Liberal Bill Maher Mourns Trump Victory “We Lost Democracy This Week.” There’s Only One Problem.

(Tea Party PAC) – Ah, the schadenfreude of liberal tears.

On Friday, the Senate did exactly what they were elected to do and upheld the will of the American people.

Our constitutional republic was designed with checks and balances to make sure that, rather than a pure democracy where we’re ruled by mobs, our representatives must go through the constitutional process to ensure that a government ruled by the people cannot be so easily taken over by the kinds of radicals who are currently running amok in Washington DC.

It is this establishment that Donald Trump came to Washington to drain from the swamp.

It is this establishment that he’s fighting.

And it’s this establishment that he just defeated, thanks to the support of elected officials who understand the importance of our constitutional process, and decided to adhere to it.

GOP Senators, despite two RINO defectors, voted down a measure which would have brought forward new witnesses and evidence to the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.

It is the House’s job to examine witnesses and evidence, and they don’t get a do-over in the Senate when they fail to make their case.

They did their constitutional duty, and now the Senate is doing, and will soon complete, theirs.

Bill Maher, the liberal HBO host who is openly hostile towards Trump on a regular basis, whined on his show that “we lost democracy this week,” having clearly missed high school civics.

“The good news is, the impeachment trial is almost over. The bad news is, so is the rule of law in America,” Maher declared on his show, “Real Time” on Friday night.

“OK, I’m going to try not to cry during the show because we lost Democracy this week. I feel like I’m standing over a casket and thinking: ‘Hmm I should have been nicer when it was alive.’”

Maybe he needs to talk to a therapist.

“It’s a done deal. This is going to happen,” Maher also said later on his show. “Trump will be acquitted on Wednesday. Republicans have nothing left to do but dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and f*ck the u’s.”

Maher claimed that Trump’s impending acquittal means that we’re now “living in a dictatorship.”

“We’re officially living in a dictatorship – and not even one with good rail service.”

“We always knew Trump was corrupt but now we found out the Senate is too,” Maher added.

Actually, no, that’s not at all what it means. It’s ironic that these people only seem to think we’re living in a dictatorship when the political process plays out as it should, according to what the Founding Fathers wanted.

Meanwhile, when the Democrats completely ignore the constitution and try to use the intelligence community and then the House of Representatives to carry out a political coup, that’s “democracy”?



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