John Solomon Just Dropped Huge Bombshell Omitted From Whistleblower Report Concerning Ukraine Probe Into Hunter Biden

(Tea Party PAC) – John Solomon, a Fox News contributor, just dropped a bombshell concerning the whole Ukraine scandal that could leave the Democratic Party, who is hinging impeachment hopes on this entire mess, in complete shambles.

Apparently, according to this new report, Ukraine was re-opening the probe into Hunter Biden’s work with a local oil giant, a piece of information that was conveniently left out of the initial whistleblower report.

This definitely doesn’t bode well for those who were hoping and praying to see the Trump administration explode. It looks like that’s the exact opposite of what’s happening.

Here are more details from The Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING REPORT – ** President Trump did not THREATEN Ukrainians to reopen investigation of the Biden Crime Family.

** The Ukrainian government reopened the investigation of the Biden Crime Family in FEBRUARY.

** The whistleblower may have known this but omitted it from his complaint against President Trump!

John Solomon: I can confirm to you tonight. The US government had open source intelligence and was aware that as early as February in 2019 that the Ukrainian government was planning on reopening the Burisma investigation. This was long before the president ever imagined to have a call with President Zelensky. In fact it’s before President Zelensky was even elected. This is a significant shift in the factual timeline. This is information that was omitted from the whistleblower’s complaint.

Via Hannity:

Here are a few more tidbits about the Ukraine scandal via a piece published last week by the Daily Wire:

Investigative reporter John Solomon said on Wednesday night that he has obtained over 450 pages of legal documents that could spell serious problems for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden regarding the ongoing Ukraine scandal.

“Listen there were three attempts in 2016 by the Democratic Party, in the Democratic establishment, to get Ukraine involved in our elections so Democrats were for Ukraine interference in our election before they were against it, that is an irrefutable fact that documents and the statements on the record have been reported in my column,” Solomon began. “You can download the documents, don’t trust me, go read them yourselves.”

Solomon then transitioned into talking about the big development in the story: the hundreds of pages of legal documents he obtained that he claims show that the story that Biden has told the American public is not true.

“Here’s the most important thing: Joe Biden has staked out a very specific story now and with impeachment proceedings, that story is fair game to investigate,” Solomon continued. “He says when he fired the Ukraine general prosecutor … he did so solely because he believed that prosecutor was corrupt and not because that prosecutor was investigating his son’s company and making plans to hunt interview Hunter Biden at the very moment he was fired. That’s his story, that has to hold up.”

“I can tell you tonight that I have obtained more than 450 pages of documents from inside Hunter Biden’s legal team, from inside the State Department, from inside the Ukrainian general prosecutor’s office, all on the record,” Solomon continued. “There are documents from Hunter Biden’s legal team, the legal team from America, trying to assist Burisma to get out of this investigation. They show unequivocally that legal team told the prosecutors as soon as [the prosecutor] was fired, in fact, the day that [the prosecutor] was fired, the Biden team was trying to reach the new prosecutor.”

“So people say there’s no connection between the event, why was Biden’s legal team rushing to talk to the new guy immediately? When they got that chance to talk to him, here’s what they told that prosecutor, they told that prosecutor the story about [the fired prosecutor] being corrupt, not doing reforms, was not true,” Solomon continued. “It was a made-up story by US officials, they called it false information, that means Hunter Biden’s legal team, Burisma’s American legal team, was telling the prosecutors the basis upon which Joe Biden said he just fired [the prosecutor] was not true.”

It’s time for the Democratic Party and all of the Deep State folk who have worked tirelessly to end Trump’s presidency to be busted and held accountable for trying to silence the voice of the people and effectively render our voting system obsolete.

Here’s to hoping some action gets taken depending on the further evidence discovered in the ongoing investigation.




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