Judge Drops Hammer On ‘Virtually Unintelligible’ Lawsuit Against Former President Trump, Israel

(Tea Party PAC) – A federal judge has officially tossed out a lawsuit that was filed by Palestinian activists against President Trump and the nation of Israel, calling the complaint “virtually unintelligible,” as it failed to specify who hurt them, when, and where.

Radical activists are all about that political drama, aren’t they? They use political theater as an attempt to make a point, but often times it just makes them look like children throwing temper tantrums.

According to WND, the American Center for Law and Justice said, “The truly bizarre complaint alleged a massive conspiracy between the Israeli government and the named defendants to commit war crimes against Palestinians, without offering – or even identifying – any evidence to back up the baseless claim.”

The ACLJ went on to say that some of these Palestinian activists were actually tied to acts of terrorism. Other targets of the lawsuit included Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other pro-Israel politicians.

“The ACLJ defended former Democratic New York state Assemblyman Dov Hikind in the case, who appeared to have been targeted because he opposes the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement, which has been condemned by both Republicans and Democrats,” WND reported.

According to the legal group, the complaint was “bereft of any relevant facts or coherent legal theories. For examples, the plaintiffs’ claims against former Assemblyman Hikind were in essence that he is an ‘Israeli spokesperson’ and an unregistered ‘Israeli agent.'”

The court went on to say the complaint “details factual allegations of harms caused by unnamed assailants against unnamed individuals, rendering any discern[i]ble claim virtually unintelligible.”

“Dozens of other pages of factual recitation appear entirely unrelated to any alleged harm at all. … Critically, despite this lengthy exposition, the plaintiffs fail to specify who injured them, how the defendants are connected to those individuals, when the harm occurred, or where it occurred,” it went on to say.

The ACLJ then said this isn’t the first time that these kind of claims have been made in a federal court by “people desperate to somehow find fault with the State of Israel and her supporters.”

“For years, the ACLJ has also represented clients in two similar cases that were also both filed in the U.S. District Court for D.C. All three lawsuits are nothing more than an attempt to implement BDS-via-lawsuit: to scare pro-Israel individuals and entities (or even just neutral businesses desiring to conduct business in Israel) from supporting Israel in any way by imposing the threat of litigation, along with its risks and expenses. To say that they are frivolous is being too kind. We call it lawfare,” the group said.

Now, what really bakes the noodle here is how in the world these activists, who are clearly left-wing, manage to reconcile their racism toward Israel with their progressive beliefs which abhor and condemn such behavior. Well, allegedly condemn that kind of behavior.

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  1. However, if they had backed out the lawsuits w/ a threat (blackmail) to violence, the court(s) might have rendered a verdict favorable to their lawsuits, imho because the unprecedented (has no precedent) act of threatening to commit violence has been broken when the left threatened the court(s) of violence if they decided to favorably side w/ Trump in the controversial 2020 elections.


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