LOL: Here’s What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has To Say About GOP’s Defense Of Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a foolish and silly person.

She’s a very useful foolish and silly person to her far-left handlers and the narrative they’re trying to spin, but she also seems to be able to attract just as much, if not more, scorn to her party for her wildly socialistic views and obvious expression of supreme ignorance.

So it’s particularly ironic for her to use the word “beclowning” to describe anyone, let alone the party that will be on the right side of history when it comes to this impeachment inquiry sham.

On Friday’s episode of MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) did her best to try to clown her GOP colleagues in their defense of the President during this week’s show trial.

Democrats are in crisis mode, you see, because this week just revealed how completely empty the case for impeachment really is, as the GOP members of the House Intel panel were given the chance to tear apart their “star” witnesses.

Host Chris Hayes said, “It’s not surprising the president did that.”

Ocasio-Cortez said, “No, not surprising at all. I’m sure, and it certainly seemed my Republican colleagues were scrambling after he sent out those tweets trying to provide some kind of cover. I mean, it’s — they’re really beclowning themselves at this point trying to find a way to somehow preserve their careers and futures while protecting this president, and they’re going with the latter.”

Whatever you say, sweetheart.

This isn’t the only rambling commentary she gave on the matter recently, as you can imagine.

“Trump himself is clearly not satisfied with only one article of impeachment,” she also tweeted Friday.

“His choice to publicly broadcast his own, personally authored witness intimidation means he’s wants to sign up for another article on obstruction of justice, too.”


  1. The DEMONUTS had to search far and wide for a BIMBO like this ignorant fool to win an election, …become part of an American Democracy. A COMMUNIST/ Socialist, Ivy league educated STUPID BIMBO. ONLY in TODAY”S America can this foolishness HAPPEN…and be tolerated. A COMPLETE FOOL gets elected to Congress… what has this nation fallen to ? We are NOW inthe hands of FOOLS like this? It HAS TO BE ANOTHER Clintonista orchestration…or ANOTHER Obamanation of RUINING the so called USA…

    • Anyone who considers themselves a DEMOCRAT is damn IDIOT. This party has gone SO FAR left, it will fail BECAUSE of that ALLOWANCE…eventually. And THEN, your squirming will be because of SUFFOCATING in IGNORANCE and COMPLICITY of your IDIOTIC decisions. You WILL get what you WANT… but, you WILL NOT WANT what you ultimately GET.
      I look forward to THAT…whether I am ALIVE or NOT. I will be HAPPY for your decided FATE.


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