Jew Hatred Is Growing!….But Why? ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️

(PCC)I published an article a few months ago, (my-position-on-the-israeli-war-what-is-yours) and it is surprising to see Israel is under attack once more!

Let me ask you an honest question: what have the Jewish people and Israel ever done to the world to deserve such hatred?

This is the most fundamental question concerning Israel and the Jewish community?

I can provide an extensive account of the achievements of highly skilled and accomplished individuals of Jewish descent, like Steven Spielberg, Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, Irving Berlin, Jerry Lewis, Elizabeth Taylor, Stephen Sondheim, and several others.

Furthermore, I can illustrate the extensive periods of upheaval the Jewish people have endured, ranging from the Babylonian captivity and the rule of the Seleucid Empire to the Roman Empire and the Spanish Inquisition, up until the present-day atrocities of the Holocaust.

Despite this tumultuous history, it remains perplexing as to why the world continues to harbor animosity and out-right hatred towards the Jewish community, with some individuals actively seeking the entire annihilation of Israel and its Jewish population.

In my opinion, the solution is quite straight forward: G*d selected the Jews as his chosen people.

Consequently, the view of some is if one is not Jewish, they are not considered chosen. This perspective leads some to perceive Jews as superior to others, while others may view everyone else as inferior to them.

However, the Jewish hate matrix is off centric and irrational. Conversely, there is a widespread belief Jesus of Nazareth was the figure who provided the chance for everyone, regardless of their background, to be considered as His chosen children.

Both Jews and Gentiles can now be recognized as ‘His Children’. This statement implies if the world has hatred towards G*d, it must also harbor hatred against His children. This is because His children not only bear His likeness, but they are also regarded as His friends, heirs, and divine progeny.

This implies the individuals who harbor hatred must direct their animosity towards every aspect of the ONE, including His family.

This means the Jews and the Christians are despised not due to their own identities, but rather because of the identity of their divine Father.

Consider this reasoning from this perspective. The Trump family is widely despised and hated by portions of the political realm due to their patriarch. Their father is a mortal individual with imperfections and inherent human traits. Now amplify that intense hatred by elevating it to a divine level and include billions of rebellious angels along with severely corrupted human beings!

Now my point is made.

It is hardly surprising Jews and Christians are currently facing hatred. Fallen angles are very aware of their limited time before judgement, while spiritually dead and confused human beings fail to comprehend the status of Jews and Christians.

Consequently, Jews and Christians become convenient scapegoats for attributing the world’s dilemmas.

Thus, the hatred of Jews and Christians stem far beyond the mire boundaries of human understanding but reach deep into the battlefield of the Angelic conflict manifesting itself on the stage of planet earth.

What do you think? Another Tin-Foil-Hat conspiracy from the desk of Steve?

Please provide a more comprehensive explanation in the comments section below……if you dare….


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