LOL: Here’s Why Anti-Biden Protesters Showed Up At The Democratic Debate

(Tea Party PAC) – The Democrat party is caving in on itself. The DNC is in shambles (not to mention debt) and there is no one that stands a chance against Trump running in the primaries, let alone anyone who has a good chance of winning the party nomination.

Their debates have been interrupted by far-left protesters in the past, and they’re still showing up as it is.

The truth is, no one likes the current candidates. They’re too moderate for the far-left and too far-left for the moderates.

They sure are in a pickle.

On Tuesday night, a group of illegal alien activists showed up outside Drake University, where the most recent debate between the dwindling group of 2020 Democratic primary candidates was held.

Their gripe?

Biden was complacent to the Obama administration’s deportations. They’re not wrong, by the way.

The group “United We Dream Action” had a bone to pick with Biden over the way former President Barack Obama, to whom Biden was VP, created what they call “concentration camps” to detail illegal aliens, particularly children, at the southern border.

“We cannot forget — under the Obama and Biden administration, this mass deportation machine was created,” the leader of the protest shouted, according to Breitbart. They note that “She said that the group did not endorse another candidate, but wanted ‘accountability’ from all of them.”

As in, accountability for their promises to…not uphold the law?

Behind a group of roughly a dozen protesters, standing in the snow in temperatures that dipped to 27 degrees Fahrenheit, was a local mariachi band — called upon to celebrate the “joy” even in the face of deportation, organizers explained.

The group chanted: “Joe Biden: Deport me? No way! Undocumented and here to say!” and “We will fight to our freedom!”

Across the street, a pair of Trump supporters looked on from their tractor, painted and decorated with Trump logos. The owner of the tractor, Gary Leffler, a farmer from Des Moines, gestured across the street and accused Democrats of “promising anything and everything to everyone.” He later drove by the protest, flags fluttering in the frigid evening.

Breitbart also notes:

Earlier, Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, told a group of voters in Boone, Iowa, that her husband supported a “responsible path toward citizenship” for immigrants, though she did not specify whether she meant legal or illegal immigrants.

The former Second Lady also spoke about “kids in cages,” implying that Trump had created them — when, in fact, the Obama-Biden administration had first created the infamous chain-link enclosures for detained minors in Border Patrol processing centers.


  1. Who set the ground work for the “expectation” of allowing every illegal immigrant automatic admission into the U.S. no questions asked????
    Answer- leftist, liberal white democrats!!!

  2. Illegals should be arrested, along with all of all the mayors of the sanctuary cities, which happen to be Democrats. What gives them the rights to give sanctuary to illegals? It is just their way of adding to their parties voter roles.

  3. Now Biden’s wife Jill joins the liars club of her husband’s party. How can she deliberately accused Trump of creating the cages for kids at the border when she knows very well that procedure start under Obama administration where his own husband was vice president and an accomplice of the movement.

    Lady, you have the nerves. People are not stupid like you. We are watching, we are observing and we know the truth. Shame on you. Have some decency. Stop lying. Be honest. I know it’s hard for you to be a honest decent person since you are a Biden, but at least try. The truth will set you free.

  4. If they were illegals they should have been arrested and sent to deportation. This is the easy way to get them. Notice how they said they wouldn’t vote for him. It’s illegal for them to vote. This is why the voting system needs to change. If they show up deport them. They’re committing several crimes. If an American minor tried voting they would be denied. If they want rights then go through proper legal channels. They don’t have to stay in the “cages” go home. Take the children you tried to use as a loophole. Your illegal and k ew it when you procreated therefore your children are illegal. Children should only be legal in any country if the parents have citizenship in that country. Americans who have a child in Europe that child should be illegal too. GO HOME TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND LET YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT SUPPORT YOU AND SEE TO YOUR FAMILIES NEEDS. PROTEST FOR CHANGE IN YOUR COUNTRY LIKE WE HAD TO DO FOR CERTAIN RIGHTS. Arrest them when they come.

  5. The whole f’n family- Mama Jill you’re included- are nothing but a pack of chronic LIARS- only thing is nowadays , is that nobody gives a damn even if you are actually PROVEN to be one – calling someone a liar USED TO BE FIGHTING WORDS for God’s sake!!! Now people have no morals- they seem to act like- ok I know I’m a liar so what. If you throw pervert , thief, f’n crazy as hell ((seriously)) , on top of being a LIAR then you have Joe Biden’s autobiography highlights. Come on old man you wanna have a push-up contest 😂 !!! ????

  6. Not much of a crowd inside or outside the Democrat primary debate.

    President Trump packs many times that number into his smaller rallies. FOUR MORE YEARS!

    Rising to the top of the Democrat candidate list is like floating to the top of the gutter.


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