Kayleigh McEnany Lays Out These Facts About Mail-In Voting Fraud Leaving Fox News Host Speechless

(Tea Party PAC) – Mail-in voting might work if state officials could be trusted but unfortunately many of them, especially in blue states and swing states, are corrupt to the core and have no problem with sending every single person either an absentee ballot application or the actual ballot. They literally want to rig and steal the election via mail-in voting but when they’re called out for it they immediately claim the accuser is peddling lies and fake news. This strategy is nothing new from the left.

McEnany recently appeared on America’s Newsroom with host Ed Henry who seems to be completely unable to understand just how easy it would be for Dems to rig the election if they succeed in forcing an entirely mail-in election. Luckily, McEnany was more than prepared to give Henry some clarity.

BizPacReview reports:

Henry is one of many journalists who seemingly can’t process the distinction between requesting an absentee ballot on an individual basis and handing them out like Halloween candy, especially in states that automatically register voters through DMV records. Henry apparently thought he was scoring points when he brought up the fact Kayleigh McEnany voted absentee 11 times, apparently because of her travel schedule, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times.

As always, Kayleigh McEnany was ready and left Ed Henry speechless.

“The president has been very clear, every American is entitled to vote the way that I did. If you or someone who’s working out-of-state and your domicile is in a different state, you are absolutely entitled to request an absentee ballot and to cast your ballot by mail. I am entitled to that, and the average viewer watching is entitled to that, the president has no qualms with that. He’s for absentee voting for a reason. What he’s not for is mass, mail-in voting, what Nancy Pelosi is asking for, which we know is subject to fraud where automatically that state sends to all of its voter rolls a ballot.

“Where in L.A. County you have 112% of the population registered, ask yourself how that happens, and 112% of the population gets a ballot. That leaves 12% subject to fraud. At least 12 percent fraud. So that’s what he’s against. So he’s not against the average everyday American who has a reason for casting their ballot to get an absentee and cast in that manner.”

Under the guise of an additional coronavirus relief bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to push through voting by mail plus a devious practice known as ballot harvesting in all 50 states, a process that poses massive chain-of-custody issues particularly given that voter rolls are notoriously out of date, and where they have even registered illegal aliens to vote.

For Democrats, fraud is their form of voter outreach, which is why they also consider photo ID worse than waterboarding.

Voter fraud is 100% inevitable should the Dems get their way and the fraud will always be in favor of the left. We cannot allow this to happen.


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  2. Mr. Briggs,
    I watched the same presentation that you are scrutinizing. Mr. Henry’s reaction was not one of surprise or disbelief, but complete and utter rejection. The man is clearly attempting to foster a narrative and won’t have the truth getting in the way.
    One does not have to type Dr. before a name or interrogate P.O.W.s to smell what Mr. Henry is stepping in.

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  7. It is time to storm the bastille . Bring the United States of America back . God bless our great president Donald J. Trump. The noose for all the crooked politicians .

  8. I “ve always said that Democrats are so crooked that when they die you have to screw them in the ground with a cork screw.

  9. I’ve been an Election Judge since 2011, and now they’re bringing in the mentally handicapped to vote and “helping” them. It’s despicable to see them being used.

  10. I disagree with the author’s assessment of Henry’s reaction; vehemently disagree. Mr. Henry’s reaction to Kayleigh’s narrative was one of surprise regarding her strong statements, not one of disagreement. I have been in the business of interpreting body language for sixty years, including the interrogation of POWs, and the author is almost accusatory here.

  11. I have read in the past in many States dead people are voting. Also those who are illegal aliens as well as those in prison. When you go to prison you loose your right to vote.

  12. We’re all saying it. Mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting are fraudulent. I’d no more give my ballot to a stranger at the door than I’d let him in to use my phone or bathroom.

    Devious democrats would never deliver Republican ballots. Mailman have also been known to deposit mail in the trash. The only ways to vote are at the designated poll or absentee at the county courthouse. And, you better trust the clerk at the courthouse to properly file it.

  13. Lin and the rest of you that want mail-in ballots all you have to do is request a ballot to be mailed to you. Some reasons to have one mailed your are – too scared to leave home, disabled, out of state like she has been, sick, in a nursing and various other legit reasons. Surely Lin and the rest of you that want all mail in ballots are not to lazy to request one sent to you.

  14. This is simply not true. We live in a state with drop off and mail in voting and a Republican is the gov. We need mail in at this time. Many people can not, or will not, leave their homes.
    The president accuses others of his own acts too often. And things he has done, is doing, have gone too far. Not one respectable journalist, speaker, or thinker should overlook the lies and corruption. Consider what this means to an entire country. All of it. All of Americans. What are you doing for and to all of us?

    Our future depends on honesty.

    • As Seale said you’re entitled to request on them you don’t have to go out. Too many dead people on rolls. They had over 200 people on voting rolls who are 130 years old and still voting. Judicial Watch has many law suits in regards to dirty voting rolls. LA in Ca had over 1.5 MILLION who weren’t supposed to be on it. San Francisco 800,000. These cards would automatically go to these illegal votes where they would be filled out by others. Ever wonder why Ca has always been democrat. You can’t tell me people actually like Maxine Waters. Why do you think the democrats have been all about the illegals. Their plan was to give each one a vote even though you have to be a US citizen to vote. So much for her unconstitutional. If they succeeded with their fear mongering with you by all mean request on. Another thing, why do you think they don’t want voter ID? For God sakes even Mexico requests one and you’ll have to speak Spanish too. Are you calling them racist too. You need ID for every aspect of life. Even in school as a child. Why? Because most states don’t give illegals ID. Only a few and they conveniently forget to mark not eligible to vote. This is why they shouldn’t be given anything the legal immigrants that went through the process and US citizens who earn it and is our constitutional right. But stay shut up in your house and listen to their many versions of the same subject.

  15. Kaleigh, you are a Superstar!!!!! I love you and everyone I know loves you too. You are absolutely a Breath of Fresh Air!!!!

  16. In line with what Kayleigh McEnany stated to Ed Henry, ballot harvesting, as was done in California in 2018 to steal several formerly Republican congressional seats (legally per the new state law, but probably unconstitutional), should be illegal. Nine other methods of stealing elections, such as filling out ballots in Broward County in a back room with a locked vault door and “finding” boxes of ballots after the polls are closed, are outlined in the 2018 AMAC Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 2, pages 20-21. These are methods used mostly by Democrats (and also by an occasional shady Republican).

  17. WTF🗣It doesn’t take a Brain Surgeon to know the DeMONcRAPic Party is a vile Lying Liberal Shithole pile of CRAP 💩who only wants to get rich and powerful off the backs of “We The Idiots” that are Dumb enough to Vote for them or Stupid enough to let them Harvest your vote either way “We The People” & America lose in the end!🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  18. The lefty Dems are a fraud into themselves. Any state that allows mail ballot should be told in advance “We, the People” will not allow such fraud and the entire states ballots will not be counted in the total country’s total.

  19. Love you Kayleigh best ever at press briefings! Explains everything so well that even low information people can understand! Ace in the hole to get Trump over the top and to regain house! Any questions?

  20. That’s a no brainer, but that’s the never ending nonsense spewed by the power lusting democrats. And if they don’t get they’re way it’s because of racism hatred or bigotry?. In reality it’s all about democrats acquiring ultimate power as they really couldn’t care less about this country or any of it’s citizens and their policies truly do bare that out as destructive. They couldn’t even acknowledge the positives created in our society under president Trump in the last presidential address nothing! like the lowest unemployment in history for all people that middle class wages are rising, lower taxes & regulations or parents right to school choice for their children nothing but Pelosi tearing up president Trumps speech?. Just like they’re against voter ID even though you can’t do anything in life without verifying who you are and rightly so? like getting a job, acquiring loans, property ownership, receiving social security or even filing tax refunds to name a few they’re even against voter signatures on mail in voting, you should ask your self why? what’s the purpose? who would benefit?. The democrat party needs to be called out for inciting racism violence and treason because that’s exactly what they have done or are doing.

    • If they accuse someone of it , it means they’ve already done it. Sad thing is that people will believe. That’s why they repeat over a and over. Say it enough and idiots will believe. They have single handedly ruined this country. All Soros and Obama’s doing. Why do you think Soros spent over 250 million for mail in voting? To cheat and steal the election, gain control of house and Senate then change the constitution. Therefore we are officially a socialist country.

  21. Absentee ballot voting is ok because you have to actually give PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF – any other type of voting other than personally- physically being there leaves door open for fraud- ALSO photo ID should be absolutely paramount in order to vote .

  22. McEnany is the best Press Secretary ever!!! Press needs to be “ hit over the head with a brick” to get them to focus on the facts! FOX lost my allegiance with Meghan Kelly, Shep Smith, and Chris Wallace’s nonsense. Choose my news online carefully. MSM has lost touch with true America. Leave those rathole cities to the uneducated, brain dead, socialist failures who choose to live in them…

  23. The democrats have tried everything to sabotage President Trump. Obstruct, resist, lie, pander, suppress free speech, impeach, allow illegals to register, and their favorite “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Their only reason for fighting Voter ID is fear of losing a fare election. Every republican, Christian, independent, thinking democrat, and anyone concerned about the country we will be leaving our children. Just look at our schools: children are no longer boys and girls, but gender neutral; the see “adults” disrespecting our flag and anthem and are told it is free speech; they see a man on ball field kneeling to pray for a safe game and he is fired, and another kneel to disrespect our national anthem and police only to see him get a sneaker; a little girl gets to meet a 250 bearded man wearing knit stockings and high heals in her restroom because he identifies as a woman; they are told being an American is nothing to be proud of and socialism is a better way of life; and destroying property and assaulting conservatives the only way to protest; states can pick and choose which laws to uphold; I could go on, but these are just a few of the “Fundamental Changes to America” we were promised . So, vote for the country you want to leave your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

  24. My reply is that Kayleigh McEnanh is phenominal.She keeps all of the RADICAL SOCIALISTS (notice I didnt say democrats because the democractic party that I know and grew up with) were true Democrats.Nothing wrong with being a true Democrat.You cant trust any of the FAKE NEWS people like CNN,because they are not true journalists.They are simply cheerleaders for the RADICAL LEFT,like George Soros,and Hussein Obamma.Go Kayleigh,TRUMP will defeat the RADICAL SOCIALISTS again just like he did in 2016 and keep AMERICA A FREE REPUBLIC AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN,not a radical socialist communist country like the left RADICAL SOCIALISTS support.If you want to have phony politicians from both the right and left who are power hungry ,I suggest you move to Venesuala or China or North Korea,or even Cuba.After all everything is free in those countries.

  25. Ed Henry is another Democrat boot licker, tough on conservatives and afraid of Democrats! That ball less windbag and his idiot partner Smith should both be on cnn.

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    • That is why I no longer watch Fox. OAN or Newsmax provides coverage that calls out both sides and is quick to expose the left socialist

  27. Vote in person, get ink on your thumb when you vote so you can’t vote again. NO early voting, no absentee except for military out of the country. Vote on Saturday always.

    • Thumb Print and Iris Scan when checking in to vote.

      Nationwide database.

      The thumb print or Iris Scan shows up more than once, the PerpeTRAITOR loses ALL CITIZENSHIP RIGHTS for 2 presidential election cycles.

      No access to any public assistance or funding,,,,

  28. Then let’s check on Gov Murphy here in New Jersey where on the 7th of July this is exactly what’s happening and making it tough to vote in person Please sound the alarm on this

  29. She is right, first this auto enrolment is wrong, how is ID verified?? Is this person a citizen? Voting is a sacred duty and if just one illegal vote is cast, it’s one too many. We need to make sure this is reserved or this NATION, which so many have shed their blood for, will no longer exist and we will be the Communist Country of America

  30. Absentee ballots should require that a notary sign the ballot to confirm that the person is whom they claim they are. Other than an absentee ballot that has been notarized. Nothing else should be allowed. Illegal aliens should go and vote in their countries of origin and should not be eligible for any benefits. Sanctuary cities and states have to be stopped by the Federal Government and the people should not be left with their Bills.

  31. We live in an extremely CORRUPT time, and the Dems will do WHATEVER they can do, to win this coming election for President ! We CANNOT allow them to win, because the future of this Country DEPENDS on the Republicans winning !

  32. Absolutely…we were sent a mailer asking if we would register for vote by mail. Didn’t even favor them with a response. The only time I ever voted absentee is when I was in the service.

    • I was a Truck Driver and usually GONE.

      Election day should begin at Midnight and END at Midnight.

      And the numbers of Polling places should be DOUBLED, and in some places TRIPLED to get rid of the INTENTIONALLY LONG wait times.

      People WITH JOBS don’t have that much free time to start with.

  33. As usual Ed Henry is clueless. It is no wonder why he can’t host a prime time show.
    Chris Wallace is NOT clueless. He is just a rabid democrat and should be employed by CNN or MSNBC

  34. The ONLY way the Dems will win this election is thru voter fraud and make no mistake, nothing is below them. Their way of thinking is ‘the means justify the end’. We cannot let this happen. I am thankful Pres Trump is aware of this. We r 100% behind our president.

  35. No, we cannot let this happen, I voted by mail because of anxiety issues, I just want my vote to be counted correctly

  36. She’s correct. We live in a very corrupt time when both Dems n conservative are part of. Actually the real virus is the Congress n news media The only way out is term limits which politicians would never let it happen because They all sleep in the same bed. No one cares about the people No one cares about the people

  37. power obtained by fraud = definition of a democrat as they presently stand.

    How can anyone in their right mind not believe mail-in voting is not fraud when you have
    112% of a population registered for voting by mail. We must do all we can to eliminate
    not only vote by mail in but all illegal practices done by the democrats — among them is BOTS. Nearly 45% of 200 million tweets since Jan of 2020 regarding the virus were done by this system.

  38. Mail in voting will turn the White House and both chambers.the House and Senate to the democrats. Just manage Polsi, Schnumer, Shrimp and Nader with a free hand.. You can kiss the USA, as you have know it, goodbye.

  39. I really respect the way Ms McEnany always seems to be armed with the facts in her press conference. It is a crying shame the way most people in the media refuse to follow the facts. There are far too many people who listen to the Democrats who claim there is no evidence of voter fraud. That is incorrect – there are multiple instances in every election; they just choose to ignore it. So it is never investigated. Enough is enough. Mail-in voting should be an exception to the rule, not the rule. Voting should be done in person on election day with limited exceptions.


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