LOL! Ammo Company Requires Buyers Confirm They Did Not Vote For Biden Before Purchase

(Tea Party PAC) – A Michigan-based ammo company is requiring that customers affirm they did not vote for President Joe Biden before they can complete their purchase.

Fenix Ammunition, based in Novi, says they’ve been selling out their product in a matter of minutes and that they’re requesting customers “check a box stating they did not vote for Joe Biden.”

In a series of tweets, they explained in detail why they very seriously do not want money from Biden voters based on his animosity towards the Second Amendment and that even if someone voted for him for other reasons, they should “sell their guns out of solidarity.”

This is epic:

Fox Business reported that ammo sales have been unprecedented over the past year as pandemic fear and civil unrest drive people to want to stock up.

Shooting sports company Vista Outdoor Inc. revealed in November that they had amassed “over a year’s worth” of backlog orders that totaled over $1 billion.

In January, gun sales hit record highs after a summer of violent rioting and rising crime around the country.

Americans of all persuasions are realizing how important it is to own firearms.

Featured image credit: @FelixAmmunition/Twitter

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  1. That’s right ! If you vote for a pair who want to take your gun away from you (and you will probably hand it over with a smile) then you don’t need any ammo anyhow !


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