Lisa Page, Homewrecker And Trump Saboteur Extraordinaire, Cheers On Deep State Pals And Former Roger Stone Prosecutors; Here’s What She Said

(Tea Party PAC) – You know, you’ll be hard pressed to find a worse hive of scum and villainy than those who are part of the resistance group within the government known as the Deep State. These individuals have worked around the clock ever since President Trump took office to find some way to end his administration and have him removed from office.

These are the same folks who were responsible for the impeachment of President Trump, the two-year Russia probe, and all sorts of leaks and other activity aimed at undermining his agenda and more or less overturning a legitimate vote by the American people.

One of those individuals, Lisa Page, has been enthusiastically cheering on her friends in the Deep State who urged the government to toss Roger Stone into prison until death for allegedly lying to federal prosecutors about text messages to comedian Randy Credico.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

These same deep state lawyers knew there was no Trump-Russia collusion when they started their investigation into Donald Trump and his close associates. Their entire goal was to destroy Trump and those around him. And this week they urged the government to jail 67-year-old Roger Stone for 9 years. This is more time than a rapist or violent criminal will receive.

Lisa Page cheered these thugs.

These demons are her friends.

Keep in mind, this is the same woman who had an affair with a married man, who is somehow trying to come off as having the moral high ground against a man for lying. Granted, lying is horrible and the truth should be told, but that’s beside the point.

Page has absolutely no room to be talking about right and wrong, justice and injustice, or anything of that nature when she is guilty of doing something so wicked and sinful herself. These folks don’t seem to understand that they lose their credibility when they participate in those kinds of behaviors.

This just goes to show you how much the left hates the president. They would do anything, stoop to any low, to see Donald Trump removed from office. The reason why? He defeated Hillary Clinton and has restored America to prosperity and increased liberty. You see, the left is a slave to entitlement thinking. They believe they are entitled to be in power over the government and that includes the White House.

When Americans repudiated that claim by voting in Donald Trump, the left couldn’t hack it. They could not accept that people didn’t want the socialist agenda they were pushing, so they developed the Deep State, featuring miscreants like Page, to fight the administration from the inside, caring little for the damage they did to our fragile republic.

These individuals are so lost within their hateful desires to see Trump tossed out of office, to get revenge for Hillary’s defeat, that they have squandered an opportunity to reformulate their policy platform and actually get to know the American people and what their concerns are.

Hopefully, this election year will result in the death of the radical left.



  1. They all need to be prosecuted for treason, including those who let these criminals off the hook! They are just aiding & abetting! #DRAINTHESWAMP! Trump should immediately pardon Flynn, Stone, Papadopolis, and Manafort! Enough of this crap. These people have been prosecuted unjustly!

    • Both of these traitors to the USA would have been placed into isolation until they would have been dragged from their holes crying, begging for their lives, gagging, promising anything for mercy. I’ve seen both men AND women in the identical position. CA should never have stopped this beautiful sight. I’m not sure which one of these pieces of trash should be forced to watch the other first.
      I’ve commanded units in 5 nations on 3 continents multiple times. I also retired from the LAPD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lower grade of filth than these two. I’d buy a ticket to see them swinging from a rope.

  2. It is not about Trump/ It is about destroying the Presidency.Also the supreme court. Let us include America. I will put it put it simply/ Did not Obama want to “transform” the United States. Wake up America.He is a true Muslim.You have not heard the last of him.We are living Germany in the 30’s over again.

  3. There is NO integrity in the socialist government…that has been proven time & time again, the citizen’s of this nation are mere slave to be leached off of by the government! Third world hell-hole government!

  4. This would be comical if it didn’t raise questions of both the integrity and intelligence of Federal Employees. Who paid for the electronics these bottom feeders used? What are government-issued electronics explicitly for? Hope she can stand on her hands because she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  5. There is no justice in America the DOJ covers for the deep state players in every way. Not one of them will be changed and sentenced to jail for any time because they are demonrats. The American people need to send a stronger message in November that WE THE PEOPLE want them to be prosecuted for their actions against the president and his supporters!

  6. These people had better die at the hands of the Law for their Treasonous Acts against the American people. And McCabe better be one of them. Odumbo and his closest thousands POS allies better have their necks stretched or the hearts shot out

  7. What in the hell is going on…Barr Let’s McCabe go free but is unfazed regarding Roger Stone? He then turns on Trump about his tweets. Our President tweets are the ONLY way we know what he is saying…in his OWN words. Not the written and spoken twisted words of the twisted media. So what exactly does Barr have against freedom of speech? God help us… God help the USA.

  8. No charges have bee brought against her or her friends? Maybe she is being protected along with the rest of her cohorts? Only Dems are above the law? Or is this a back and forth Beltway game?

  9. All I hear from deep state pigs when they open their mouths is oink oinkoink oink BS BS BS , blah blah blah BS…….. !!! Disgusting Pigs

  10. If the Deep State wants war with the American people, I’m reasonably certain that we (speaking mainly for myself) will be more than happy to oblige them! If it all comes down to active hostilities, then the only solution is GENOCIDE! In layman’s terms, KILL ‘EM ALL! LET GOD SORT ‘EM OUT!

  11. Who really cares what this adultress tramp has to say? She herself is a traitor who should be in jail for LIFE!!! I hope her and her cohorts are getting ready for the Durham report. No one but the radicals on the Left is buying her innocent demeanor. The entire country knows she’s a joke.

    • Roger i hope you are correct about the DURHAM report,I have serious doubts that the deep state will ever face any judgment, MCCABE walked away yesterday and will face no charges, I suspect the rest of them will as well,Our judicial system is broken and no-one seems to have any interest in even trying to fix it, SWAMP RATS wont prosecute other SWAMP RATS if one of them goes down they will all go down.

  12. Now when the American public do not get what they want they seek revenge, and when they feel cheated because of being swindled out of what they voted for, they do not like it in any way. Now Trump supporters can call it the deep state or any other name, but the Federal Employees have such strict rules to follow it is hard for them to implement something that is out side of the guide lines and rules. Trump likes it when he and his supporters can make the FBI look bad because of all the times they have investigated Trump before he was President for his actions, which he did then like he is doing now getting someone else to do the dirty work and go to jail in place of Trump who benefitted from the actions done.

    • The left doesn’t care about the rules anymore just in case you have had your head in the sand that the left puts out.

    • To Robert…
      This BS started long before DJT entered the Washington scene. His election “built a wall” that stopped the Clintons, Obama, and the corrupt FBI & CIA and other swamp creatures from killing our country from within. How can a know Communist (Brennan) become the top of the CIA? The Communists among us is frightening! The Jihadists amount is is frightening! Americans like YOU are frightening!

    • ROBERT no one wants revenge the American people want to see the law followed and especially by those serving in Government, TRUMP had NOTHING to do with the corruption in Washington and the Judicial System and if you are willing to accept the status quo it will someday turn on you and the rest of those that dont think there is a problem in this country.Dont you think its time to clean this mess up? Maybe its time you and others stopped BLAMING AND START TAKING SOME ACTION.The corruption in our government and our judicial system was there LONG before President Trump was elected and it will continue until we the people stop it.


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