Liars: Mueller And Weissman Busted–They Manipulated Flynn Transcript To Try To Frame Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday, federal prosecutors released the full transcript of the phone calls the Deep State listened in on between President Trump’s attorneys and General Michael Flynn’s attorneys.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deep State bulldog prosecutor Andrew Weissman used this phone call as evidence that Trump was attempting to interfere with the Mueller investigation.

Above: Weissman & Mueller

The Hill reported:

Federal prosecutors have released the full transcript of a voicemail from one of President Trump’s attorneys to an attorney for Michael Flynn that special counsel Robert Mueller examined as part of his obstruction inquiry.

The voicemail was left for Robert Kelner, a lawyer for the former national security adviser, after Flynn withdrew from a joint defense agreement with Trump’s attorneys and began cooperating in Mueller’s investigation.

According to the voicemail transcript, Trump’s lawyer asked Flynn’s attorney for a “heads up” if he knew of information that “implicates the president,” describing it as a “national security issue.” The president’s attorney also said that Trump’s feeling toward Flynn “still remains.”

Mueller examined the voicemail as part of his investigation into whether Trump or others obstructed justice, in which Flynn provided information. Mueller ultimately did not make a decision on whether Trump obstructed the investigation.

There’s only one problem.

After the transcript of this call was released, the internet got to work, comparing the recently released call transcript with the transcript published in the Mueller report.

And guess what?

Mueller and Weissmann manipulated the transcript and lied about the content of the call!

This is just further proof that the Deep State was out to implicate Trump in anything they possibly could.

Rosie Memos on Twitter discovered that Mueller and Weissman doctored their report to make it appear more damaging:

Once again #Mueller Report edited messages to make them appear more damaging, full transcript of this phone call reveals Dowd’s message was pretty typical for a lawyer and he clearly states he’s not interested in any confidential info. What else did they manipulate?

As Conservative Treehouse explained:

Notice how Mueller leaves out (via edits) the context of the call, and the important qualifier: “without you having to give up any confidential information.” Clearly Dowd does not want to interfere in Flynn’s cooperation with the special counsel, which is opposite to the twisted claim presented by Weissmann and Mueller’s report.

Twitter user and excellent internet sleuth, Attorney Techno Fog, got a response from John Dowd on Friday about these manipulations:

These men are lying to the American people, and they’re just as guilty as those who tried to frame Trump for treason in the first place.

Will we ever see justice for these crimes?