Lifelong Democrat Shreds Dem Voter Registration Card, Registers GOP And Says He’s Going To Vote For Trump; Here’s Why

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the things the current members of the Democratic Party do not seem to realize is that they are losing tons of important votes with their witch hunt of President Trump and their constantly shifting platform that becomes less and less like the America we know and love, and more and more like the socialist countries we watch fall apart on the news every week.

This disconnect between the party and more centrist voters is summed up in the experience of a man named Bill. Bill has voted Democrat his entire life, but because of the insanely radical leftward move the party has made over the years, he says he can no longer support them.

Here’s Gateway Pundit with the details:

“Bill just walked into our office and told me he is a life long Democrat but that the party has moved so far left that he can longer support them,” Christopher, the VP for ‘Students for Trump’ at Arizona State University tweeted.

“He ripped up his Democratic voter registration card and I just registered him to vote as a Republican!” he added.

Democrat voters across the country are fed up with the Democrat party’s corruption and radical far left agenda.

A Democrat voter in Alabama recently called in to a CSPAN program as Nadler and his lawless colleagues were in session debating impeachment articles and said he is so “disgusted” with Democrats that he will be voting for Trump in 2020.

“After watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen,” the caller named Jason said.

“And now we have this impeachment crap,” he added.

“My party has now made me a Democrat for Trump. I’m going to back Donald Trump all the way,” he said.

How many other ‘Jasons’ and ‘Bills’ are out there?

You see, the Democratic Party has spent so much time focusing on removing Trump from the White House, cooking up all kinds of false scandals along the way, that they’ve not been listening to the voices of the American people, many of whom actually think the current president hasn’t done too bad a job, especially with the economy.

If the left took the time to listen to folks who support Trump, they’d soon discover that the issues at hand have little to do with racism and sexism, two things they’ve accused our president and his supporters of time and time again. They’d find out that Americans don’t want far-left policies in place that limit their rights and liberties.

The left has gone too far toward a socialist state that nobody really wants. If they truly cared about winning elections, about doing what’s right for America, why wouldn’t they stop acting like Trump won because all people in the flyover states are racist, and actually change their platform and bring it back to the center?

Perhaps then they wouldn’t lose so many voters and have people like Bill tearing up their lifetime Democratic voter registration card and switching teams?

The Democratic Party is out of touch and haven’t learned a thing from their loss in 2016. They continue to go left, while voters want them to go right. Right back into the center, that is.



  1. Obama is a Muslim and his plan was to bring down this country.Look at at all the people he put in office. Brennan at the CIA he is a registered communist, Susan rice a Iranian an all of the other crooks.SOLD OUR JOBS to china an other places and got kick backs to enrich themselves. Its time to put their Crockett asses in jail.The dems will destroy this country if they get control again.

  2. The last Democrat I voted for was our second worst president ever ( 44 took the number one spot from Carter). I learned my lesson then. I woke up then and started to pay attention. Once I did it was obvious I had been fooled by Democrats for years. Never voted Democrat again.

  3. This is exactly what my father – a 95 year old WW2 Veteran did..
    He too was a lifelong Democrat and Voted for Obama with the high hope he was going to be good for the country..But saw how he was dividing the country and how the Democrats were giving away the Country to people who had No Interest in becoming Americans other than Vote Democrat and Get Free Stuff!
    Unfortunately, he died Exactly one week before the Election!
    He’d be going crazy seeing how much worse the Democrats have become!

  4. I used to be a Democrat and changed to be Republican. I am so sick of these stupid idiots of Demoncrats in Washington that I will never look back at being a Democrat ever again. I don’t approve of what they stand for especially with abortion. They are murderers of lil babies yet they seem to condone Iran. Plus we have got to get Omar and the other 3 out of Washington along with witch Pelosi. Hatred is growing in the US and the Demoncrats are behind it. We need to stop them.

  5. I LOVE it and Trump is going to WIN! He is a Godsend for us. We are finally getting back on track to what America stands for.

  6. The Democrats in office and certain members in the party are so frigging filled with Hate that is has blinded them to the real issues and they are so far gone way left they will never get back

  7. I was a Democrat for years and sadly voted for Obama twice. I switched parties and voted for Trump in 2016 and now it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever vote for another Democrat again. Enough said.

  8. This is awesome! Glad to see this man woke up to the truth of it all.
    And, who knows how many more Bills are quite about their switch.

  9. Looks like SANE formerly Democrats are waking up big time.That party is NO DEMOCRAT party at all,it is a Communist /Socialist Anti America Crime Cabal that needs to be done away with

  10. Pelosi will soon be losing representatives in her party. She cannot control the new socialists in the party and the Schiff/Nadler farce has really damaged the other half of the party. The longer she plays games in the Impeachment process, the more people like Bill are going to jump ship. In the past, if an American President had taken out a terrorist who had killed as many people as the Iranian General did, both parties would have been overjoyed upon his demise (i.e. Bin Laden). It’s unfortunate, but this indicates how low the country has sunk from the lack of leadership over the past several years.

  11. The minute I realized that the Democrat Party had already crowned HRC as the 2016 heir to the Presidency and I HAD to vote for her because I’m a woman, I became a Republican and have NEVER regretted it. I’m a proud Trump supporter.

  12. I feel the same way as many other voters do. We are fed up with all this crap about Trumps impeachment. Maybe if they started listening to what the voters are saying, they would get off this kick of getting a duly elected president out of office. What if they did? What then? Do the Dems with their socialists ideas think the people will actually elect a Democrat into the White House after all this? What they dont realise is they are alienating thousands of their own party and making people like me who are Republicans, but sometimes vote for Democrats so totally fed up against their party will never vote Democrat again. Democrats have become so far left, they should rename themselves the Unamerican Party!

    • Your right, tania! The Democratic Party no longer represents American ideals. They seem to have lost all sense of direction and the only thing they can try is to try and get Trump out of office. They figure if they can do that, they may have chance at the presidency again. At least Trump loves America! Can’t say the same for the socialist Democratic Party. Leave it to them we would be forking over billions of dollars to Iran and other rogue nations to not attack us. We each must ask ourselves before we cast our ballots if we want to enjoy the privileges we’ve all enjoyed since this nation was formed or by a party that have no direction except toward socialism! Hope enough people wake up to that before its too late!


  14. I too was a lifetime democrat that switched to the Republican Party. I don’t think those idiots realize they’re losing more than gaining because of their blatant hatred of the president.

  15. Democrats know very well the situation. They don’t express what they really know, they express lies to fool their base when deep down they don’t even believe what they are saying.

    It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

    Democrats are champions on fooling people. They will never stop because they have the liberal mob corrupt media that works for them and help carry the job of misinformation, twisting stories and often lies.

    Trump 2020

    • totally and sadly agree. I was a democrat for 36 years. Now 60 Y/o. Lots of people #jexodus and #blexit are leaving that crazy party full of progressives. So frightening for those that must vote as democrat. Biden will NOT win anything. Just my two cents.

  16. In my shop at lunch time I heard several times democrats getting very frustrated and one man said “now I am ashamed to call myself a democrat” next day he said he threw his ticket in the toilet.

  17. Democrat party has became a destructive party and traitors to American people.
    This party should be abolished in the near future and be replaced by an other political
    party to compete with republican party.
    All Americans should read “The ten most destructive Americans” written by Frank Hawkins, a veteran and journalist.

  18. Yep, I’m an Independent and have totally dedicated myself to vote a straight Republican ticket. After all the stupidity of the Democratic Party, everything from standing up for illegals and even terrorist over Americans to the impeachment of the President without any charges that add up to high crimes and misdemeanors I am through with all Democrats. They have proven to be far left wing Socialist. I will never vote Democrat again.

  19. This is a dream come true for me, people are actually thinking for themselves or just waking up from their slumber. When you consider how they are being bombarded with liberal bull crap most of their lives as far back as grade school, this is a great thing for this Country.

  20. Yes,people are finally waking up.Lets see what happens in N.Y. and California.Tired of the B.S.,do something about it.Vote the trash out.

  21. They keep raising our taxes, giving back less to the tax payers, providing food, lodging and medical to the non-workers and the illegals. They keep trying to take away guns that we’ve live with all our lives and use for sport, hunting and protection and are taking the penalties out of crimes against the tax paying public. At the same time, the full time politicians rake in millions of dollars from the good things they provide for their benefactors. I’m an 84 year old Californian, so it won’t be me, but, believe me…..THERE WILL BE A SHOOTING REBELLION in the near future. The Paying Public will be quiet only so much longer. The Democrats are close to totally destroying this country we lived, fought and died for.

    • James: As they have destroyed California. I’m watching to see what happens in Virginia when they go to people’s homes to try to take their, legally acquired, guns away.
      I recently left California but I often wonder if more Californians are becoming aware of the havoc have wreaked on that beautiful state. And I wonder if Californians are becoming aware of what truly nasty people Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Eric Swalwell are. Can any American think it’s ok for an American Congressman to express thoughts of “nuking” American Citizens if they won’t surrender their legally owned guns. I’m a naturalized Citizen and my mouth literally dropped open when I heard him say that. He should be an immediate candidate for losing his seat.

  22. Build the wall; no chain visas; only merit visas; no lottery visas; no amnesty for illegals; only English language; no aid of any kind to illegals; no social help of any kind; voting with photo ID only; teach constitution and bill of rights in school; audit the FED reserve; maintain the electoral college; keep the second amendment; issue an exec order so demonstrators are not allowed to hide their faces; remove all security clearances of Obama hold-overs; back the $ with gold

    • I love that one about protesters not being allowed to hide their faces. If I can’t wear a hoodie or anything covering my face (not that I do) when I go into a store why the heck are they allowed to hide their faces when participating in a riot, destroying other people’s property or throwing chairs through the windows at a university?

  23. There are still so many good Americans sleep-walking to the democrat war-drum of hate, drinking the toxic cool-aid and thinking they are “woke” . . .
    but one by one, they open their eyes and WALK AWAY from the delirious left.

    We SHALL overcome – when those good people understand that the cause of Constitutional Rights is the only path to Freedom and Prosperity for ALL of us.

    vote democrat – make Americans slaves again . . . . .

  24. Yes I left the democrats because of that and because the Muslim influence non christians .And the liars ,thief and traitors that this DEMOCRATS HAD BECOME.


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