Justin Amash, Only GOP Rep. To Call For Trump’s Impeachment, Steps Down From Freedom Caucus

(Tea Party PAC) – Justin Amash, the first, and only, GOP Congressman to call for Trump’s impeachment, has resigned from the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Amash had been censured by the caucus previously for his swing to the left by calling for Trump to be impeached.

He has been the lone Republican to claim that the Mueller report contained something it didn’t–evidence that Trump committed a crime, and to accuse Attorney General Bill Barr of trying to protect Trump.

Amash told Politico that he “no longer wished to be a distraction to the group.”

Over the last year, Amash hadn’t even shown up to meetings and as of late has been associating more with progressive Democrats.

He’s also gained the attention of never trumpers Glenn Beck as well as Senator Mitt Romney and for pushing the Russia conspiracy theory.

Big League Politics reports:

Traditionally libertarians of Amash’s ilk have supported a foreign policy of peace, seeking to avoid the jingoistic and sensational rhetoric that fuels the grandiose Russia conspiracy of the left. But Amash seems to have completely disregarded that, taking the premise of a grand Russian interference plot at face value, directly from elite progressives in mainstream media and Washington.

Amash claims pure motives in becoming the only congressional Republican to support impeaching President Trump. But reporting from Big League Politics indicates the Michigan member of Congress would have a lot to personally gain by removing the President. Amash owns a family business that prolifically imports materials and products from China.

If Donald Trump’s game-changing America First trade reforms were to be pushed away by a traditional establishment Republican figure, Amash could potentially be lined up to profit in the millions from generous status-quo free-trade policies designed to undermine the American worker and import cheap goods for big corporations.

Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like this guy fit in at all with the House’s most conservative caucus.

Both Minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy and President Trump himself noted Amash’s habit of trying to get attention for himself by any means possible.

As we reported in May, McCarthy said:

“He wants to have attention…” McCarthy said.

“He votes more with Nancy Pelosi than he ever votes with me. It’s a question of whether he is even in our Republican conference as a whole… He wants a Sunday show to put his name forward with a question,” he explained.

While Trump hit him with some scathing tweets as is his usual style.