Justice! Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Released Amid Overwhelming Evidence Of Meddling By The Prosecution

(Tea Party PAC) – In an incredible turn of events in the case of Eddie Gallagher, the Navy SEAL was released from pre-trial confinement late Thursday after Navy prosecutors’ alleged misconduct came under fire in a controversial pre-trial hearing.

Gallagher, who is charged with war crimes in the death of an ISIS fighter in Iraq, was released just hours after celebrating his birthday with family in confinement.

According to Breitbart, sources familiar with the matter reported that Gallagher’s defense team made a series of motions during the hearing to have all charges dismissed against him due to prosecutorial misconduct. Among other things, the sources say, the prosecution put Gallagher through a lie detector test—which he passed—and did not disclose that to the court or the defense.

The prosecution also allegedly spied on the defense and on the news media with email-tracking programs.

Even the very incident in Iraq Gallagher was allegedly involved in has come into question in the last few weeks. Thanks to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), a video of the actual incident was made available to members of Congress. According to Hunter, the video proves that Gallagher actually attempted to save the ISIS fighter’s life and give emergency field medical care.

In case you missed it, Breitbart gives plenty of context as to what really happened to Gallagher in Iraq:

What happened in Mosul, Iraq, is that Gallagher’s unit was fighting with an ISIS cell holed up in a building for hours. After some time, the U.S. military used a hellfire missile to blow up the compound. The sole surviving ISIS fighter came out of the building, wounded, and was taken into custody by Iraqi forces. Several hours later, the ISIS fighter was transferred to the custody of the U.S. forces under Gallagher. Badly wounded, the ISIS fighter needed life-saving medical care. Gallagher, who is trained in emergency field medicine, per exculpatory photographs and video provided to members of Congress–and in the possession of prosecutors from day one–attempted an emergency procedure to try to save the man’s life so they could retrieve valuable intelligence from him. The ISIS fighter died.

Later, in the United States, Gallagher was charged with war crimes as a result of the incident. The Navy prosecutors bringing the case against him raided his home in the middle of the night, and Gallagher has been in federal custody for months since. At first, the facility he was kept in had substandard conditions, and news reports on the matter caught the attention of President Donald Trump, who ordered him moved to a safer facility.

Marc Mukasey, one of Trump’s lawyers, took up Gallagher’s case in a personal capacity, leading to rumors that President Trump might pardon Gallagher before his trial.

If you needed any further confirmation that pardoning Gallagher is the right thing to do, here is Hillary Clinton saying the exact opposite:

After it was uncovered that the prosecution committed several misdeeds, including illegally spying on the Navy Times, the levee broke.

Gallagher’s trial was set to begin last week but has been repeatedly postponed as each new bit of evidence of prosecutorial meddling crops up. After several of these embarrassments to the prosecution came up, the judge finally ordered Gallagher to be released.

In a moment of heartbreaking testimony, Gallagher’s wife Andrea Gallagher aptly compared the government’s treatment of her husband to domestic terrorism.

Breitbart News reports:

“We’ve gone through eight deployments as a family, raising three children and really sacrificing my husband to the war on terror was our goal of achieving victory over what happened on 9/11,” Andrea Gallagher said in a Breitbart News radio exclusive hourlong special on her husband’s story that aired on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

“Over the years, we let him go time and time again. Never in a million years would I have foreseen that on his very last combat trip, which was to Mosul where he was previously awarded number one chief and number one platoon, he was tasked with clearing Mosul of ISIS, which he succeeded in, and then over a year later he would come back to a disgruntled group of individuals who, once they found out he was yet again being elevated for his twilight tour to a very coveted billet where he would be training every Navy SEAL on the West Coast, and once they found out they were going to be under him again, they set up a plot to take him down. Now, it never would have occurred to them, I don’t think, that it could have gone this far,” she said.

Now, Andrea Gallagher says her family has been put through a “horrific nightmare” that she called “domestic terror” at the hands of NCIS Naval prosecutors who brought war crimes charges against her husband and for which he has been awaiting trial.

“But our family has been entrapped in what I can only call a horrific nightmare, and it definitely has been encompassed by some domestic terror unleashed on our family by NCIS who picked up the case in April of 2018,” she said. “They raided our home, pulled out our kids at gunpoint into the streets in their underwear by June. So, less than 60 days on basically just rumors, lies, and hearsay is how they cobbled together this case. Ever since, we have suffered. My husband was taken out of a TBI clinic on 9/11. He was thrown in jail and he actually was in jail for seven and a half months before President Trump intervened in March.”

If you ask Rep. Hunter, political correctness infecting the military community is to blame for the abhorrent treatement of Eddie Gallagher:

“It happens over time when you’re in an 18-year war in Afghanistan, a 16-year war in Iraq, here’s what happens,” Rep. Hunter said on Breitbart News radio. “You got about one percent of the U.S. military is actually out fighting. The other 99 percent are back here behind the gates safe and sound. That means the people that run the military right now, mostly Obama guys because the people that are in power now were put into power by him four years ago, six year ago, eight years ago, those guys are now more political—those admirals and generals—and run by the lawyers and bureaucrats, than politicians are. That’s what’s happened.”

“You have the very few select guys who go outside the city gates and do bad things to bad people, and carry our U.S. flag to foreign soil, while the other 99 percent of folks sit back here and try to judge those fighters, those warriors who fight on our behalf—on the American people’s behalf. The people sitting back here, the bureaucrats, the lawyers, and the politicians, try to judge those warriors in the context of our freedom, safety, and security and rules of law back here at home. It’s happened over a period of time. It didn’t happen all of a sudden.”

While the case against Eddie Gallagher is not yet dismissed, we have total confidence that justice will prevail.

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