Joe Biden Just Said The Creepiest Thing Ever; What Makes It Worse Is It Involves Children

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has a well earned reputation for being a bit of a creepy individual. He’s been caught on video and in photographs doing all sorts of bizarre and uncomfortable things with women of varying ages.

And it seems he has no plans whatsoever to dispel the heebie jeebies he gives everyone any time soon, as is evidenced by the bizarre speech he gave in Wilmington, Delaware in which he went off script.

It has to do with his having blonde leg hair and how much he loves kids sitting in his lap. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

While speaking to a black audience Joe Biden suddenly started babbling about children stroking his hairy legs in the pool and how much he loves to have children on his lap. Also something about roaches?

Joe Biden: And by the way I sit on a stand, I got hot, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, turn blond in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my legs, and watch the hairs rise up again. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap.

That is one of the craziest lines in political history.

At what point does Joe’s family step in and put an end to this ongoing embarrassment?

This isn’t even remotely close to the first time that Biden has done something truly weird. Just a few days ago, the former vice president bit his wife’s finger while she introduced him on stage.

The man is a pure out and out weirdo.

Here’s more on the finger biting from Business Insider:

Former Vice President Joe Biden inexplicably leaned forward and chomped down on his wife’s finger as she spoke during a campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday.

Jill Biden had been speaking to a crowd and using her hands to gesture, barely missing her husband’s face at several points.

Eventually, while her arm was outstretched, Biden leaned forward and bit down on the tip of his wife’s index finger.

In response, Jill Biden laughed it off.

The pair were in Council Bluffs speaking to a crowd of several hundred people, according to the Associated Press. The Biden are launching an eight-day bus tour of Iowa ahead of the February 3 caucuses.

These weird moments alone are enough of a reason to not let this man occupy the White House and control the highest office in the land. Who wants this sort of weirdo to have possession of the nuclear launch codes? No one with half a functioning brain, that’s for sure.

And that’s not even including the horrific policies Biden would unleash on our nation, which would utterly destroy our liberties and the way of life that’s made America the greatest nation on earth. It’s absolutely imperative that Joe Biden does not become the next president. Even if you’re not a Trump fan, please show up at the polls if this man wins the Democratic Party nomination, and stop the madness.



  1. Why not have a Biden – AOC ticket for POTUS. That would destroy the Demo. We could see a “landslide” with only half of the Rep. voting if we don’t count the dead people’s votes.

  2. And THIS is the democrat front runner. He’s working for Trump,and doesn’t even know it! What a joke he is. I wish Hillary would run again,so we could see her LOSE AGAIN!

  3. Guess we should start calling him “Pedo Joe ” , face it the guy was creepy before the way he was always feeling women . He’s even creepier now . Keep your children far away from him .

  4. HMMM! . . . Not my kind of POTUS. I don’t think I would vote for a ‘weirdo” like that. Could you IMAGINE him as Commander In Chief holding the Nation’s NUKE button? Uhhh – NOPE.


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