LOL: Twitter Brutalizes Pete Buttigieg For Drinking 40oz To Pander To The Black Vote

(Tea Party PAC) – Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is being slammed on Twitter for drinking out of a brown paper bag in public to try to pander to black people.

How did anyone in his campaign think this would be a good idea?

Buttigieg, a white, gay man, is not polling well among black voters, the coveted voting block of any Democratic primary candidate.

Apparently, he thought breaking the law and drinking in public would be the perfect way to relate to black voters.

This is both completely racist and totally humiliating.

Buttigieg, the small-town South Bend, Indiana mayor who was christened as the media’s golden child, appeared recently on the show Desus & Mero on Showtime drinking what appears to be whiskey out of a brown paper bag.

In the clip, Buttigieg and the host of the show openly acknowledge they are breaking the law, joint that, if Buttigieg won the election, he could pardon them all.

Not really sure that’s how that works…

The Blaze TV’s White House correspondent, John Miller, wrote on Twitter in response to the stunt, “Nothing to see here. Just @PeteButtigieg pandering to blacks by breaking the law and drinking in public. ‘Maybe if I do something illegal, blacks will think I’m one of them!’”

This is honestly beyond sick, and portrays the deep-seated racism most Democrat politicians truly have.

What else do you expect from a party that relies on black people’s communities to be ravaged with crime and substance abuse so they have something to promise, yet never actually, fix?

Democrats have no interest in appealing to the many hard-working, well-to-do black voters who are concerned about their communities and the influence of rap culture on their youth.

No, they want welfare-dependent victim-complex black voters who think its cool to drink out of a brown bag in public.

This comes after Buttigieg, along with many other 2020 candidates, openly supported reparations for slaver.

He’s also not the only candidate being slammed on Twitter for using alcohol as part of their embarrassing pandering.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand recently celebrated gay pride month at a gay bar over the weekend, sipping gingerly on a shot and pretending not to notice she is being filmed. She then raises her hand and squeals “gay rights!” in a manner so awkward, she makes Elizabeth Warren drinking a beer look natural.