Joe Biden Claims “18,000 People Got Clemency” During His Time As VP; But That’s Not Exactly Right…

(Tea Party PAC) – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden continues to get facts mixed up in his head every time he speaks to the public or the press, which is just more mounting evidence to support the theory that he is suffering from some sort of issue that is degrading his mental capabilities.

Biden recently made an appearance on a town hall event put on by NBC News where he claimed that a staggering “18,000 people got clemency” during his time as vice president.

However, that’s not actually the case. It’s the opposite. There were 18,000 people who were denied clemency while he served beneath Obama.

But, as you probably already suspect, host Lester Holt refused to push back against Biden’s whopper.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Defending his inaction on criminal justice reform, Joe Biden falsely claimed “18,000 people got clemency” while he was Vice President. Actually, 18,000 were *denied* clemency while he was Vice President. Oops!

Here’s a few more details from BizPacReview:

NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, who moderated the event, noted that President Donald Trump touts his bipartisan criminal justice reform efforts, while “you and Barack Obama served at a time when you had both houses of Congress and still couldn’t get some of these things done.”

“Yeah, we did, we let 18,000 people were…got…got clemency,” Biden shot back.

Verdict: False.

In reality, Obama set records for clemencies — both approved and denied. But the figure Biden cited is wildly inaccurate, which matters because his campaign has made focusing on President Trump’s honesty an issue.

“Former President Barack Obama has been widely commended for granting a record 1,927 applications for clemency during his two terms in office from January 20, 2009 through January 19, 2017, consisting of 1,715 commutations and 212 pardons. Those figures are higher than the clemencies granted by the previous six presidents combined,” Prison Legal News reported in March 2017, a month into Trump’s term.

“The record number of clemency applications granted by Obama, in part to address draconian federal prison sentences – including commutations for 568 prisoners serving life sentences – will perhaps be the most enduring part of his presidential legacy,” the report noted further.

But this is where Biden’s error occurs.

“Of the 33,149 commutation and 3,395 pardon applications received during Obama’s two terms in office, 18,749 and 506 were denied, respectively, according to the U.S. Department of Justice,” Prison Legal News notes further.

An additional 4,750 applications for clemency were closed with any action taken by Obama whatsoever.

“Thus,” the report states, “in addition to granting a record number of clemencies, Obama also denied a record number. One federal prisoner rejected a grant of commutation.”

Further, “it has been argued that Obama was a transformational leader who ran on the slogan of ‘hope and change.’ However, while many prisoners had hope their clemency applications would be granted, relatively few received a change in their prison sentences.”

This is why you have to keep an eye — or an ear — out for every single word that comes from Biden’s mouth. He’s not a trustworthy individual at all. And even if he’s not lying, he’s so flighty and out of sorts you can’t strut him to tell you the truth.

Doesn’t that seem like a really concerning character trait? Why in the world are so many people supporting this man for president? It’s incredible.


  1. The reason that the left chose Biden was because he is so full of disinformation that they felt he can be excused for his lies.
    The problem is that we are hiring a CEO. No board will allow a CEO with a history of lying and giving misinformation, regardless of cause. If he is mentally incompetent then he can not hold office. If he is a liar on purpose to advance himself then he can not hold office.

    The interesting fact is that the Founding Fathers instituted the Electoral College to be able to NULLIFY a candidate for the good of the Country and the People. It is actually the DUTY of the Electoral College to be the Country and People’s LAST resort to assure that someone like Biden can NOT take office.

  2. Biden is great at saying exactly the opposite of the ‘Truth’! Best test during the debate for Biden’s mental awareness: Ask Biden if it is day or night!

  3. As bad as he is with numbers I would guess that he would have to take off his shoes to be able to count how many fingers he has. After all by his numbers we are about 30 million short of the deaths from ‘gun violence’ (150 million) and c19 deaths (200 million). I guess he can use common core math as his excuse. None of the rest of us can make sense of it.

  4. There are no fact check for demrats by these liberal hosts. Biden gets away by using numbers that are so outrageous and none of these cable net work correct him. How can we ever again take these hosts on the network serious. Everyday I ask myself do these people have any integrity in what they are doing and more importantly how do they even look in the mirror at themselves. How all these hosts working on these network spew venom when reporting on Republicans but are so warming and condoling to the demrats. I can’t see any true conservatives working at these places but I could be wrong, may be they are converted to that liberal ideology once they accept any position and in the process they become who the are without a soul and with any conscience.

  5. Dementia or LYING? . . . Or, possibly BOTH! He has proven TIME and again he is NOT a LEADER and is UNQUALIFIED to be the NEXT POTUS. DON’T vote for Joe Biden if you VALUE your Country, State or TOWN. Or, the MASSIVE Socialist Failures are YOURS to OWN. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Biden’s name isn’t sleeping joe anymore it’s Fact Check Biden! From his kids and how he met his wife, where he went to college and everything he thinks he done in the last 47 years all come out as lies. This guy says he is a catholic, I went to catholic school! You know how many hail Mary’s this guy has to say with all the lies he says, thousands!

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