LOL! You Won’t Believe Why The Bidens Were Awkwardly Locked Out Of White House When They Arrived For The First Time

(Tea Party PAC) – So the Biden Administration is off to a fantastic start.

Wait, sorry, no.

It’s off to a terrible, embarrassing, and downright shameful start that further underscores how unbelievable it is that Joe Biden was the legitimate recipient of the greatest number of votes a U.S. presidential candidate has ever received.

The Daily Mail reported that, when Joe and Jill Biden arrived at the White House for the first time after Joe was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States that they found the doors of the people’s house were locked to them.

I think this is what you call “poetic justice” and it’s certainly a fitting image of what the start of the Biden administration will always be remembered for.

He had to be sworn in under the protection of 25,000 National Guard troops—who were then treated like dirt, mind you—because they were that afraid of the American people.

(Of course, it was all the Antifa black bloc who was rioting on Inauguration Day—not the overwhelmingly law-abiding Americans who have less trust in their system than ever before).

As it happens, President Trump’s butler had been fired from the White House staff just hours before Inauguration…and no one was there to open the door!

And we’re supposed to believe these people ran the most successful U.S. presidential campaign in our nation’s history to defeat one of the most enigmatic and enthusiastically loved presidents we’ve ever had?

Yeah, right.

Also spotted were Marines that failed to salute their new POTUS as he walked by:

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  1. Great move by Mr. Trump !! But I think Demented Joe can embarrass himself just fine without any help. Semper Fi to the US Marines who did NOT salute the Fraud occupying the White House !!!

  2. The illegal occupier of the White House. May his soul if he has one ROT IN HELL. Treason is a crime punishable by death that him and his son should stand trial for.

  3. We so want are America back!
    We feel it slipping away.
    We need President Trump back.
    We need these republicans to have back bone and stand up for America first.
    Not lose sight on all that was accomplished the last 4 years!!!!

  4. Those crooks don’t belong in the White House, but unfortunately this place has been housing crooks for a long time, until Trump showed up!!!


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