Just Who Is The Real Eric Ciaramella Anyway? Photos Reportedly Misidentify The Alleged Deep State ‘Leaker.’ Here’s What We Know So Far.

(Tea Party PAC) – It seems that trying to find out who the real Eric Ciaramella is a real challenge, even in the age of the Internet. According to new reports, there have been a number of folks who have been incorrectly identified as Ciaramella, the man accused of being the Deep State leaker who kicked off the entire impeachment fiasco against President Trump.

Even photographs of these individuals have been making the rounds, for some time now, and it’s all just become a very big mess.

The Gateway Pundit has more details:

A number of individuals have been labeled and identified on the Internet as the anti-Trump Deep State ‘whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella. Below we identify a few of the individuals who were misidentified as Eric Ciaramella.

Yaacov Apelbaum put together information regarding the many individuals misidentified as Deep State’s Eric Ciaramella.

Below is a list of some of those individuals as well as a picture of the real leaker, Ciaramella.

On October 30th, Paul Sperry announced at RealClearInvestigations.com in a post that the so-called ‘whistleblower’ in lying Adam Schiff’s fake impeachment sham is none other than Eric Ciaramella. This was old news to us at TGP as well as Dan Bongino and others on the web. (We first reported on Ciaramella on October 11th.)

But in Sperry’s post, he notes the exact pronunciation for Ciaramella’s name – (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) –

Bongino suspected that Sperry was trying to hint at something as the pronunciation of a name is not usually included in posts like Sperry’s. What Bongino suggested was that there is a connection between Sperry’s article and the Grassley and Johnson letter – Char-a-MEL-ah is the same ‘Charlie’ in the Strzok and Page communications.

This is why Schiff wanted to keep his identity hidden. Not only because Ciaramella is a clearly a leaker and is culpable for crimes due to his leaking but because he was spying on President Trump in the White House and was involved in the Russia collusion scam as well.

As we reported on October 11th, in a hit piece on conservatives in July, 2017, Yahoo reported that Mike Cernovich targeted an individual who worked for former National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster, claiming the individual wanted to ‘sabotage’ President Trump. The article also said the individual claimed he is ‘pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia’.

Cernovich reported in June, 2017, that McMaster promoted Ciaramella in spite of his connections to Susan Rice in Obama’s White House:

West Wing officials confirmed to Cernovich Media that Eric Ciaramella, who worked closely with Susan Rice while at NSC, was recently promoted to be H.R. McMaster’s personal aide. Ciaramella will have unfettered access to McMaster’s conversations with foreign leaders.

Others noted Ciaramella was Obama’s NSC Director for the Ukraine. This connects him and his team at the NSC to Joe Biden. Biden was Obama’s lead in the Ukraine so it’s implausible that Ciararmella and his team were not connected to Biden. Schiff’s leakers are connected to Biden also.

Fool Nelson on Twitter was one of the first to out Ciaramella –

Another Internet sleuth, Greg Rubini, may have been the first to identify Ciaramella. Rubini however noted that Ciaramella was in the White House at an event and was seated directly behind Melania Trump –

This turned out to be incorrect as the individual in the picture above with Melania Trump was not Ciaramella. The individual identified as Eric Ciaramella is Hugo Verges, he is French President Emanuel Macron’s advisor for Latin America. This image was taken prior to the state diner on April 24, 2018.

Numerous other individuals were identified as Ciaramella as well. Below are some of those individuals . In the image below, the individual identified as Eric Ciaramella is David Edelman, he was President Obama’s Special Assistant for Economic & Technology Policy in 2014. He was one of the many Obama Administration employees who sneered at President Trump upon his first visit to the White House after beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Another person identified as Eric Ciaramella is Alexander Soros. These images below were taken over a period of several years. Alexander is the son of George Soros. The Soros family is closely connected to the Democrat Party.

Another person identified as Eric Ciaramella is Eric Hochberger. He is Adam Schiff’s daughter’s Alexa boyfriend.

Another person identified as Eric Ciaramella is Rostyslav Pavlenko. He is the Head of Situation Analysis Service of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine. Eric Ciaramella and Jennifer Perino did attend this meeting, but opted out of the group photo. The source of this Image is USUF.

If you are looking for confirmed Eric Ciaramella photos, you can find them in the images below.

All images have been deep fake verified.

The president has truly faced some formidable foes, mostly from within his own administration, as he’s attempted to help put America back on the road to economic recovery and to defend our God-given rights from those who want nothing more than to destroy them.

It’s a shame the left has stooped so low, actually plotting a coup with folks like Ciaramella as pawns to help move their plot along. No president should have to put up with this sort of garbage from the inside, especially if he’s not actually done anything wrong.

This is all just proof of the fact that Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/will-the-real-eric-ciaramella-please-stand-up-numerous-pictures-misidentify-the-real-deep-state-leaker-ciaramella/


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