Jerry Nadler’s Attempt To Drag On Mueller Investigation Shut Down. Here’s What He Tried To Do.

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday, the Justice Department opposed House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler’s latest blatant attempt to drag out the long-dead Mueller investigation.

Nadler (D-NY) had requested the secret jury material in Mueller’s report, which is currently redacted in the Mueller report.

He has desperately been trying to squeeze every last drop out of the highly political report, which still, in spite of all of Mueller and his team of Obama and Hillary donors, failed to incriminate President Trump.

Because President Trump never broke the law.

This was a failed coup, and Nadler is trying to do what he can to keep it alive, in spite of it being clearly dead.

The way he reasoned it, Nadler’s House Judiciary needed the grand jury material to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment against Trump, because that’s the ultimate goal here.

The Associated Press reports:

In court papers filed in federal court in Washington, the Justice Department argued the committee hadn’t provided a sufficient explanation about how the material would help in the panel’s investigations of President Donald Trump . The government also argued that any potential impeachment proceeding in Congress wouldn’t be considered a “judicial proceeding” under law, for which the information could be disclosed.

“What may come of this investigation — if anything — remains unknown and unpredictable,” the department said in the filing.

The Justice Department also argued there is a “continuing need for secrecy” about recent grand jury proceedings because there are several investigations still underway that grew out of Mueller’s probe, according to Friday’s filing.

Nadler, along with several other lawmakers, have already been given access to a less redacted version of the Mueller report, which was made available to them in a SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility].

The Democrats have absolutely no reason to need to view with secret grand jury material other than as fodder for the dying blaze of the Mueller report.

They want to dangle little bits of out-of-context information to their cronies in the media to try to continue to slander Trump until 2020.

The House Judiciary Committee approved procedures for an impeachment investigation into President Trump, earlier this week.


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