Key Michigan Court Makes Shocking Ruling Over Gretchen Whitmer’s Blatant Abuse Of Emergency Powers

(Tea Party PAC) – Michigan’s tyrant governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has really been making the most of her newfound power as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Since the beginning of March, Whitmer has made it her job to excessively oppress the people of Michigan all in the name of public health safety.

Just a quick review of the facts: there are almost 10 million people residing in the state of Michigan, of those almost 10 million, around 52,350 people have contracted the virus. Whitmer is keeping the entire state on lockdown with strict stay-at-home orders, devastating the state’s economy, ruining resident’s livelihoods, and running small businesses into the ground, for a virus that has infected .5% of the state’s population.

Now, a Michigan Court of Claims judge has ruled in her favor allowing her authoritarian tyranny to continue on, unchecked, at least for now.

As Lansing City Pulse reports:

A Michigan Court of Claims judge handed Gov. Gretchen Whitmer a small legal victory this afternoon, holding both the Emergency Management Act and Emergency Powers of Governor Act “confer broad authority” to enact executive orders, reports MIRS News.

Today’s ruling reportedly rejected Michigan United for Liberty’s request for a preliminary injunction that could’ve invalidated Whitmer’s executive orders, including the sweeping stay-at-home order and closure of nonessential businesses across most of the state.

“History will determine whether the governor is judiciously exercising this authority in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to an order from Court of Claims Judge Michael J. Kelly.

While today’s decision doesn’t close that case, it arrived as Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature continues to push forward with another lawsuit — in the same state courtroom — that challenges Whitmer’s emergency authorities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Oral arguments in that litigation began last week. A ruling could arrive sometime this week, though the case is destined for an appeal and further litigation at the state’s Supreme Court.

“This is good news for our families, our health care workers, and everyone serving on the front lines of this crisis,” Whitmer spokeswoman Tiffany Brown said in response to the ruling.

“The governor will continue to use every tool at her disposal to save lives and lower the chance of a second wave of COVID-19.”

This isn’t the end of Whitmer’s legal battles, however, as the Republican-led legislature has also sued Whitmer in the Court of Claims making a separate argument that Whitmer did not have the authority to extend her state of emergency order. Which, with only .5% of the entire population infected it sure doesn’t seem like an extended state of emergency was justified.

9 and 10 News reports:

The issue is there are two laws on the books that are clashing: One says she needs legislative approval to enforce executive orders, and another that says she does not.

In the hearing the judge asked the Legislature lawyer if there is a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall, would the governor be able to issue another emergency declaration without approval.

The Legislature attorney said a 1945 Emergency Powers Act was for local emergencies, not statewide ones.

A ruling in that case, by a different judge, is expected at any minute and we can only hope that judge sees things more clearly and reasonably than the judge from the previous case.

Whitmer is completely out of control and Michiganders deserve some relief from her unconstitutional, overreaching abuse of power.


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  2. I am glad that I live in South Carolina. I know that there are some good people who are trapped in the socialist states, and I hope they can find a way to survive.

  3. Any one who thinks that we are not being observed by a higher power, might want to reconsider this position when you look at recent events in Michigan, evil democrat dictator holds the states citizens hostage, then a portion of the state is inundated by flooding, kinda makes you wonder.

  4. It has not stopped me from going about my business. I am in little danger and am not endangering others and this is ALL THAT MATTERS with this hyped up scare tactic. In New York DeBasio stated that anyone in the water will be yanked out and arrested…am maybe used to make Soilet Green. Oregon changed Republican voter registrations from Republican to unaffiliated and also some right over to DEMONrat, so that can not vote in the current elections. Be very aware of what the NWO, Clinton’s, Ovomit’s, Sorso, Bill Gates and the rest of the Billionaires have in store for you.

  5. If any of you democrats reading this don’t understand that the scum you voted for is out for ONLY ONE THING…ABSOLUTE POWER OVER YOU. Remember this in November if you are still alive and haven’t starved to death because the DEMONrats have shut down their states.

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  7. We feel as if we are living in a nightmare!
    How can we not have the freedom to go out FREELY if we choose to do so!
    If we choose to do so – we are scared we might be fined-arrested- or put in jail.
    Are we in a dictatorship !!!
    Can one person rule how we choose to live?

  8. One of three things will happen.
    Either she will get away with this for now and be removed from office via recall or she will be voted out in the next election. If neither of those happen Michigan will lose a couple million residents to other states over the next couple years. And they will all be productive producers
    That put money into the tax system not take out.

  9. Just more lies from the left to
    try to destroy the economy and small business that Trump worked at to build it up. Now the left’s trying to tear it down.

  10. The legislature can file articles of impeachment or a bare minimum recall. Why have they not done so.
    Voting out these outrageous dems should be everyone’s 1st priority. If you don’t, you know you will be locked down until 2024.

  11. This Dem governor is a perfect example of FYOG (For Your Own Good) tyranny. She is a self anointed tyrant who knows whats good for you (us) like virtually every member of the Democrat party is, in their voracious thirst for power over the masses….

  12. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

    Were getting closer!

  13. I live in Washington state. You can insert the name “Jay Inslee” in place of Gretchen Whitmer and this article will serve two purposes. We have had a string of idiot Democrat governors since 1985 and Jay Inslee is by far the worst. Please you idiot Democrats in King county vote him out. Wake up, Seattle is overun with homeless vagrants and is a virtual cesspool, just like San Francisco. Listen up Nancy and Gavin you morons!

  14. These blue state governors are taking the definition of “emergency” too far. Why are no Democrats seeing through their blatant efforts to destroy this country? Or have they drank so deep of the tainted Kool Aid that their brains have just turned to mush? After all the evidence we have seen in the last few years; I still have trouble believing citizens of the U.S.A. are so blind; so uncaring; so uneducated!


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