Liberals Are Going To Lose Their Minds When They See The Date For Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Vote

(Tea Party PAC) – Radical leftists all across this great nation of ours are about to fall to the floor in the fetal position when they hear that the date set for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court has been set by Sen. Lindsey Graham for next week.

Progressives have really tried hard to take ACB apart and prevent her from getting a vote before the election in the first week of November. Unfortunately for liberals, Barrett is a woman, a very smart one, who they can’t deploy their favorite weapon of choice against, namely that of false sexual assault charges. That’s what they tried to do with Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing and failed spectacularly.

No, instead of coming out the gate with pure viciousness, they tried a bit more mild approach during Barrett’s confirmation hearing. There have been a few moments when the radical left showed itself, like when Senator Hirono decided that the phrase “sexual preference” that was used by ACB was something worthy of scolding her for, which then led to actual dictionaries changing the definition of the term in real time.

However, the intelligence level of ACB seems to be far superior to that of those around her so trying to trip her up on questions didn’t work so well for the Democrats and actually provided her a lot of assistance in shutting down their nonsense. Even Diane Feinstein had to admit she was impressed with Barrett, and you know that had to hurt.

According to a report published on Dan Bongino’s website, the vote for her confirmation has been set for October 22nd at 1 p.m. The GOP currently hold a 53 seat majority in the Senate. Two senators, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, both stated their opposition to having a nominee confirmed before the election. However, now the hearings are going on, they still might end up voting in favor of confirming Barrett to the bench.

Even without these two votes, it’s pretty much guaranteed that ACB will be confirmed, and that’s very good news for our nation. The biggest concern at this point for conservatives should be about the upcoming election, which, unfortunately, seems very much up in the air at the time of this writing.

However, at least if we have a conservative majority on the bench, we’ll be able to keep the socialists at bay with a lot of their twisted policies that they’ll try to shove through the Biden administration. All we can do is work toward ensuring that the president gets a second term.

Keep in mind that poll numbers can be deceiving. There is a large silent majority in our country who refuse to take part in polls, but they definitely come out and vote. We have to hope that this majority will show up in November like they did in 2016, in what became one of the biggest upsets in American political history.

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  2. She is in a Catholic cult. I was raised Catholic and Catholicism itself is a cult, weird priests in robes, incense, chanting in Latin now more English, Cardinals with funny hats, the communion is the body of Christ you are eating. Barrett is in a very conservative cult Praise for people where the women were called handmaidens subservient to men, just like she was to Scalia. Look at her eyes, Crazy Eyes Barrett. She lobbied for the job attacking Roberts and writing about abortion like a woman should have no rights. The Republicans already stole one Supreme Court seat 10 months from an election and now are stealing another while we are in the middle of an election.

  3. Fabulous news for us all! A wonderful choice! A wonderful person! She will be wonderful! Too bad if the demonrats can’t cram through any more of their amoral beliefs too. I’m certainly sick & tired of having the amoral minority decide moral issues for us all, simply because “they COMPLAIN the LOUDEST!” Then of course, get things “done” the old fashioned way… “They BUY THE POLITICIANS” and appoint their people to the high court.
    Again… couldn’t be happier that ACB will be the next BFD in the SCOTUS!


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