Leaked Video Of NBC’s Far-Left Katy Tur Commenting On Trump Rally Size Is Sure To Trigger Leftists

(Tea Party PAC) – Leftist pundits love to go on cable news or write lengthy op-eds about Trump’s unpopularity, or the constant attacks made against his character or administration, or to fantasize about which Dem they’ll be pulling the lever for in 2020.

Well, they can craft all the deceptive headlines they want to, they can rely on all the obviously biased or inaccurate polling, they can slander and smear him and act like the House Democrats’ impeachment efforts have a iceberg’s chance in hell of being successful, but at the end of the day, they’re kidding themselves.

The American people love Trump, and he loves them.

And all one has to do is take a peep at a Trump rally to see this.

On Tuesday, President Trump returned again to Hershey, Pennsylvania for another one of his legendary, rip-roaring rallies.

In 2016, Trump smashed the Giant Center’s attendance record with 12,500 supporters.

Tuesday night was also well-attended, with pro-Trump Pennsylvanians packed in like sardines.

This is something that did not escape the notice of the notoriously anti-Trump Katie Tur of NBC although she probably would have preferred that her audience did not know this.

The anchor was caught on camera saying to one of her colleagues that it was “One of the biggest rallies I’ve ever seen!”

It’s no surprise that she couldn’t help but notice the crowd size; it was massive.

Attendants lined up in the rain hours before the event for a chance to get inside.


  1. best of all is the name I have always called her as well. Katie TURD, ditto DAVE! Actually she disgraces the word and the product. NBC is just full of shitt-ers.

  2. All of NBC is corrupt. Chuck Todd should be 6ft. Under.
    Today.show is a waste. Thank
    God CBS is on an hour later. They are not great, but better news.

  3. I was there. The arena seats were full. The standing was at a limit set by fire regulations. Thousands more were in the parking lot watching a big screen broadcast of the event. All were happy and the nicest people you would ever meet.


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