Kamala Harris Tries To Attack Pence Over Russian Bounties Report; It Backfires Big Time

(Tea Party PAC) – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, attempted to attack Vice President Mike Pence during Wednesday evening’s VP debate, citing a report which the Pentagon has called “uncorroborated” to try and paint the administration as not caring about military troops.

The report in question concerns rumors of bounties put on our soldiers by Russia. Unfortunately for Harris, her attack backfired in a very big way. You’d think that the left would stop trying to paint the president up as a hater of the U.S. military, especially since Biden himself was caught on video calling our troops “stupid bastards.”

Via Breitbart:

“Take — and this is –this is very important when you want to talk about who is the current commander-in-chief and what they care about and what they don’t care about, public reporting that Russia had bounties on the heads of American soldiers,” Harris said.

“And you know what a bounty is? It’s somebody puts a price on your head and they will pay it if you are killed. And Donald Trump had talked at least six times to Vladimir Putin and never brought up the subject. Joe Biden would never do that,” she said.

How condescending is Harris? She assumes that the vast majority of Americans are too stupid to know what a bounty is and then goes on to “momsplain” everything to us as if we’re all her ignorant children. This woman is supremely unlikable. It’s like someone said, “no one is more unlikable than Hillary Clinton,” and Harris said, “Hold my beer.”

Harris was referring to reporting from the New York Times in July 2020 where anonymous “officials” claimed that the U.S. government had received intelligence that Russia had put bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan and did nothing about it.

The Pentagon disputed the report in an on-the-record statement. Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement:

The Department of Defense continues to evaluate intelligence that Russian GRU operatives were engaged in malign activity against United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan. To date, DOD has no corroborating evidence to validate the recent allegations found in open-source reports.

Regardless, we always take the safety and security of our forces in Afghanistan – and around the world – most seriously and therefore continuously adopt measures to prevent harm from potential threats.

In addition, Central Command Commander Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie has also said on-the-record that by September, the intelligence had still not been corroborated. He told NBC News in an interview, “It just has not been proved to a level of certainty that satisfies me.”

“We continue to look for that evidence,” he added. “I just haven’t seen it yet. But … it’s not a closed issue.”

Despite the intelligence not being corroborated, Democrats have continued to use the report repeatedly throughout the presidential campaign to attack Trump.

Pence disputed that the president does not care about the military.

“My son is a captain in the United States Marine Corps. My son-in-law is deployed in the United States Navy. I can assure all of you with sons and daughters serving in our military that President Donald Trump not only respects but reveres all of those who served in our armed forces, and any suggestion otherwise is ridiculous,” he responded.

The radical left is so desperate to defeat President Trump in November they are attempting to co-opt any sort of narrative they can to try and twist it against him and convince folks on the fence to support Joe Biden and oust the president from office.

However, something the left doesn’t understand is that to those of us in middle America, there’s nothing more important than knowing the facts, being in possession of the honest truth. Which is why they continue to fail in their attempts to transform our nation into a socialist country.


  1. Harris Comments brought to you from the Democrat Party that defunded the U.S.A. Military during Obama. The same Party that warned the enemy with pamphlets before our military was allowed to bomb them. The Same Party that dropped pallets of U.S. taxpayer Cash to the very Enemies our military is required to fight, defunded by the Democrat Party! Thank you Kamala Harris for bringing up the Democrat Party’s ideology of defunding the U.S.A. military, like they desire to do the Police forces of city in our nation!

  2. All these fake spam notices are Soros and Chinese/Google paid shills who’ve never made more than minimum wage in their life. They’re just posting crap to get up enough money for lunch.

  3. It’s typical of the socialist democrats to demand a response to a lie uttered by themselves or repeated by their media so often their low information voters thinks it’s factual. Tell a big enough lie often enough, a reality of state controlled media, the ultimate goal of the democrats.

    • Right on. The Democrats, MSM, and WashCompost and NY Slimes always use the source for their DJT bullshit story-the infamous “Autonomous”. That SOB is just full of useful crap for liberals.

  4. Harris is likely the most dislikeable person in politics right now. Smug, smirking, condescending and lies like a rug. Every lie and slander she uttered at the debate has long sense been debunked. She ever get into power we are done as a nation, only war will be the recourse.

  5. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been lying and hiding their agenda regarding the Supreme Ct., the 2nd Amendment, energy, defunding the police and the WALL among other important issues in this election. If they win America will be a 3rd world country with no benefits for our citizens, freedoms or rights!!! NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMONRAT! NEVER EVER TRUST A DEMONRAT!! A VOTE FOR BIDEN LETS MURDERS AND RAPISTS OUT OF JAIL AND ABLE TO VOTE, WELFARE FOR ILLEGALS, OPEN BORDERS, ONLY WIND AND WATER TO GENERATE ENERGY (NOTICE THE BROWN OUTS IN CA.), NO GUNS TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM ANTIFA AND BLM, INC. AND THE BIG CORP. WILL RUN THE COUNTRY! VOTE ONLY RED!

  6. Guess she’s getting desperate! She probably hasn’t found a way to “sleep” her way to the top so she lies!!! Doesn’t surprise me that she is such a immoral tramp whos own father says she’s a liar. But than again she is in the party of child molesters (Clinton, Weinstein, Epstein, half of Hellywood, etc… I can’t even look at her. She’s a mini HRC!!

    • Spot on. 100 % agree.
      God bless Our President Trump & Vice President Pence. God Bless USA.
      TRUMP PENCE 2020.


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