John Solomon’s Car Broken Into Night Before Impeachment Trial; When You See What Was Stolen, You’ll Smell Something Fishy

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s a lot of corruption flowing out of the political world as of late. Well, now, to be honest, there’s always been a lot of corruption flowing out of politics, but it seems the level of shady behavior has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades, especially during the Obama era.

For a long, long time, most of us in conservative circles believed that no one could ever top the sleazy rottenness of the Clinton family and their never ending list of scandals, all of which they’ve managed to get away with, but then along come the Bidens to prove that Hillary and family do not have a monopoly on corruption.

Investigative reporter John Solomon (pictured above) recently had his vehicle broken into the night before the impeachment trial began. The thief who broke in took his laptop, which according to Solomon contained some explosive evidence about Joe Biden and his dealings in Ukraine.

Gee. How convenient, right?

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Someone broke into investigative reporter John Solomon’s car parked near the White House the night before the senate impeachment trial began.

The thief stole John Solomon’s laptop which contained sensitive information on former Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine.

The break-in, which happened across from the White House’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building, was described as a “professional job” and authorities believe the individual(s) used a sophisticated electronic jamming device to open the car’s lock.

“It’s a pretty professional job,” John Solomon told RCI of the break-in, “but it’s probably just a coincidence.”

“It was probably just a street criminal searching for pass codes,” he added. “Or it could be someone searching for my Ukraine stuff, we don’t know at this point.”

It appears to be a targeted political hit because Solomon said nothing else was taken from his car, including cash.

Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations reported:

On the night before the Senate impeachment trial began, someone broke into veteran Washington investigative journalist John Solomon’s car parked near the White House and stole his laptop, according to a D.C. Metropolitan Police Department report obtained by RealClearInvestigations.

The computer contained notes on Ukraine and former Vice President Joe Biden and other sensitive information, Solomon, 52, said in an interview. He said he was preparing to launch a new podcast and news site at the time.

Though the laptop has since been recovered, the investigation is still open. “The case has been assigned a detective and is under investigation,” MPD spokesman Sean Hickman told RCI.

The Secret Service is also involved in the matter, which appears suspicious. Break-ins are rare in the high-security area where the crime occurred, just outside the White House perimeter, and a sophisticated device appears to have been used to get into the vehicle.

The computer and bag, which also contained his U.S. Capitol press security badge, were discovered the next day nearly a block away from where his car had been parked. The contents of the bag had been dumped out on a picnic bench near the FDIC building. The location had no security cameras, so there is no known video surveillance footage that can be reviewed. Authorities described it as one of the few “dark spots” in the area.

Award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon has been targeted by Dem Rep. Adam Schiff for his explosive reporting on Ukraine and the Biden crime family.

In December, Schiff (illegally) obtained John Solomon’s phone records and published his call history in a report.

Schiff smeared Solomon as a reporter who published “conspiracy theories” to “push false narratives” about Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton.

John Solomon said he is working with computer forensics to see whether his hard drive was scanned by the thief.

It’s just a little suspicious to have this laptop stolen in such a manner, don’t you think? Could the Democratic Party have been lending their good ole boy, Joe Biden, a little helping hand in preventing him from being exposed by having this laptop “removed” from Solomon’s possession?

Or could it just be an actual theft with a person thinking this laptop could net them a few bucks for drugs if sold to the nearest pawn shop? You have to decide that one for yourself.

But consider how far the Democratic Party has been willing to go in order to destroy Trump over the last three years.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore



  1. Sounds like BS….WHO in their right mind would leave that out in your car??

    That is as stupid as leaving your laptop in your car when parked in SF!!

    Hopefully he has everything saved!!!

  2. Dog & Pony show !!! During election campaign Trump exclaimed to Hillary “because you would be in jail” after he was elected he said “I DON’T WANT TO HURT THOSE PEOPLE THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE” when asked about locking her up !!! Trumpett the Puppett !!! When are you DUMBASS AMERICANS GOING TO WAKE UP ???

  3. the only corruption I see here is spreading fear.,,misinformation..,and lies only to get your money.., how stupid can you be to believe in this crap. hahahahaha

  4. Sounds like bullshit to me. No mention is made as to HOW the laptop was recovered?

    Was it ever really stolen?

    And with such sensitive information, he would leave it in his car?


  5. Getting my Investigation Detective Degree from watching every episode of CSI-MIAMI…Mr. Solomon who is a Smart as Hell Reporter…might have done this so he could get the corrupt press/media/news to finally report on the malfeasance(dirt) in the democrat socialist party! IF It Is About the Bidens, Ukraine, Hillary, The Fake Russian Dossier, & the Impeachment Hoax all centered on the 2016 Election of PRESIDENT TRUMP #45 then it is NOW out in public as a result of the theft. We would have never heard of this laptop & what it contained unless IT WAS STOLEN!

    • That is the first thing I thought too. Nobody with a brain leaves their laptop in their car even in the trunk. If the criminal doesn’t see anything in full view the next place to look for valuables is the trunk.

  6. knowing that info was in his laptop, i’m surprised soloman would leave that stuff in his car, not locked out of sight in the trunk. maybe it was being used as bait … i’ve been a reporter and editor for 50 years, and i’d never leave stuff like that to be stolen.

  7. the Democratic Party is a CRIME FAMILY….why should this be a surprise to anyone….had he been reporting on Hillary he would probably have shot himself in the back of the head…….TWICE!

  8. Now I sure hope he had a backup copy of all that!! To leave a laptop with sensitive and important info in an unattended car is pure stupidity!! Pretty near like asking someone to steal it.

  9. As most law enforcement people will tell you, “I don’t believe in coincidences” See if you can find Schiff’s undercover staff and you’ll probably find the culprit. Anyone with half a brain can see the obvious corruption that the Bidens are engaged in.

  10. I think everyone who has any information on any corrupt Democrat should expect to be hacked at any time for their sensitive criminal evidence. And to avoid losing any of that information, should have multiple copies stored on flash drives kept in safety deposit boxes in numerous locations. Didn’t anyone learn anything from Jack Bauer or Walt White?

    • My thoughts exactly. He knew how he was being targeted for quite a while, yet he doesn’t secure his info. How can he do something as stupid as this? I hope the info on Biden investigation was a fake compilation while the real information was stored somewhere else and just a setup to catch the nasty Dems. That would point to the underhanded party involved. .

  11. Sad to see that Mr. Solomon made a critical mistake in leaving his laptop in his car. Any computer with sensitive information, should ALWAYS be secured when not in one;s possession. Please Mr. Solomon, practice good security procedures!

  12. 90% of the folks in this country know it’s stupid to leave a laptop or other electronic device in your car – even if concealed. John Solomon is a smart man whom we like and admire. How did he
    make this dumb slip-up?


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