common sense know that you are the best President and leader ever. We are with you 100%. We will give you 4 more years to get done what we elected you to do. God Bless you and God Bless America.

  37. This makes no sense. My understanding is, obstruction of Congress charge is over instructing subordinates to ignore subpoenas to testify before Schiff’s inquisition, among other things, not over refusal to release his taxes. If I’m missing something lmk.

  38. Tired of winning? Nothing says it better than a daily dose of MAGA! Seeing or hearing it guarantees an unhinged reaction from those on the Left. Just remember to stay strong, remain resolute and above all, be patient. Term #2 will be even better. Who knows, we may even get some converts that are tired of loosing!!! MAGA!

  39. Mr. President,

    I have supported you from day 1 when you traveled down the elevator at Trump Tower.

    I still refuse to back down to the liberals in Southern California even though I have been placed on the FBI Domestic Terrorist Watchlist, a clear case of Democrats abusing FISA.

    There are many like me, veterans and Conservatives being punished by the Democrats. We are stalked by the Resist Movement members.

    The DHS, FBI, Fusion Centers, Infragard and Sponsors of Infragard discriminate, obstruct and sabotage every facet of our lives.

    The lefts mission is to destroy political opposition and profit monetarily. The left provokes suicide by making their targets bankrupt, homeless, and jobless. Then isolate and create a sense of hopelessness because every private and public agency, company and organization denies help.

    The more a target tries to set things right the more screwed up the situation becomes at the hands of the left.

    Targeted individuals become so hopeless that many take their own life by suicide. Veterans are a primary target because we believe in the rule of law, gave military training to include firearms and because we support you Mr. President.

    The DHS, FBI and VA have what they call a concerted effort to stop veteran suicides. I beg to differ. They target veterans that have had or currently receiving mental health care.

    If a veteran mentions that they are being gang stalked, you are then classified as psychotic and you will lose driving and firearm privileges.

    Believe me when I tell you Mr. President when I tell you that all of the fore mentioned organizations are also responsible for many mass shootings.

    Veterans are harassed 24/7/365 by electronic weapons and military psychological warfare and weapons. Many veterans are driven crazy and lose control.

    This is by design to make the American public sick of gun violence thus bolstering there position to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Those of us that keep our cool amidst such harassment are red flagged to take our 2nd Amendment rights away.

    Mr. President, the Democrat deep state is killing us one criminal act after another and we need your help now more than ever. Only you Mr. President can save citizens like me.

    FISA abuse is at an all time high and increasing daily to eliminate people like me. I wear your hat every where I go and often am assaulted.

    Every criminal act has been committed against me except murder and it will not be long before the left takes my life.

    So Mr. President will you help people like me to survive and flourish in the demonic state of California and all of the US?

    If not you Mr. president, then who? This madness must stop now and not tomorrow. Each day people are dying.

    If not for me then how about every one else that is a target?

    Mr. President, I eagerly await your response and immediate action to save people like me from the domestic, economic and political terrorist that is the Democrat Party.

    Thank you,

    Larry L Russ Jr

  40. Dear president trump, l have been praying for you and it looks like my prayers were answered. The Best president since Reagan,

  41. Your the Best President I have ever seen you keep promises and keep fighting no backing down. I voted for you before and am going to again and I’m bringing peaple with to vote for you too that wouldn’t vote before because they weren’t sure. Thankyou and God Bless you.

  42. When President Trump is re-elected, those Democrats/Socialists who are re-elected in the House should be impeached, i.e., Nadler and Schiff at least if they are re-elected.

  43. Not exactly. They will hear arguments. They could have just let the lower court rulings stand,,, so in that respect , the previous rulings are on hold and now subject to reversal. I would call that good news for Trump compared to letting the previous rulings stand. Could still loose, true,, but still alive.

  44. It’s About time that the President had some support from the courts. It looks like every judge who has ruled in favor of the left has been a Clinton or Obama appointee Mr. President Trump do what you were elected to do and I hope some people on the left wind up behind bars. What The speaker and those other three have done I feel amounts to Treason and they should be made to face charges for their crimes. Those leaders of the FBI (Comey and his cronies ie Hillary and Obama ) should face a jury also.

  45. I am confused. Since the Scotus has not ruled, there is no vindication. If my memory serves me right, it could go either way. I thought only certain swamp groups fabricated facts from the air.


  46. President Trump is the perfect example of what has been needed for the US since Reagan was President. He’s working hard to get rid of things that hold back our government and will always have American First. We need him to carry out the plans he’s generating for all of the people. We should never let things happen like this again and the Democrats should be focused on helping him rather than trying to destroying him and his family

  47. How can you be a democrat? Let’s look at their platform to see if you have the same beliefs.

    Open borders and free health care for illegal aliens.

    Free health care for all as a right. When did your health become my issue. It’s called the Darwin effect.

    Higher taxes, more regulation. Restriction on carbon. Remember, you are are a carbon based organism.

    Free college education. What, we need more liberal educated idiots?

    Abortion on demand the birth, even though women of color are disproportionately affected? A racist concept at its core.

    Gun control. Without guns you have no protection from the party who think your too stupid to pick your own president and want to tell you what size soda you can drink.

    Seems to me that no one should actually hold all these views. Any ship made from the planks of this platform will certainly sink, and the Democrats have no navigation skills anyway.

    • I agree 100%. Great comment. And don’t forget all the crimes the demoncrats have done and continue to do, then when they get caught they get the fake news to blame the Republicans.

      Lying, lazy, lowlife loser demoncrats.

  48. As Elizabeth Smith just said “you are the best president. . . .” Be strong, keep on being our great president. On for 4 more years !!!

  49. We must pray on a daily basis for God to help Trump/country from these most low life Dems. They have become so evil and rabid, they will surely destroy our country if not removed!

  50. We need to pray on a daily basis for God to help Trump and our country through this huge mess the Democrats have brought upon our country. They have reached all time lows, like nothing I have ever seen before. Dems have become extremely evil and rabid! We MUST get them out of office before they TOTALLY destroy our wonderful country!

  51. Finally we have a true American not a politician in office !! Most are lawyers and can’t even agree on anything except talk in circles.
    They need to look at England to see what is happening.
    The American people need to get there act together and realize most of the world really do not like us.
    I could guarantee you they love to see us fail.
    Finally we a president who is for the people. Remember to he is not you typical career politician who lie to get votes and only talk and do nothing . He tells it like it is ! He very blunt. Typical politician just talk and only say things just to get votes rather than do the job they were elected to!!
    God Bless America and please please make America Great !

  52. the democrates are a disgusting group of left wing idoits, who are bent at destroying our nation. It is most urgent that we show just how upset and pissed off we the people are, at the next election. We need to wipe the Democrates from congress, even in California, where they grow librals, It is time for we the people to strike back so hard, that we the people show the world where we stand.. God bless you Donald J Trump. We love and apprecaite what you are doing for us , We the people!

  53. Mr. President, you’re the best President the USA has ever had and you’re getting your job done ✅ this is what the American people elected you to do. God bless you and your family.


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