LOL: Eric Swalwell Goes On Defense After Ripping Massive Fart On Live TV

(Tea Party PAC) – If you thought that Eric Swalwell was a gasbag, you may have underestimated just how true that was.

And literal.

On MSNBC on Monday night, the insufferable congressman from California emitted a very loud fart, mid-interview.

Then he denied it.

This is too hilarious!

The fart was issued, quite appropriately, in the middle of his adamant defense of the impeachment of the president.

In the video, after the noise is emitted, Swalwell pauses a moment, seems to smirk, then says “The evidence is un-contradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars…”:

Left-wing BuzzFeed quickly conducted an investigation into the source of the loud fart, with Addy Baird nothing Swalwell’s pause and writing, “The Democrat, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, appeared to react to the fart with a brief pause, while attempting not to smile.”

Baird continues to note that the clip went instantly viral, prompting Swalwell to actually deny, on the record, that he had farted.

As the clip of Swalwell quickly circulated on the internet, some began to speculate that the California representative was the one behind the loud flatulence.

But in a text to BuzzFeed News on Monday night, Swalwell denied having anything to do with it.

“It was not me!!!!!” he wrote. “Ha. And I didn’t hear it when I was speaking.”

Pressed by this reporter, Swalwell denied again having heard the fart, before adding, “It’s funny tho [sic].”

It was too late, the damage was done, and Twitter ruthlessly mocked the failed presidential candidate.

On Monday, an old tweet of Swalwell talking about wind behind him was appropriately resurrected:



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