Jerome Corsi Shuts Down Probing Senate Intelligence Committee With One Sentence

(Tea Party PAC) – Investigative reporter Jerome Corsi has three words for members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who have been making loud demands for a plethora of personal communications:

“Take a hike.”

Corsi, who has sued Special Council Mueller, shared this reaction with Fox News’ Trish Regan after the Committee made the demands of his lawyer, Larry Klayman for letters, texts, emails, and other private communications.

According to Klayman, Republican Chairman Richard Burr, along with Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the panel, have ordered that Corsi present them with “wide-ranging array of documents and then testify concerning alleged Russian collusion.”

Klayman, who is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Freedom Watch, characterizes this demand as “clearly harassment,” the latest move from “a ‘Never Trumper’ Republican chairman.”

Corsi believes that Mueller tried to catch him in a “perjury trap” to testify against the President.

“That all of this documentation was demanded to be produced on December 28, 2018, just after the Christmas holiday, speaks to this harassment,” Klayman explained.

“Republican Chairman Burr and Ranking Democrat Warner – two ‘love birds’ who are attempting to take down the president of the United States – want to use my client as a whipping boy to mete out their anti-Trump and pro-Clinton agenda,” he continued.

“It is telling that, following revelations by Edward Snowden and others of illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of millions of Americans by the FBI, NSA and CIA, as well as the illegal unmasking and surveillance of persons in and around presidential candidate Donald Trump and later his presidential transition, that both of them looked the other way and did nothing when I asked them well over a year ago to investigate this.

“Instead, they chose to join forces and collaborate to bring down President Trump. Burr and Warner are birds of a feather: two political hacks whose actions speaker louder than their anti-Trump establishment words! My client will not be railroaded and held out to dry by them in their joint effort to destroy the president,” he said.

In a commentary for WND, Klayman explained further: “Given that both Burr and Warner are strong supporters of Special Counsel Mueller, their motivations are transparent. Indeed, the demand requires that all documentation already produced by Dr. Corsi to Mueller be produced to them, in addition to other politically and partisan motivated demands such as the order to produce any ‘communications that relate in any way to derogatory information about Hillary Clinton.’”

Earlier this month, WND reported that Corsi’s lawsuit against Mueller, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, came with a formal complaint of “gross prosecutorial misconduct and criminal acts.”

Details about these allegations are at

Klayman asserts that Mueller and his team violated his client’s Fourth Amendment rights, as well as the USA Freedom Act and Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This left Corsi “victimized by the unlawful and unconstitutional and other illegal and criminal conduct complained herein.”

According to court documents, Klayman says, since Mueller was appointed to investigated “collusion” between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia, he “misrepresented” Corsi’s investigative research to craft a “fake narrative” that Corsi himself colluded with Russian agents.

“This was based upon Plaintiff Corsi’s investigative deduction that the emails between Hillary Clinton and John Podesta would probably be released at a later date,” the court documents say.

The fake narrative Mueller has crafted is that Corsi was in contact with WikiLeaks and worked with them to coordinate the release of the email correspondence of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, which they acquired through a cache of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

The Podesta emails were dropped just hours after the release of the notorious Trump Access Hollywood tape.

Mueller and a staffer, Klayman said, threatened Corsi with a lifetime in jail unless he would “provide the false testimony they demanded.”


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