Joe Biden Goes Gun-Control Crazy In New Hampshire. Here’s What He’s Saying.

(Tea Party PAC) – Joe Biden seems to have mustered up every last bit of energy he had left over the last few days as he limps on to the New Hampshire primary trailing behind the more coherent and mildly more interesting candidates who by default are leading in the polls.

And he’s channeled it into targeting the gun industry.

He must be all tuckered out now!

Breitbart reports:

Joe Biden used his gun control time at the New Hampshire Democrat debate to call for Americans to be able to sue firearm makers over gun crime.

Biden segued into these comments by criticizing Bernie Sanders for supporting the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), a law that prohibits frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers of firearms, which are legally made and sold.

Biden said Sanders’ support for that law was a “mistake” that gave “gun manufacturers … a loophole that does not allow them to be sued for the carnage they are creating.”

He added, “The first thing I’m going to do as president is work to get rid of that, and it’s going to hard.”

Biden’s comments in favor of suing gun manufacturers are not new. On October 5, 2019, Breitbart News reported that Biden put repealing PLCAA at the top of his gun control “wish list.”

Speaking at the MSNBC / Gabby Giffords / March for Our Lives gun control forum in Las Vegas, Biden criticized the protections firearm manufacturers get for guns that are legally made and sold, saying, “No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection.” He said those protections would “change overnight” if he were president.

On Saturday, Joe Biden took aim at another fellow candidate, Pete Buttigieg, in an attack so brutal he may have to sue a gun manufacturer for shooting himself in the foot.

He promptly got brutalized by the press:


  1. What does Joe Stalin , Mao TseDung , Adolph Hitler , Benito Mussolini , Papa and Baby Doc Devereaux , Ho Chi Minh , Nero , Fidel and Raul Castro ,Che’ , “antifas ” and others all have in common ??? They want YOUR money , YOUR freedoms , YOUR guns , YOUR lives , to “govern” you.
    After all , “Father knows Best” doncha know.

  2. Biden is the biggest and worse
    Panderer there is. This cretin, Obama loving fool is a waste and will never be POTUS. Even Obama can’t stand him and wouldn’t back him.
    Long Live POTUS Donald J Trump.
    He will be cannonized one day and his image will be on Mt. Rushmore.
    Trumpy 🐻 2020 and beyond.

  3. The Democrats have been saying Trumps policies are unconstitutional yet they are the ones who want to take your guns and allow the killing of babies.

  4. We should thank San Fran Nan for impeaching the President. Impeachment has knocked Qui Pro Joe out of the running, he can’t be interviewed now but they ask him about Hunter. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  5. Maybe we can sue Apple for people texting an driving which caused a deadly accident too. After all 1 in 3 Accidents resulting in death are Texting while driving!

  6. MS 13 gangs use ball bats to beat people to death, is he going to allow people to sue those manufacturers for the thousands of deaths caused by baseball bats?

  7. If you don’t vote republican in both house and senate races this is what you will get. These idiots will make Venezuela look like a cake walk. They will ruin the job makers and run manufacturing out of the country again. It’s either free markets or commies

  8. Hey, taking a strong (and UNCONSTITUTIONAL) open stance on gun control worked so well for “Beto” O’Rourke that now Joe Biden has to try it. This is why he fails to garner any positive attention. He gets only negative attention AND then its mostly because he stands there at a podium and rambles incoherently like a drunk while he drools over the young girls in the audience as he is a child molester who belongs in prison and not in the White House! Biden also committed Treason with his Ukraine activity with his Son, Hunter. Joe Biden sat on stage and openly admitted to his crimes YET he was never arrested for it! Then he doesn’t understand what he did wrong. He is a clueless goon! I am still waiting for him to say even one sentence without mucking it up into incoherent gibberish that even he can’t understand!

  9. I HATE TWITTER WITH A PASSION! I made an honest observation about Hillary Clinton in a post and I’ve been in Twitter jail ever since. The only reason I address it here, is that EVERY article that has a relevant video is off of Twitter and I can’t watch it until I remove my Hillary post. I REFUSE, even though I’ve been in Twitter jail over 6 weeks now, to take it down. So, I cannot comment on this article since I am unable to watch supporting videos. F U Twitter!!

  10. biden has just about burned out on intelligent statements. what will he say after more “gun control ” an the next
    mass shooting. check with Chicago joe
    then go home and review your
    obama scrapbook.

  11. Biden should check how gun control is working in England; the number of knife attacks have sky rocketed. Now they have outlawed carrying knives but knife attacks continue.

  12. Pat is right. It is a race to the nut house. They’ll have to open more institutions since there are so many nuts claiming to be democrats.

  13. Right on, Biden! And while we are at it we will sue automakers for the carnage on the roads, liquor distillers for drunken driving, McDonalds for the epidemic of obesity and attendant diabetes and heart disease.

  14. So if that is what he wants then we can sue every car manufacturer for the accidents and deaths their cars cause? Same with airplanes etc.?

  15. Read what the people in Australia and Britain are saying about their gun confiscation . They are pleading for us to not let it happen here !

  16. It is plain Joe knows he should be shoot, and he will be the one shooting. If you study history when the constitution was created, you will find the bill of rights or first 10 amendments have special status. They were the price the states required to ratify the new constitution.Any change destroys the constitution.

  17. If he, by some wild fluke, got elected, and by some crazy way got legislation passed to override the Second Amendment, could my family sue him (and everyone who voted to pass that POS legislation) if I got shot by a criminal because I couldn’t carry?


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