Little Adam Schiff Gets Some Bad News: Here’s How Many Americans Tuned Into His Show Trial

(Tea Party PAC) – Americans are bored with impeachment.

The Democrats are trying to feather the foam of their baseless claims against President Donald Trump, but the public isn’t buying it.

During last week’s public impeachment inquiry hearings, all the Democrats managed to do was give the GOP members of Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) House Intelligence Committee the chance to press Schiff’s “star witnesses” on the reality of the claims being levied against the president.

They got nothin’.

GOP members of the panel managed to press all three witnesses last week into admitting that they had no evidence of Trump having committed a crime or even an impeachable offense.


What’s more, the hearings, which were held entirely to give the impression that the impeachment effort is actually valid, can’t have worked very well considering the public didn’t care.

No one tuned in!

Womp, womp.

On the second day of the public show trials, The Gateway Pundit reports, 95% of Americans turned off cable news.


Poor little Adam Schiff! Time for him to hang up the gavel.

The American people are sick and tired of all the fake news and failed coup attempts!


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