Limbaugh: Pelosi Just Showed Her Hand, Gave Away Impeachment Game

(Tea Party PAC) – Conservative talk legend Rush Limbaugh called Nancy Pelosi out on his Thursday program, asking members of her party a begging question: “When are you people gonna get tired of losing?”

“I have a question for the Democrats,” Limbaugh said at the beginning of a segment focusing on the impeachment scam Thursday. “When are you people gonna get tired of losing? Do you even realize that you are losing, and you are losing magnificently, and you are losing in ways that you don’t even see?”

“Look what happened to Trump’s approval numbers — approval numbers — during impeachment,” he continued, adding “By the way, we could call them ‘improval’ numbers because that’s exactly what happened.

“During the impeachment, Trump’s approval rating shot up six points on average. The impeachment hearings were so absurd,” he said, laughing.

“Pelosi won’t even send the articles to the Senate, and senators — the Democrats — are demanding more witnesses because Pelosi didn’t make a case,” Limbaugh continued. “But, at the end of all of this, I don’t care what you say about it, and I don’t care what you do process-wise. If she sends them over there, there’s going to be an acquittal. I maintain to you that that is the last thing that she or any of the Democrats want.”

To underscore his point, Rush referred to Pelosi’s press conference Thursday during which she had effectively explained why the Senate dismissing the articles would be better all-around.

“In terms of impeachment, you all keep asking me the same question; I keep giving you the same answer,” Pelosi during the presser. “As I said right from the start, we need to see the arena in which we are sending our managers. Is that too much to ask? You probably heard one way or another some of them have suggested they might want to ‘dismiss.’ Dismiss equals cover-up. Dismiss equals admission.”

Limbaugh followed up the clip of Pelosi’s comments with some advice for the Speaker.

“Miss Pelosi, I realize I’m not as smart as you are, but if you have two options — you send ’em over there and you get an acquittal or the Senate dismisses and you get a chance to run around and say, ‘That’s an admission of guilt. These partisan Republicans don’t even want the trial. They’ve dismissed the charges. Trump’s guilty’ — which of those two options is the better? Certainly not acquittal!” he said.

“She’s just made the case for advocating that the Senate dismiss the charges,” Rush emphasized. “Her own language: ‘Dismiss equals cover-up. Dismiss equals admission.’ She should be pushing for a dismissal because the alternative is an acquittal, and an acquittal does not help her. It does not help the Democrats in the 2020 presidential campaign. It doesn’t help any of those candidates. It doesn’t help the media.”

“After all of this — after three years of Trump colluding with Russia and now colluding with Ukraine and having mean ideas about Hunter Biden — acquitted, not guilty?” Limbaugh continued. “That’s the last thing they want. She should be pushing the Turtle to dismiss the charges based on what she just said here. ‘Dismiss equals admission.’ There’s your solution, Madam Speaker! There is your answer. She should be pushing for a dismissal of charges and then run around and say, ‘The Senate knows Trump’s guilty, and that’s why they dismissed the charges ’cause they don’t have the guts to do a trial.’”

Limbaugh later played another clip of the Pelosi presser, during which she had said.

Limbaugh eventually cut to another clip of Pelosi from the press conference. “I’ll send them over when I’m ready, and that will probably be soon,” she said. “You know, he said, ‘If you don’t send them over, I’m gonna pass a Mexico-U.S.-Canada (snickers) trade agreement.’ Okay. Uh, but, uh, we want to see what they’re willing to do and the manner in which they will do it. But we will not let them say, ‘Oh, this is just like Clinton. Fair is fair.’ It’s not. Documents, documentation, witnesses, facts, truth. That’s what they’re afraid of.”

“We’re not afraid of anything,” Limbaugh replied. “You don’t have a case! The very idea that you are demanding new witnesses in the Senate means you don’t have a case, and the Turtle is right.”


  1. Capone was not convicted on Income tax evasion – he was convicted for not paying taxes on booze, the stamps put on bottles where do some people get their info? The title 26 does not have the word ‘income’ define nor does title 27 (BATFE) Go to Pollack vs Farmers Trust. This is where SCOUSA defines ‘income’ as the difference between principal and interest from corporate activity.

  2. They couldn’t convict Al Capone of any crime. Therefore the FBI charged him with income tax evasion to send him to prison. That’s a target democrats keep chipping away at…Trump’s taxes. Virtually everyone would go to jail because tax documents have errors and by signing those documents you have just Perjured yourself. Need I say more??? YES! Term limits for Congress! Thank you 🙏🏼

  3. Please someone give that old hag a glass of warm milk and put her to bed permanently.
    Out to pasture…..
    You can’t fix stupid ….

    • Not bad looking though for someone that’s nearly 80 years old. She’s an honest and competent servant of the people and she has been for a long time.

  4. Nancy’s efforts are just more proof of how the social liberal fake news cdemocrats truly live with the ideal of what ever they have to do will be justified by the end results of their goal to bring America down to a third world nation. Because it’s the only one left that is holding up their goal for a one world order.

    • Ben, you’re a simpleton. The Supreme Court has already said that term limits are unconstitutional unless there is a constitutional amendment.

  5. Those leftist idiots lie so much, they don’t even know what rhe truth is. A lie detector is useless on them. Most all of the Democrat leadership comes from safe districts where a dog could win if it ran as “D”. The best thing is to hand them a huge defeat in the 2020 election.

  6. The demonic demoncrap party where started for one reason only to make USA a colony again by dividing the country in two, northern half under Canada and other half under Mexico with a new monetary system instead of US dollar Amero all orchestrated by Rockefellers and Rotsheald families supported by Soros and most world industrialists and banking Headquarters in Berlin Germany ( DEUTCHE BANK ) controlled by the same globalist families ( BILDERBERG,LUMINATI, DEEP STATE ARE ALL THE SAME MAFIA ) but first they must get rid of all Christians that the new Dictator antichrist can be worshipped as the only God of the Universe.

    • Also paid off by terrorists which is why they “impeached” our POTUS along with their opposition to killing Qasem Soleimani. They want us to be a one world order.

  7. Here’s the problem with Trump. Most Americans know this already. But perhaps some Republicans and a number of Independents still don’t or haven’t been informed. Even some Southern Democrats or Dixiecrats are not aware of this situation and so they have no motivation to dig deeper and look harder and search out more facts and information. The well-established facts and reliable reports are available everywhere for those motivated to look and learn. Teachers and other educators shoulds especially search this out. Politicians should make this part of their talking point list. Here’s the plain TRUTH. President TRUMP is hated and despised because he resists, opposes and attacks the unelected, fascist, corrupt “DEEP STATE” that is controlled by the greedy Int’l Banking Cabal and their genocidal, warmongering, New World Order, One World government Oligarchs (The ruling class in Plato’s Republic) with the help of the Leftist Media. Too bad traditional Democrats have been brainwashed by these criminal imposters. Thanks to the radical far-left that has hijacked our traditional Democrat party the “House” is ignoring the real problems and needs of American voters and using their hard working taxpayer funded offices to conduct an impeachment circus for the sake of a few guilty haters. The consensus is that Trump was hated from the time he was elected. Here’s why. It’s a psychological response. The Democrats; particularlly the Alt-Left and the New-World Order media assumed Hillary would win in a landslide. They mocked Trump during the campaign and gave him extra press coverage to smear the Republicans and Independents who support non-progressive causes. It was a big joke to “almighty” CNN, MSNBC and the other Leftwing screadsand useful idiots like George Will. They assumed that Hillary was ordained to succeed president Obama. Hadn’t she earned the spot and paid a horrible price when she “stood by her (philandering) man” and whan she bowed to Obama and supported his terms in office? Now on election night the world came to an end for the Progressives and the Alt-Left. They experienced massive collective guilt over the Loss. How did they allow it to happen? How could they? They languished under this existential guilt and childish denial and earned the name “snowflakes”. The guilt was excruciating as it seared their hearts and ripped out their guts. Holding on to it only caused it to putrify and stink to high heaven and evolve into self hate and loathing. The catharsis for this “Ebola-like” poison in their hearts was to vomit it out in the form of hate for all who voted for Trump and robbed their “little princess” of her rightful throne. The green bile of Guilt led to the black bile of hate; vicious, irrational hate. The hate needed a focus and Trump was the victim. By hating Trump and reversing the election of 2016 they could punish all the voters who defeated their “anointed Queen” and her court. Hate loses it’s bitterness if it’s spread to widely. The deplorables would never feel the pain and anger inside the Leftist’s guilt warped hearts unless it was focused on specific individuals like Trump or Kavanaugh. Even Mueller and Barr and numerous others were targeted and could not escape this vomitus poison when they failed to support the guilt-hate goals. Recognizing this the Democrat “High-Priests” in the House and media took on the role of the fascist SS and began to hunt down the President and anyone associated with him. No tactic was too dirty, dishonest and underhanded for this KGB style crusade. To pull this coup off would require a propaganda blitz against as many low-information voters as possible using every brainwashing tactic in the books whether from Russia, North Korea, Goebbels SS, or the Soros snake den, etc. The old saw that you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time egged them on in their hate-guilt crusade. The white middle class had supported Trump so they had to be targeted and condemned. Hate mixed with utter distain and feelings of arrogant moral superiority and loathing leaked from their guilt-ridden cores with every batch of propaganda lies they produced. Hollywood, short on brains but high on drugs and raw emotion, led the way followed by the Leftwing media and their fawning fans. Guilt, guilt, guilt. Hillary must be avenged by those who let her down; who shamefully failed to protect this vulnerable “mother-goddess”. Hate, hate, hate hatched from the unrelenting guilt like a nest of poisonous serpents. Now the chief serpent handler, pretty-face Nancy, is riding the dragon of Leftist insanity hoping to stay on as long as possible but fearing the vivious teeth and claws of the Squad. All fair minded Americans who love our country or hope to recover our traditional Democrat party will turn from this Leftist guilt-hate insanity and help save our Republic

  8. A trial and Acquittal would be great for Trump and the Republicans that’s what we should be pushing for because there are too many imbeciles in the public that are democratic liberals and would believe anything Pelosi tellsacquittal would be great for Trump and the Republicans that’s what we should be pushing for because there are too many imbeciles in the public that are democratic liberals and would believe anything Pelosi tells them them

  9. This needs to stop but as long as the idiots want to persist then aquit him and pray every democrat loses his or her seat in November

  10. This sounds like a dumb game of 15 year olds that have nothing to do – so glad we pay these people big salaries to play games and take vacations on the taxpayers-.
    Fire all of these worthless clowns- need term limits- give them lie detector tests to test their allegiance to the USA-

    • Those leftist idiots lie so much, they don’t even know what rhe truth is. A lie detector is useless on them. Most all of the Democrat leadership comes from safe districts where a dog could win if it ran as “D”. The best thing is to hand them a huge defeat in the 2020 election.

  11. Dismissal of charges equals The Democrats having NO case whatsoever. The so called “cover up” charges made by SENILE Nancy Pelosi is the GOP EXPOSING the FRAUD and CONTEMPT by the LIES brought forth by the Democrats against the POTUS and the American People. And, the SENATE is WARY about these lies sent by the House, which is tantamount to TREASON and SEDITION by The Democrats. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. I agree. I don’t think there should be a trial. Just drop it. I predict we will win the house and Senate. We should go after them for what they said president trump did.

    • I agree. Those who are currupt & lied (most of ’em) need to be held accountable, tried & imprisoned as an example to anyone in the future with ideas of corruption & hoaxes.

  13. The Democrats’ articles of impeachment amount to nothing more than a Wish Sandwich — two slices of bread, and they WISH they had some meat!

  14. Old Turkey-neck Pelosi just waving her arms around trying to look important and instead looking like a fool. DJT keeps running rings around the Dumbocrats. They can’t stop him-he’s like the pink bunny and keeps going and going and going…. It is killing the Democraps. Old Nasty admitted she has been looking for impeachment for 3 years. If Democrat house was working in a real job, they’d all be fired for lack of effort.

  15. I think she held them to hurt the progressive Senators Sanders and Warren to keep them out of Iowa causus’s. In turn helping creepy uncle Joe.

  16. Right on as usual. Keep up the good work. We need more people like you to step up and stop these ridiculous games. I have always voted for the person most qualified whether it was a Republican or Democrat. The Democrats have made themselves look like spoiled children having their temper tantrums. Would any sane person vote for them now. God says we are to love everyone. I am having a really hard time with this. I can, however, pray that God heals their minds and hearts.

  17. It’s the dems playbook fol the last 4 yrs- strike first, get them off balance and on the defense, and hope that their defensive moves dont outlast your weak offense. So far that duplicitous strategy has fallen short in spite of the refs being on their side at every turn.

  18. If that’s the rules we’re playing by, then Hilary Clinton is completely guilty of gross mishandling of classified documents! The FBI laid out the law and her violation of it, then refused to charge her. Sound like an ADMISSION of guilt to me!


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