Joe Biden’s Latest Accusation About Trump And Anti-Semitism Is Further Proof He’s Going Senile

(Tea Party PAC) – So former Vice President Joe Biden is not doing much to help change the image we all have of him as being slightly off his rocker. Well, scratch that. He actually seems like he’s really far off his rocker. A few french fries short of a full happy meal as it were. I mean, seriously. Just look at the swimming pool story he told, or all the allegations of sexual assault, or those creepy pictures of him rubbing up on women and smelling their hair.

Clearly something is not right with Crazy Uncle Joe.

Well, now Biden, the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party, is claiming that President Donald Trump is ignoring antisemitism, despite the fact that Trump just gave a lengthy condemnation of that sort of thing just a few weeks ago.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Biden, speaking to an online fundraising event, claimed that the president was “not saying a word” about antisemitism, according to the pool report (via Sahil Kapur of NBC News).

Biden tells a fundraiser that anti-Semitism is “the mother of all conspiracy theories” and adds: “People are walking into the state legislative body and in front of her driveway carrying assault rifles, Nazi banners and Confederate flags and the president is not saying a word.”

Not only has Trump repeatedly condemned antisemitism, but he did so extensively just a few weeks ago, in issuing a proclamation declaring May to be Jewish Heritage Month. The president said:

Throughout history, the Jewish people have demonstrated an unbreakable spirit, overcoming suffering, cruel oppression, violence, and bigotry. Tragically, Jewish men, women, and children continue to face anti-Semitic discrimination, persecution, and violence today, and Jewish institutions and places of worship remain targets of vandalism and destruction. Our country has wept too many times in the aftermaths of horrific attacks, including last April when a murderer opened fire in a synagogue in Poway, California, taking innocent life and shattering families in a cowardly display of evil. Such unconscionable acts are an abomination to all decent and compassionate people. Hatred is intolerable and has no place in our hearts or in our society. We must therefore vigorously confront anti-Semitic discrimination and violence against members of the Jewish community. That is why I signed an Executive Order last December, bolstering my Administration’s efforts to combat the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States and build a culture of respect, humanity, and equality.

This month, we reaffirm our commitment to never compromise our steadfast support for the Jewish community, our rejection of anti-Semitic bigotry, and our disdain for malicious attacks of hatred. Jewish Americans strengthen, sustain, and inspire our country through dedication to family, respect for cherished traditions, and commitment to the values of justice and equality that unite Americans of every faith and background. We give thanks for the profound contributions that Jewish Americans continue to make to our society, and way of life.

Well, now. That certainly seems like a rather lengthy rebuttal of antisemtism, doesn’t it? So what, exactly, is Jumbled Joseph smoking to think that Trump is ignoring it? Perhaps his mental facilities have truly gone swirly down the toilet? Even a the most basic research would’ve produced this particular condemnation of hatred toward the Jewish people. Guess Joe can’t be bothered to search out the facts.

Biden appears to have been referring to recent protests in Michigan against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and her strict stay-at-home orders. A few people used the swastika symbol — to accuse Whitmer of being a fascist, not to express solidarity with fascism or antisemitism.

While offensive to many, the symbol appears at both left- and right-wing protests in that context, as Breitbart News recently noted. The swastika appeared in pro-union protests against Gov. Scott Walker (R) at the Wisconsin state capitol in 2011, for example — a cause that was broadly embraced by the Democratic Party. The symbol was used to foment outrage against Walker — albeit at the cost of shocking observers.

Biden has a track record for making false accusations against President Trump concerning supposed sympathy toward antisemitic thinking and ideas. When he launched his political campaign last year, Biden said that the president called neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, “very fine people” back in August 2017. That wasn’t what he said. He said that neo-Nazis should be “condemned totally.”

The good folks over at Breitbart News confronted Biden about his erroneous comments, stating that he was misquoting the president. He kept right on doing it.

Is this the kind of man we want in the White House? I think not.



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  2. If Biden picks Michelle (Michael) Obama as his running mate, and by some miracle he wins, neither Biden nor Michelle will be running the country. It will be run by Barack. Please God in Heaven, do not let this happen. Anybody who has one working brain cell knows this would be the absolute worst. President Trump is the best President this country has ever had. Anybody who doesn’t realize this will if he gets defeated. Then TOO LATE FOR AMERICA. Our country will turn into a Socialist/Communist nation.

  3. He just rambles and says what he thinks sounds good. It doesn’t have to be based on facts. He doesn’t hear accurately what people say so he says what he wants them to have said. Of course he is always proven wrong. His hot air is so defective, it wouldn’t enable a balloon to float!

    The best gaffe yet was actually complimentary to the President. I could hardly wait to write about it but another newsletter came up with it, too. Anyway, those of us old enough to remember, Sylvester was a loser and “tweety” was smarter and always the winner.

    “Yellow bird”, “orange man”. Those are bright and sunny colorful adjectives to identify a person. And, our President, wel!, he is definitely bright, sunny and positive. He’s refreshing, he gives us hope, he knows what he is saying and he is honest.

    Poor perverted Joe should see himself clearly as Sylvester. Though, he would not be welcome in a cat house. The White House is out of the question.

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  5. Well, what did ANYONE expect of Joe “Bumbles” Biden????? He is just adding to the “Gaffes” he committed during the Obummer run!!!!!!! ANYONE who trusts or believes anything that comes out of a democraps mouth probably still believes in the “tooth fairy”!!!!! The guy should be a “permanent resident” on the funny farm!!!!

  6. He’s The Left’s ANSWER! . . . When he’s in office, they’ll do his work FOR him, passing their HORRIBLE Leftist LAWS and Policies, possibly without him knowing it since he’s so “out of it” being so SENILE. Don’t vote for him if you VALUE your country! One ALERT and ALARMED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Joe: i have not heard of the antisem, ant semitic, aunt semestism that Troup, err, TRump has wrote, said, and when i feel i have not felt up enough women, i mean, when i haven’t smelled women’s hair i go to the .99 cent store and open the shampoo. When, mm, I’ll tell you all the Troop, Trump is a racist far beyond I have ever been. You can take that to the bank. ONE more thing, I’ll beat him like a whore, i mean, drum. Yes, drum. (where am i now, again?)

  8. Thank you for the proper straight facts article. President Trump is a good President and the Dems hate him because he exposed them(crooks) to the American people. We do need term limits to get most out especially Pelosi. Most people don’t make their salary and don’t get to take [email protected] tax payers expense. We need to reduce their salary, and cut this to help the deposit reduce

  9. Joe will not be the be President if elected the VP will. He will be article 25 in min after talking oath as incompetent and senile and if I know a little about gov. Nancy will be VP. Can’t anybody see what is really going on. WOW DEM ARE REALLY DUMB AND STUPID

  10. So terribly sad to watch these deep State phonies push Joe Biden as if he is the answer to the Worldwide problems of today. We need to keep Trump in the White House for 4 more years! Now we have a President that will actually keep America first! Wake up people and open your eyes, can’t you see what the dems are doing to us? Ask God to open your eyes & ears and look how power & money hungry these crooks are! It must stop now.. God help us please!

    • Yeah, America is first in the world in Coronavirus cases and deaths. Traitor Trump kept his promise after all. SMH. BIDEN 2020!!!

    • Bob – You really want senile Biden beside the nuclear button? You must like living on the wild side. Biden as President would be the worst thing that could happen to our country. The Road Runner would be better!!!! Shame on you for even thinking Biden would be good for our country. Maybe you are as senile as he is.


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