John Kerry Whines That Trump Ruined His Horrible, Horrible Iran Deal…Here’s What He’s Saying

(Tea Party PAC) – On Thursday, former Secretary of State John Kerry whined that President Donald Trump had destroyed the awful, treasonous deal that he and former President Barack Obama struck with the Iranians.

“He put his disdain for anything done by the last administration ahead of his duty to keep the country safe,” Kerry lamented in a lengthy op-ed for the New York Times.

Kerry has thrown his support behind fellow Obama admin alum, former Vice President Joe Biden in his bid for the Democratic party’s nomination for president. He has been campaigning for Biden in Iowa.

The former Secretary of State argued that the Iran nuclear deal had been working, but that Trump threw that all away, thus empowering Iran’s Quds Force Commander, Qassem Soleimani.

“There were no missile attacks on United States facilities. No ships were being detained or sabotaged in the Persian Gulf,” he wrote of how the Middle East had supposedly been under the deal. “There were no protesters breaching our embassy in Baghdad. Iraq welcomed our presence fighting ISIS.”

Kerry said that, despite that pesky little fact that Soleimani was a “sworn” enemy of the US, Americans benefitted from his efforts to fight ISIS.

“Occasionally, when American and Iranian interests aligned, as they did in fighting ISIS, we were the serendipitous beneficiaries of his relationships and levers, as were the Iraqis,” he said in reference to Soleimani. “But this was a rare exception.”

Kerry even went as far as to praise Iran for their response after detaining 12 American sailors in 2016, giving credit to the “foundation of diplomacy” that the Obama administration had laid.

“In 2016, we defused deep disagreements with Iran over prisoners and averted conflict when American sailors inadvertently entered Iranian waters and were detained by Iranian forces,” he wrote.

He also accused Trump of alienating American allies in the Middle East and behaving “recklessly” without a strategy.

“We have been left with an incoherent Iran and Iraq policy that has made the region more dangerous and put Americans at greater risk,” he wrote.

Kerry also praised former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis for previously defending the agreement and criticized current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for backing the president.

The failed 2004 presidential candidate warned of a repeat of the Iraq or Vietnam conflicts under Trump, warning that young Americans were worried about dying in a potential war with Iran.

“Our diplomacy should not be defined by bluster, threats and brinkmanship, tweets or temper tantrums, but by a vision for peace and security addressing multiple interests of the region,” he wrote.


  1. Kerry should be in jail under the “Hatch Act” for unlawfully aiding or interfering with a foreign country while to advise them while no longer a member of government.

    John Kerry was in contact with Iran, giving them information and advice, in full knowledge the new administration was seeking change in the nuclear deal he made earlier in the Oblaimer administration. So again being a member of Congress or an appointed official, or a bureaucrat is above the law and does not even get his wrist slapped!

    Seems like we have different standards for who is indicted and who is not for crimes who are committed by political persons and just us on Main St. Shifty lies, Pelosi lies, nothing happens, General Flynn owns up to his misleading statement and they throw the book at his. Seems to me lying becomes a matter of discretion depending on who you are.

  2. Somehow the Democrats have assembled a truly monstrous team of incompetent, totally corrupted, anti-Christian, pro-LBGTQ ignoramuses such as has never been seen anywhere since the late stages of the failing Roman Empire when Caligula appointed his horse to be a Senator. John Kerry’s face fills the place of Caligula’s horse very nicely, and serves as an atavistic memory-tweak even for today’s uneducated youth. Kerry should be buried side-by-side with Hillary and John McCain; their ghosts will surely have a lot to talk about with one another.

  3. Kerry is useless just like the others. Kept boat out of state to avoid taxes despite having all the Heinz money he needed. Good riddance

  4. Kerry should have been court martialed for disobey orders to not take his Swift boat into the Mekong River. That is why his crew did not support him. He put their live at risk to try to get action. Swift Boats were to never go into the rivers. They did not have the weapons to defend themselves. He was never a war hero.
    How did he witness war crimes if he was to be at sea in his Swift Boat? He was not permitted to be ashore in battle. He was lying then just as he is lying now.
    His entire life is a lie. Only the money he got by marriage gave him political clout. He never earned it!
    The Iran deal was an appeasement to terrorist’s. The money they paid is responsible for the loss of many American lives. They did not solve any problem in the near east. The exasperated it and we have to deal with his failures now.
    Go wipe the ketchup off you face.

  5. Hey kerry….You very UNpatriotic POS – you need another *Swift-Boating*!! You were joined-at-the-hip with the Kenyan “mooslim” regime!! Why aren’t any of these treacherous DemonRats in prison – or at least being investigated??
    DC is ROTTEN to-the-core!!

  6. John Kerry always sides with Radical Islamic Muslims and the crappy Iran deal. They agreed on a deal where the Iranians were monitoring their selves in the Labs ! WTF ! They would NOT allow any inspectors to inspect their “ Secret “ Labs. Remember John Kerry has a Radical Islamic Muslim Son-n -Law who is a Doctor. Rumors are that John Kerry concerted to Islam. As Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim ! The brotherhood !

  7. So! President Trump threw a monkey wrench in Obama’s and Kerry’s Iran nuclear deal…GOOD! ONCE a traitor, ALWAYS a traitor! The saying applies to BOTH of them!

  8. The Iran deal NEVER WORKED,,,,they continued to build up their nuclear arsenal,,,,shared the 150 billion,,,,,no oversight at their nuke facilities,,,Kerry and Obama both got money back, funneled thru several different countries right back to their pockets,,,Kerry lied his ass off about his hero status,,,he is a ZERO,,,,not close to a hero,,,,egotistical lying bastard who is still committing treason with his visits to Iran and Iraq ,,trying to advise them as to how to deal with USA,,,his ass needs to be in jail or worse,,,,I prefer worse

  9. Mr. Kerry,

    You sound just like Nevil Chamberlin in 1939-40 when he stated that he had “bought peace in our time.” By dealing with Hitler with appeasement he helped perpetrate World War 11! When will you appeasers of terror and malevolence ever learn????? There comes a time when diplomacy is inadequate. Realism in dealing with terrorists demands
    honest forthright action not the pablum of appeasement!!

  10. I could care less about the whining of traitor Lurch, but I do care about his whereabouts which should be in jail while waiting for the gallows!

  11. I think his “Swift Boat” comrades said it best. “UNFIT TO SERVE”!!! They showed what a liar he was then and still is now! He lied to the American People right after he was released from active duty in his so called “Winter Soldier” testimony to the Senate at the behest of Senator Ted Kennedy. He even lied to the dudes he joined to protest at the time. He lied about throwing his medals over the fence at the Whitehouse with his fellow protesters and worse, he allegedly stated that he witnessed war crimes being committed…but why didn’t he, as a serving Naval Officer report these crimes. He was and still is a real louse!!!

  12. Most AMERICANS hated the IRAN DEAL plus the BILLIONS Obama GAVE of TAXPAYERS MONEY 💰 but
    Bc Obama was the first black president the media “let whatever Obama decided, he was ALLOWED.” Every decision made by Obama OFFENDED most AMERICANS but REPUBLICANS ALLOWED by remaining SILENT!

  13. Kerry ; was a no good ass, like Obama was also, sorry but it was a rotten deal, and no deal between countries does not have a air plane unloading cash on a tarmac in the middle of the night, something is rotten with the whole deal, or as they say “Something is rotten in Denmark”


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