Law Professor Confirms: “Significant” Evidence Of Election Fraud, Courts Dismissed Cases On Process Grounds, Not Merit

(Tea Party PAC) – A professor in business law at New Mexico State University (NMSU) has revealed that those who insist there’s “no evidence” of widespread election fraud in the 2020 general election are utterly informed of the technical facts.

Professor David K. Clements has issued a video response to a letter issued to the entire faculty of the university from the school’s president, Dr. John Floros.

Clements decried the missive as simply “regurgitating” the media’s narrative when it comes to the January 6th riots on Capitol Hill.

There’s certainly been a lot of that lately.

He also revealed details of his own investigation into the details of the contested election which explain why the insistence that there’s “no evidence” is so erroneous.

It’s not that the evidence is missing—it’s that it’s never been presented in court.

“I’ve reviewed hours upon hours of public hearings. I have read almost all of the lawsuits that are out there. Most of them were dismissed on legal process grounds,” he said to those who have “no idea” what they’re talking about.

These lawsuits were dismissed on the basis of a lack of standing.

“The general argument” of these cases “was that because this was a general harm,” then “you have no standing because your harm has to be particular. It’s not because there isn’t evidence. There is evidence,” the business law professor explained.

“In fact, I’m in possession of 574 pages of sworn affidavits, forensic reports, all of which would make its way in a court of law under the rules of evidence in a federal or state court. The fact that the evidence has not been heard here by these courts” should not be conflated into “this idea that there is no evidence,” he asserted.

The courts have always tried to avoid settling political matters like an election through the state legislatures rather than in the court room, Clements said.

There was also a deeper moral issue at play, however, he continued.

The biggest problem, he said bluntly, is that “we have a bunch of cowards. We have judges who are cowards, we have politicians that are cowards, and that’s the reality.”

It’s hard to argue with that—this cowardice has been on full display in the wake of the November 3rd election.

Clements, who lost a primary bid for the senate in 2014, urged viewers to “look at the evidence, [including] sworn affidavits where people face 10 to 15 years of prison time if they commit perjury, and statistical analysis that just flies in the face of this idea that there was no fraud in this election.”

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  1. You are correct we have a lot of cowards in our judicial system and congress. Thank you for your brave commentary and facts about events at capitol. Hispanic from South Texas for Trump.

  2. Robert not true. If any of the affidavits were found to be dishonest or wrong the person would have been charged, named, doxed and televised on every MSM outlet. They could not resist. You should have some insight into your own players by now.

  3. Mr clements. God bless you. I have watched the hearings too and the amount of evidence is stunning. Another reason there will not be a fair hearing for impeachment. They do not want this information out

  4. I definitely agree with the law professor, Dr. Clements. I am not an attorney but I too, watched as these courts dismissed all the law suits without once hearing the evidence. I am dismayed to know that my vote was “stolen”. Because I am 85 years old, I may never vote in another Presidential election. But it was not just my vote, but the votes of 75 million other Americans that were stolen. It became obvious that during that night, there were deliberate attempts to keep poll watchers away from those counting the ballots. There were unexplained shut downs of counting votes, followed by massive injections of ballots early in the morning. Those who did not have authority changed the way votes were counted which would have disallowed those votes. But all of this was deliberately done to make sure Biden won. I will always respect and honor the Presidency but I will never respect the man who says he is now President. As far as I am concerned he is a liar and a thief!

    • To anyone that can do simple math-it is easy to do the numbers that the domiion machines were capable of switching from trump to biden-and between the switchedvotes and the phony ballots and the illegal and dead voters it comes out that –
      Trump had about 90 million true votes-
      and biden had around 60 million-
      plus add in the over 17% of biden voters that swore they would have voted for Trump had the media not suppressed the biden crime family information-
      trump would have had over 100 million votes which gibes with the pre election figures that were expected-
      there is no way hidi’ biden got 80 million votes-the man did not even know he was running for president-he even came out and in one rally announced himself as running
      for the senate-
      C’mon people the deal is that there is a usurper in the white house-

    • Thank you for your comment Doris. I am 84 and I’m afraid that I will not see another election either bringing President Trump back to the White House where he belongs.

  5. As a person who is and has been subject to like pressures I wish to state that you are my one and only hero ! I say this because you are fully aware of the dangers swirling around you ! This danger however means nothing to you because you are a man of the law and the principles that you represent are foremost in your mind ! THANK YOU – PLEASE DO NOT QUIT ! THERE ARE MANY OF US WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A MAN LIKE YOU !!!

  6. If the “no standing” argument is correct, we have a deep flaw in our judicial/legal process. Among all those signed affidavits, surely there must have been at least one that did things right. The judges were afraid so they found a loophole to avoid having to make a determination in the matter. Why, then, are they there? Isn’t courageous decision-making what the job is all about? Dwayne

  7. This si just another person with his opinion, which it seems like everyone is entitled to, This argument might sound good if it were not that over 1000 of those allegations and affidavits were investigated by State and Federal law enforcement with appointed members of both political parties involved and not one of the allegations or affidavits was proven correct in the slightest way. The other thing is that very few if any ever get brought up on charges because of an affidavit signed by them, the thing you sign says to the best of your ability you believe the above statement to be true. Now with so much voter fraud why would the effected party involved in the election not be speaking out, and they are not just outside Trump supporters.

    • There are none as blind as those who will not see. All these court cases were dismissed without any view. It was predetermined and carried out without trial because the Deep State deemed it so. You Robert are just another troll for the left and you’ll never come clean…Ever.

    • Robert–you silly twit-because none of the cases were tried in court-
      there has not been a legal finding for or against any of the evidence-
      so therefore nothing in your post is worth the time to read it since it is prejudicial and moot-

  8. Voter Fraud is VOTER FRAUD . . . POTUS Trump WON the ELECTION and a FELON took the ELECTION from him. There is NO excuse for this! one Enlightened And DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!!).

    • Join Trump’s at present, newly formed Patriot Party. The Republican Party is a dead man walking. Folks, there’s a new kid in town!


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