Leftists Prove They Are Soulless Wretches By Posting Disgusting Comments About Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer On Twitter

(Tea Party PAC) – If you didn’t already think a vast majority of liberals were absolutely immoral, disgusting, and downright wicked individuals, once you see the kind of garbage they posted in response to the revelation that Rush Limbaugh has advanced cancer, you’ll definitely be on board with that thought.

Many, many verified left-wing accounts on the social media platform rejoiced at the news of Limbaugh’s misfortune, posting all kinds of awful, nasty rhetoric that will absolutely remind you that you should have no faith in humanity whatsoever.

Here’s more on this from Summit News:

Numerous verified leftists on Twitter reacted to Rush Limbaugh’s announcement that he was suffering from “advanced lung cancer” by celebrating the news.

The veteran radio host broke the news earlier today on his show, telling his viewers, “I can’t help but feel that I’m letting everybody down with. The upshot is that I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.”

Blue check marks on Twitter couldn’t contain their delight.

“It’s not cool to joke about Rush Limbaugh having cancer. You might jinx it,” said writer Johnny McNulty.

Writer and director Xavier Burgin called Limbaugh “an odious, white supremacist, scum of the Earth” and said his cancer should be celebrated as “good news for Black History Month.”

“Seeing a lot of people celebrating the news about Rush Limbaugh. And I just want to say good. Carry on,” remarked GQ writer and Bernie Sanders supporter Freddie Campion.

NYT bestselling author Jamie Ford reacted to Limbaugh’s cancer by equating him with a fascist and commenting, “History is a harsh mistress.”

John Tayler tweeted, “It’s only fitting that this cancer upon the world should be stricken by it.”

Left-wing website Raw Story taunted Limbaugh by bringing up an old show in which the radio host had said “I would like a medal for smoking.”

Media Matters’ Oliver Willis reacted to the tragic news by calling Limbaugh a sexist.

Numerous other leftists in a Huffington Post thread announcing Limbaugh’s lung cancer also reacted with glee.

“At least one of my prayers was answered,” remarked one.

“Sometimes, every once in a while, there is a tiny bit of justice,” added another.

“May he suffer a painful humiliating death, the same way he humiliated others, Amen. Enjoy Hell Rush,” remarked another.

“Fuck Rush Limbaugh. Also, fuck his cancer for being 40 years too late,” said Christopher M Ohlhoff.

These are the same people who will assert the moral high ground at every available opportunity.

In reality, they’re amoral monsters who want to see people suffer painful deaths simply because they hold different political opinions.

The left is really and truly exposing who they are and what they are about and it’s most certainly not at all the principles they continue to claim, such as tolerance. They want to try and justify their meanness by saying they are “intolerant of tolerance,” but that still doesn’t work, no matter how much mental gymnastics is performed.

Radical liberalism is an evil, wicked ideology that seeks to silence people who don’t believe the same things as the rest of the group. Is that really what we want for the future of our country?

Source: summit.news/2020/02/03/verified-leftists-celebrate-rush-limbaughs-cancer-on-twitter/


  1. You Leftist punks have no decency or morality. You should be more than ashamed but I know you won’t because you are completely evil.

    • Let’s just pray that everyone who made a hateful comment about Rush will suffer the same fate! Sounds fair to me!

  2. I’ve never been a racist even though I’ve had to work with a lot of people that refused to do their share but were always first in line to collect that paycheck! But watching this sickening crap in todays world is turning me into a BIGOT with no problem! I’m actually beginning to understand Archie Bunker completly and fully enjoying it!

  3. We pray in JESUS name that you are HEALED. God CAN heal you. Find the FAITH preachers and get their preachings (they’re online) and READ of God’s promises (they are “Ye (yes) and AMEN”! Don’t forget to read God’s word. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. I’m sure that Rush considers the comments from these people as true complements that he is right on and has in fact brought them out for everyone to see.
    Only someone like Rush can command such attention and true respect from such evil creatures.
    These comments are truly medals of honor for a real hero!

  5. What else would one expect from the creatures that promote the killing of babies?

    Nobody with any class at all would carry on like this. If these kind of acts and opinions do not convince reasonable people that these creatures are pure evil then we are truly doomed!

  6. The left is so evil they do not even acknowledge what he did for so many years.
    Is it not so that people can change? Is there nothing in those evil peoples life that they did wrong? This is all coming from that evil woman Maxine Waters.It has never been this bad!
    I feel very sorry for those evil people.They an not help themselves.They are leftist I am very happy that my heart can forgive.They only want revenge.

  7. Rush Limbaugh is a noble patriot who understands what communism and socialism is all about. He has contributed to America’s understanding of the problems of leftwing socialistic communism.

  8. The liberal communist, socialist, and communist athiest who is cursing Mr. Limbaugh will clearly see this to turn back upon him who is doing the cursing. Mr. Limbaugh is as honest and honorable as he can be. You liberals are blind and senseless.

  9. With relish I shall reply to these ungodly comments from socialist, communist, humanist, athiests. Curse a righteous man does take courage or stupidity, whichever the case may be. For certain the curse will turn back to the one who does the cursing. THAT is justice!
    Enjoy that!


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