Lawmaker With Raging Case Of Trump Derangement Syndrome Calling On The Hague To Punish Trump. No, Really.

(Tea Party PAC) – If you’ve been hanging around the conservative blogsophere for any length of time, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “liberalism is a mental disorder.” It is, by the way.

Well, that phrase has now morphed into a new subcategory of this illness known as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” a disease that has seemingly infected just about every single Democrat across the country to varying degrees. The symptoms consist of absolute hysterics, mental breakdowns, and foaming at the mouth hatred and nastiness anytim President Trump is mentioned. It’s also characterized by an unhealthy obsession with the president and a constant compulsion to blame him for everything under the sun.

Well, it seems that while the mainstream media and its cronies have had the worst cases of DTS we’ve seen thus far, one Democratic lawmaker is taking things to a whole new level of crazy by declaring that Trump has committed “crimes against humanity” and is actually seeking help from Hague to bring him down.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

But for the moment, it’s enough that Ohio state Representative Tavia Galonski popped a gasket on Sunday watching President Trump on TV. Suddenly, she envisioned a crime being perpetrated on the world via President Trump’s touting of a potential coronavirus medication–hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)–and she took to Twitter to reveal her state of mind.

“I can’t take it anymore,” she wrote. “I’ve been to The Hague. I’m making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow. Today’s press conference was the last straw. I know the need for a prosecution referral when I see one.”

“I need every lawyer that ever did any work on the international level to contact me at [email protected],” she pleaded. “When we worked on international custody cases we had a cadre of lawyers working on the case. Suit up!”

Guys, I think it’s safe to say that Galonski has flipped her gourd and is in need of some sort of mental health intervention to help her set aside the dramatics and get back in touch with her own sanity, if she still possesses any.

President Trump has not committed crimes against humanity. That’s just ludicrous and should totally go without saying. However, there’s one country in the world that probably has committed crimes against humanity, and that would be the place where this whole coronavirus nonsense started: China.

The Chinese government lied through their teeth about the number of cases they had of this disease and the number of fatalities they experienced, causing many nations around the world not to prepare adequately as they didn’t have accurate information.

It’s likely this was done purposefully to preserve their status on the geopolitical stage. That being said, why aren’t folks calling for them to be held accountable for the part they played in contributing to this pandemic? Oh. That’s right. Political correctness. Got it.

What’s truly terrifying is that Galonski actually has folks who are willing to follow her lead on this.

Fortunately, there are still some individuals out there with the capacity for rational thought:

Let’s hope Galonski gets some help before she really does plunge off the deep end.



  1. Word has it – must be confirmed:
    The Surgeon General now has enough verbal and physical evidence to DEMAND WEEKLY CRANIAL COLON OSCOPY procedures for all AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party communists!
    Word is being sent to all ASS members with their pre- scheduled requirements, diets, fluid consumption mandates and – include proof of recently completed C A T scan showing in detail the size and depths of cranial insertion.
    Patients must understand: depending on the seriousness of the imbedding, more than one procedure may be required to remove one’s cranium completely from their colon!

  2. Hey Tavia Galonski, there’s a mouth full, read this you moron.
    Democratic state lawmaker says Trump touting hydroxychloroquine as coronavirus treatment saved her life. Rep. Whitsett directly credits the president for her recovery.
    Galonski is just another toilet treasure. Would somebody flush the dam toilet and get rid of these turds!

  3. Your beef should be with China aand China only dumbass…they sabotaged the world and lied to everyone.
    Get your head out your butt so you see the truth!

  4. Another dipshit Democrat who’s had her 15 minutes of fame and is too STUPID to realize it! More’s the pity, and good riddance to bad business!

  5. I saw this and I sent her an email, that she should be ashamed and should be fired. Ms. Galonof milk is a hater. She prefers for citizens to die instead of trying a drug that can save their lives. How stupid can she be; it’s all about being famous by her comments and also Dumbocrats taking over the WH next elections.

  6. These TDS don’t realize how stupid they sound, they don’t understand the damage they do to their credibility.
    Hydroxychloroquine(HCQ) has been tested for malaria and is safe for human consumption, Covid19 is what it has not been tested for officially. While signs of safe and effective use against covid19, who really cares, if it helps. What is the alternative, death ………. I’ll take the chance. You people have no idea what goes into research…….first thing you check is what you already have, then look for new drugs or plants, or compounds that might work.

  7. So, people who may be on their death bed should be deprived HCQ because this Congress woman has Trump derrangement syndrome? What a moron. People in OH should sent this woman packing. Country cannot afford an ignoramus like this if we are to erradicate COVID 19!

    • Please, Traitor Trump is the biggest ignoramus of all. The pandemic has exposed Don the Con’s incompetence and corruption to the world.

  8. Seems she’s really off her rocker. Perhaps someone can find her a crying room. OR just maybe she’s looking to advance herself in the DEMORAT party. I understand that Pelosi is looking for domestic help.

    • along with being stupid as hell and also ignorant of all things that really matter,Ive noticed that all demoroids are ugly as a gutted nightcrawler.

  9. Punish him because he didnt get on the “make China great at any cost” bandwagon of the last 3 POTUS’. Why push for world totalitarianism? Too many out of kilter people and crisis of any sort does not help.


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