Joe Biden Skips Michigan Trip, Calls An Early “Lid” At White House — Kamala Harris Takes Over All In-Person Events

(Tea Party PAC) – No one in America, outside of journalists, knew what “calling a lid” meant until Joe Biden campaigned to become president. Now we’re all too familiar. Biden has made a habit of calling “early lids,” meaning he’s done for the day.

You never heard the term during Trump’s tenure because Trump worked round the clock. There were no “early lids.” Trump didn’t hide from the American people and he didn’t hide from the press, despite their rabid hatred of him.

On Thursday, Joe Biden called an early lid at 8 am after skipping a Wednesday trip to Michigan due to supposed weather concerns.

The trip to Portage, Michigan was scheduled for Biden to tour a Pfizer COVID vaccine manufacturing facility but apparently normal northern winter weather was too much for Biden and he had to postpone the trip.

Then he decided to take Thursday off and called a lid on all in-person events at the White House at 8 am.

Biden’s sure hard at work on the taxpayers’ dime.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris took over attending the in-person events at the White House scheduled for Thursday. While the President is napping and playing MarioKart, Harris is taking calls with foreign leaders and attending in-person events in his place.

While Texas continues to struggle with the power crisis and unusual winter weather, Biden took Thursday off after receiving an intel briefing in the morning.

We certainly shouldn’t expect Biden to do anything that would be of any help or benefit to the American people.

It’s become pretty clear that the only thing Joe Biden is good for is signing anti-American executive orders at the behest of the radical left. Other than that, Harris seems to be playing the part of President more than Biden.

It couldn’t be anymore obvious that Biden is not fit to hold office. Not only is he suffering from dementia but he clearly lacks the energy and stamina required of the Commander-in-Chief.

Biden needs to be in an assisted living facility not the White House.

Not even one month into his presidency and Biden took a vacation to Camp David where he napped and played MarioKart with his granddaughter. Nevermind the fact that the COVID crisis continues to rage on and Americans are still struggling to make ends meet.

No only did Biden take an entire day off after going on holiday over the weekend, it appears he has nothing on his schedule this weekend either.

America is an absolute mess, especially now thanks to his awful and disastrous executive orders, and Biden can’t be bothered to work a full week.

Towns along the southern border are becoming inundated with illegal aliens and are literally begging Biden to help them, but he’s taking the weekend off.

Meanwhile, the media continues to celebrate Biden. They flat-out refuse to report on the fact that Biden is not well and should never have been installed as this country’s president.

While Biden focuses on R&R, the most unpopular, unwanted, and unlikable VP is taking over and that is truly a scary thought.

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  1. We knew this was the plan all along. Harris couldn’t win at the top of the ticker so they named her 2nd fiddle instead. But nobody believed that this was going to happen, Trump did and 74 Million of his voters knew it also. But those Democrats said no way was this going to happen, they stacked the deck and the rest is History.

  2. Olde KAMELTOE looks like Missy Washington standing next to sleepy Joe waiting on him hand and foot. Hope all you union robots are happy with your vote how’s that pipeline working out for you……..DUMBAZZs

  3. Why are EITHER of them STILL in OFFICE? . . . This has GOT to be the MOST DISFUNCTIONAL administration – EVER! Is THIS what the U.S.A. has COME to? It’s time to REDO this PRESIDENTIAL election, and put POTUS Trump BACK in OFFICE. One Enlightened And CONCERNED Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  4. And so it begins. Kamala is slowly but surely stepping into the role. Let’s consider this for a moment: Here’s a woman who couldn’t generate enough support from her party and voters to even be considered the nomination for president. But the “dims” have yet again shown their pathological criminal intentions and scrounged up a way to install her as the leader of this once great nation. In the game of football, this would be called an “End run”. Folks, the whole concept of a democratic system of voting, thanks to the communist democrats is now DOA and will most likely never be revived.

    • First we had Obama and now we have Biden. These two presidents should have never become President.Blame the dumbing down of education and society that has made this happen in America today. no doubt fraud and hate propaganda from the medial helped with the election results.Pray to Lord for a better change soon.

  5. Biden is a demented loon and Harris is a communist, so I guess we are in good hands like state farm says. OMG folks, we are in deep doo doo.

  6. Soon his party will be impeaching him for not being fit mentally and physically to serve as the president. Shame on the democrats for doing this to one their own. They are using him for their own gain. Shame on his family for going along with it. Some day they will answer before God.

    • don’t think they will impeach him – that would look bad. Why bother when all he does is sign eos? Even a monkey could do that. Admitting, so soon, that Biden is not up for the job and putting Kamala in charge would not be a good look. Give it a few more months and then Kamala can rightfully say “don’t worry, I have been doing the job all along”.Don’t know how we correct course but I do know the gop in congress and the states need to step up BIGLY.


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