Liberals’ Sick Reaction To Trump’s Declaration Of National Day Of Prayer

(Tea Party PAC) – This week, on the same day that President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, he also declared a day of prayer Sunday for our country in the midst of this crisis.

I couldn’t possibly think of a classier or more American thing to do than call the nation to pray together as we are faced with a moment of national solemnity the likes of which many of us have not seen since 9/11.

“It is my great honor to declare Sunday, March 15th as a National Day of Prayer,” Trump tweeted on Friday.

“We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these.”

“No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!”

Naturally, the haters piled on.


This is a very serious time where our nation needs nothing more than prayer. The very same people who have spent the last month using the coronavirus as a political weapon against Trump are now bashing him for calling our nation to prayer?

These people are sick.

Of course, there were also a lot of messages like this:

Thank God for Trump. Pray for him to continue to lead our country so boldly on Sunday as you pray for our country.


  1. The guy who claims to be an atheist and called Trump Satan is a liar, by his own admission. Atheists do not believe in God OR Satan! Rim shot on my drum here. Ta-Da!

  2. Many members of my family fled Europe in the 1700’s in search of religious freedom and helped build this great nation on that premise.I my self have endured many hardships (lost my mother at a very early age, put myself thru college, raised a family with an un-diagnosed genetic disorder for 40 years, almost lost a daughter to opioid addiction,and a grandson to a genetic birth defect. I worked for a small business for 20+ years, purchased it and ran it for another 15 yrs. There have been many soul searching,difficult moments and I have gotten thru them with the help of prayer.Pres. Trump isn’t trying to force anything on anyone only providing the opportunity to express ourselves as we so desire. Why can’t we get along in this country; let a Jew be a Jew, a Muslim be a Muslim, a Protestant be Protestant, a Catholic be a Catholic, etc,etc.? I don’t agree with everything our president espouses however I personally thank God for Pres. Trump’s strength, courage, commitment, and leadership through these difficult times. God bless the USA and long live the American dream!

  3. Solve America’s problems give all the Head Demos the Coronavirus. The more that start dying the better for America. The will change their mind about God or just go to HELL where they belong. Their choice. Thank you President Trump

  4. Throughout human history God has used imperfect people to do his will. David, Solomon,Paul and many others. An elitist, Atheist. Socialist etc. would never know or accept this. There was only one perfect person who walked on this earth, and they hung him from a cross.

  5. Thank you Mr. President for all you do. The Bible says that hate corrodes the vessel that holds it. That is surely evident by the corrosion in the liberals. God answered our prayers and sent you to us. Trump 2020.

  6. Amen !! Faith in God, Faith in our fellow Being and Faith in ourselves !! Scripture tells us to Love God and thy neighbor as ourself !!

  7. God Bless the USA and President Trump along with all staff members, military, Firemen, Policemen, and bless those that don’t believe that you are a true and loving God that lives and loves everyone equally. Please dear Lord heal our great nation from all of the hate that is rampantly tearing it apart. Jesus lovely name!

  8. Not supporting our President at this time, shows how far the leftists have drug this Great country down. If you are NOT part of correcting and uniting this country, as Trump is, then YOU are part of the problem. And Pelosi sticking an add on to the Presidents’s bill is tacky, selfish, manipulative, underhanded and politics at it’s lowest form. Legislation should be passed one at a time, no add ons, or line item veto envoked. Stand up for America or feel free to deport to the land of your choice. Lady Liberty will thank you. As will I.

  9. I think these comments are positive things for the country. They tell us all clearly and precisely who the enemies of our country are. Let’s not forget the names of the people who made the slimy comments about Trump and prayer.

  10. Thank you President Trump. As a country which is still the greatest in the world, thank you for your love of country and mankind.

  11. All that criticize Trump should look in the mirror. Then they should pray for the Evil Democrat Party in which they belong. We all will answer for our sins if we confess and repent we will be forgive so please pray for all and yourself.

  12. Thank You Mr. President
    My prayers are with you and my country, USA.
    In the name of Jesus, Father I ask that you put a Blessed Cure over our Country and our Leadership to help to seek you and guidance to heal our land and our differences and take this virus out.
    Father we ask this in the name of your Son Jesus.

  13. Someone called him a rapist. When did he do this? How misinformed people are. Democrats can tell them anything and they’ll parrot it. Sad!


    • Lisa, I agree. Thanks for the note. The Leftists must live and thrive in their Echo Chamber of Delusions….their own evil wishes they hope by repeating them will be true. Insanity, I say.

  14. Our prayers are for you and your family. People change through the years especially when they hold an office like the president. You have to. I’ve seen a big change come over the President. Keep up the good work and we will as a nation weather this out. The fake news should be held accountable for the lies and blowing the story of the virus out the water.

  15. To bishop Talbert Swan
    I would strongly suggest you do not use your title when insulting the president of the united states. You came across as a hateful person. Your job as a “Bishop” is to show the love of Christ! You should have said the President did a good thing in calling for a day of prayer. This is what our country needs in this day and time. Do you not believe that God can and will use whomever He chooses to do what is best for our nation? If He had to use rocks to speak to us, He would. I suppose if you were around when the Apostle Paul walked the earth you would also be trying to shut him down. Shame on you!!! If I were not already a Christian I would think all Christians were ugly, mean and full of hate from the words you wrote. I thank God I have had the best examples of a real Christian in my life. I do thank the Lord for our President and for the work he is doing to improve our nation. Read your bible Talbert Swan.

  16. Dear President Trump, we know that you, Vice President Pence and others have been given to America to lead us through these times. I praise The Lord God for you and pray for Him to surround you with favor, protection and wisdom. Be blessed in Jesus’ Name.

  17. Leave it to the lowest of the low to spew their venom at the mention of Prayer, Unity, etc. Their evil minds and viscous words come straight from Satan. We must double-down and include these evil thinkers in all of our Prayers.

  18. Thank you very much mr. President for being there for our country and our well being. It is definitely time to ask God to bless this country and all the people. Thanks for your service.🙏I am praying for you.

  19. Thank you Sir, for making Sunday a national Day of Prayer, and thank you for doing everything you can to keep us safe. Thank God for your endurance, your passionate caring for our great country and your love for our people. You have had much darkness leveled at you, and are still being bombarded with everything vile they can possibly throw at you, and still you prevail. We love your perseverance in the face of great adversity, and we pray our blessed Lord keeps you safe from harm. Know that your great endeavors in our behalf are recognized and cherished. Thank you, sir.

  20. Our Father who art in Heaver, Hallowed be Thy name
    Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread
    Forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us
    Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
    For it is your kingdom and your power and your glory For Ever
    In your name Jesus we pray ✝️🙏🇺🇸

  21. So thankful for President Trump’s conversion in 2016. I truly believe “old things are passed away, and new things have come.” We pray for his health, protection, strength and continued growth in Jesus. It is always difficult to lead others. More difficult when your personal values are being reworked by the Holy Spirit, and you live under a microscope of unkind and divisive criticisms. Stay the course, sir. You are loved and appreciated more than you know.

    • Debbye, what you posted is absolute truth. People who have not experienced salvation and newness of life cannot understand what has happened to President Trump and us who have experienced God’s grace and mercy. Actually, it is rather sad to know that as the haters spew venom, it is because they have no hope in this world. Thank Jesus for His wonderful love and hope.

    • Debbye that is true. Wasn’t it Paul who said “Faith is the substance of things hoped, the evidence of things unseen.”? No president ever was perfect. He is a true spiritual and Godly man, regardless the criticisms from the haters in the media, democratic socialist part, and the muslims in our government.

  22. To the moron who wrote ” Your are against everything to Jesus taught about ” Does the BIBLE don’t murder? But you support abortion on demand and after birth, . It funny that GOD used Moses,a murder of his follow Egyptian,to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt, and David ,a Adulter and a murderer to be the king of Isreal and he was called ” A man after GOD OWN HEART ” ,St Paul ,former known as Saul ,was a murder of Christians but become one of the greatest apostles and Peter who denied Jesus 3 times but went to be the “founder of the Catholic church “. So this mean GOD can and will use old sinful men and women to fulfill his divine will for us mortals despite of their political policies

  23. Bless you President Trump for you have done for this great country! I pray daily for your safety and strength to continue draining of the swamp of corrupt politicians. Never has there been anyone to fight so hard for the American people as you. PLEASE never give up, we need you. God be with you !

  24. Hey bishop Tolbert swan, and you’ll never find an atheist in a fox hole either, doubt you have the balls to serve anyway!!
    And to All you other liberal cowards of our country, pack your crap and go, your going down in a ball of fire. The day of Reckoning is upon you!! God Bless Pres Trump and the USA.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Thank you President Trump for all you have done. Thank you for declaring Sunday as National Day of Prayer🙏 The majority of American citizens pray for you and your family, including VP Pence and his family.

  26. Demo maggots are destructive, dangerous anti American things that are basically anti EVERYTHING that is good for America

  27. One can tell just how evil the democrats are. They do not believe in OUR GOD because they do not have a god other than Satin. They are a godless people who have no respect for others. The visits the houses of evil where sin is a 24 hour business. A big business for the democrats is prostitution , both men and women. Their minds are diseased with sin. However, it is not to late to atone for their sins and seek the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Christ will welcome you back when you atone for your sins. Learn to pray and see what a difference it will make in your life.

  28. Thank you, President Trump, for turning our nation to prayer for protection and guidance by our Heavenly Father. Our prayers for you and your health. God bless you!

    • May God heal our land of the sickness and evil that has come to our land. Thank you God for giving us a Leader like President Trump who cares about the people.


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