Just How Bad Is The Iowa Caucus Debacle? The Phrase ‘Total Disaster’ Is An Understatement Of Biblical Proportions; Here’s What’s Happening

(Tea Party PAC) – Democrats want the people of this fine nation of ours to trust them with the presidency. They then want us all to trust them to run health care. To decide for us what we should eat and what is bad for us. To tell us how to talk. What to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

They basically want control over everything and they spend an insane amount of time trying to convince us they are the only ones equipped to handle the monumental task of properly running the country.

And then along comes the Iowa caucus to remind us all once more of the ineptness inherent in the liberal worldview. Yes, the caucus in Iowa, one of the most important battlegrounds in any major election, is an unmitigated disaster.

Here’s what’s happening via the Gateway Pundit:

The Democrat caucus results were delayed tonight in Iowa.

At 10 PM there are STILL NO RESULTS!

Eoin Higgins from Common Dreams reported that the secretive Iowa Democrat Party app stopped working hours before the caucuses.

-Iowa Democratic Party uses secretive app for caucus reporting

-App stops working a few hours before caucus begins

-Results trickle in but show dominating performance for Sanders, death knell for Biden camp

-Counting now shut down by DNC for “quality control”

I have that right?

The FOX News crew started LAUGHING OUT LOUD after they broke these news on the continuing disaster.

Bret Baier: Story County, Precinct 101. Guy says, “I’ve been on hold for over an hour to report the results. We have six delegates. I’ve been on hold on the phone to call in the results for over an hour…

Martha MacCallum: Here’s another one… How about this one from Polk County. Precinct chairs are being advised to take pictures of the results and then text them over to the Polk County executive director. Who is then driving them to the headquarters according to a Democratic operative. (Laughter)

You really can’t make this up!

Here’s more on this mess from Fox News:

The Iowa Caucuses essentially collapsed in confusion when state party officials were unable to report any results.

It was a colossal failure on Monday night that will only fuel the criticism of the state’s first-in-the-nation role, with rules so complicated that journalists had trouble explaining them and the Democratic apparatus couldn’t even count the votes.

That didn’t stop the presidential candidates from spinning the non-results.

Pete Buttigieg, who seemed poised for a good night based on reports on those who showed up to caucus for him, declared that “by all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious. “Because tonight, an improbable hope became an undeniable reality.”

Well, maybe. His words would have had more resonance if we knew how many votes he got.

Bernie Sanders said he has a “good feeling” and his campaign also says he got the most delegates. Elizabeth Warren called the outcome “too close to call.” Joe Biden, who said he would “walk out of here with our share of delegates,” had his campaign send a letter of complaint about the reporting difficulties.

And the Trump campaign did not miss an opportunity to crow that “Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history.”

t was a long and frustrating night that could provide the final nail in the coffin for critics who say the Iowa Caucuses are a crazy-quilt contraption that favors those who have three hours to show up on a wintry night and debate with their neighbors. Even if everything had gone smoothly, Iowa Democrats planned to release three sets of results that would inevitably muddy the waters.

And the eventual announcement will leave only a few hours of media coverage before the television networks are wall to wall with President Trump’s State of the Union tonight.

The quadrennial debate over how much this small, predominantly white, most rural state really matters evaporates once we have winners and losers–or at least those upon whom the media confer that status. Never mind that few delegates are at stake, it’s all about the perception of who has, as George H.W. Bush put it after winning Iowa, the Big Mo. (He of course lost to Ronald Reagan.)

Momentum turns in part on the media’s expectations game, which jacked up the notion that Sanders, who is undoubtedly surging, was favored to win the caucuses. The expectations exercise also led the pundits and pols not to expect a Joe Biden victory, but to insist on a strong showing lest he be deemed on the verge of collapse.

By the same token, Warren’s recent slippage in the polls set her up for what the prognosticators would dub a better-than-expected finish.

Never mind that Dick Gephardt, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and others won Iowa and later faltered. Or that Trump finished second in Iowa and then clobbered his competition.

What matters to the media and to Democrats is that Jimmy Carter won Iowa (though he finished behind “uncommitted”), and Barack Obama won Iowa, and both wound up in the White House.

So…again….why in the world would we want to trust Democrats with our health care or any other major part of culturre or society? Seems the obvious answer is we shouldn’t.

This is why it’s critical that we ensure Trump gets another term in the White House. If we allow a leftist into the Oval Office, the train that represents this country will most assuredly run off track.

We’ve already wrecked once, for eight years, with Obama. Let’s not repeat the process.





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