Leftist Agitators Show Trump Supporters What The Left Means By “Unity” At “Million MAGA March”

(Tea Party PAC) – The Democrats have been turning a blind eye to leftist violence for the better part of the year and in the rare event they do acknowledge it, it’s almost always to blame conservatives in some way, shape, or form.

Ever since Joe Biden was prematurely declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election by the media, his message has primarily focused on “unity” and “healing.” It’s all a sham though. Joe Biden doesn’t mean a word of it.

Apparently, “unity” for the left is actually a threat to those who oppose them. “Unity or else.” That’s why when hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC Saturday for the “Million MAGA March” Antifa thugs made sure to show up and spread the message of “unity” around.

As you can clearly see, the MAGA march was peaceful and patriotic:

Until the day turned into evening and Antifa thugs began attacking Trump supporters who wandered from the herd. These people are truly sick and the videos are disturbing and infuriating. Be advised:

Dining in the nation’s capital has turned into an extremely risky event especially if you do so near Black Lives Matter plaza. Radical leftists shouted at diners and threw projectiles and even a firework.

Being a Trump supporter surrounded by Antifa and BLM radicals is a scary thing. These domestic terrorists are enthusiastically violent. It didn’t help that DC police were essentially refusing to help Trump supporters avoid being violently attacked.

According to Jorge Ventura of the Daily Caller, police forced Trump supporters to go through the rabid mob that had just attacked them and thus, the attack only continued.

The examples of violence being perpetuated against Trump supporters goes on and on. This is what “unity” looks like to leftists.

The media coverage of the event was nauseating and Trump supporters were made out to be the “bad guys” while the extreme radical terrorists were barely mentioned at all.

Apparently, political violence is completely acceptable as long as it’s against anyone supporting the President.

When Joe Biden and his leftist cohorts call for “unity” and “healing,” make no mistake, it is a threat. The violence on display this weekend in the nation’s capital against supporters of the president are exactly what the left means by “unity.”

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  4. If Biden succeeds in stealing the election what will happen to the silent majority
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  5. Maybe you should start calling it the 10,000 person march, could not even get 100,000 let alone a Million. The thing is when the majority support a march very seldom is there violence, apparently not even 100,000 support this march in any way.

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