Joe Biden Praises This Radical Obama Official Who Praised Mao Tse Tung…This Is Today’s Democrat Party

(Tea Party PAC) – Joe Biden has had a very bad week.

Whether or not we can trust the results coming out of Iowa now that they’ve been finished counting the results it’s clear that Biden has no advantage either way.

This is not going as planned for the presumed frontrunner, is it?

On Thursday, Biden went missing from the New Hampshire campaign trail to regroup and refocus after a bitterly poor start to the primary season.

The Gateway Pundit:

Biden came in 4th place in the Iowa caucuses and even with the Democrat establishment purposely delaying the results to shield him from the searing headlines, Biden’s camp is dying a slow death.

According to various reports, Joe Biden and his advisors were discussing shifts in management and personnel to help save his ailing campaign.

So Biden made a big move.

A very, very dumb move as it so happens.

So Biden decided a winning strategy would be to elevate Anita Dunn, a radical leftist who previously praised mass murderer Mao Tse Tung as one of her “favorite political philosophers.”

Mao Tse Tung murdered up to 70 million Chinese last century, according to most accounts.

Watch Anita Dunn tell students at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School near Washington that Mao is one of her favorite philosophers:

Dunn is a longtime advisor to Biden and also worked as the Obama White House Communications Director until stepping down in 2009 shortly after a video of her praising the murderous Chinese tyrant surfaced.

New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin wrote, “Anita Dunn elevated to leadership role Joe Biden’s camp, per internal email. A longtime Biden adviser, Dunn had focused on comms strategy. But the VP knows he needs to make changes – and there may be more…”

“Two Biden sources tell us that Anita Dunn now has final decision-making authority – not Greg Schultz, the current manager. This is a major shift. And it’s one that’s being greeted enthusiastically by some on Team Biden,” NYT added.

Dunn also helped Harvey Weinstein to strategize ahead of the windfall New York Times story which exposed his lengthy history of sexual abuse and harassment.


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