Louie Gohmert Exposes Dems’ $3T Plan To “Make Ballot Harvesting Legal For The Whole Country”

(Tea Party PAC) – The Democrats are falling all over themselves to turn the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity to spin the 2020 election in their favor.

It’s almost as if they want to prove the conspiracy theorists right!

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) is exposing their crooked plot to use the recently-passed relief bill to legalize ballot harvesting across the land, a move which will most certainly work in the Democrats’ political favor.

He told Breitbart News that the $3 trillion omnibus package passed in the House on Friday virtually “federalizes elections” to end states’ voter ID requirements and measures taken to prevent ballot harvesting.

“We had the $3 trillion giveaway,” said Gohmert of the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, dubbed the HEROES Act, while speaking with Breitbart News Tonight on Friday.

He went to add, sarcastically, that “[The bill] included really must-pass important things, like preventing states from having voter ID requirements before they can vote. We’ve got to allow more voter fraud, and the voter ID requirement is just an impediment to more voter fraud. So that was important to have in this bill that the Democrats passed today.”

“It’s codified ballot harvesting for the whole country,” the congressman continued. “So the Democrats all over the country, when they lose an election, they can go out and pick up ballots from people and say, ‘Whoops, that person didn’t really win because we’ve been able to manufacture a lot of votes that we needed to get this person defeated.’”

Gohmert continued, “That will make ballot harvesting legal for the whole country, and even though the Constitution is clear … elections generally are afforded to the states and the people, but this changes the Constitution and basically federalizes the entire election process.”

The House also changed its own rules for voting on legislation allowing for remote voting, which Gohmert said was “unconstitutional.”

Gohmert said, “Of course, the Constitution — Article 1, Section 5 — says that for each House to do business, and I’m quoting, ‘a majority of each House shall constitute a quorum to do business,’ and so if we have all 435 members of Congress, then according to that, we’ve got to have 218 present in the chamber in order to have a constitutional vote on any bill.”

Bretibart notes that “The House’s rule change to allow for remote voting violates the Constitution’s requirement for representatives’ physical presence on the House floor when voting on legislation, maintained Gohmert.”


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    • I know, republicunts trying to suppress voters and voting methods and endanger millions more Americans with their delusional conspiracy theories of imaginary “voter fraud”. It’s sickening. Stay safe, stay home, vote by mail in November, vote blue no matter who, and let’s put an end to the corruption of the republicunt party forever!

  3. They are all treasonous and will do anything to gain power and destroy this country. I am so weary of all their crap. I have always believed strongly in our Constitution, Rule of Law, my God, and proudly served my country in the military for six years. My father and uncles fought in World War II and a number of my friends gave their lives in Vietnam. I will not see my country destroyed by these Socialist Communist traitors.

  4. Democrats in California legislature passed voter harvesting law just prior to 2018 election, resulting in loss of long held Republican Congressional seats in the state. After election was supposedly closed, harvesters brought in hundreds of thousands of votes that changed the results from Republican to Democrats for many of our Congressional districts. Harvested votes changed winners days after polls we’re closed. Individual harvesters could collect ballots unsupervised.

  5. To Nancy the never nervous, Lou Gohmert is telling you that Chocolate ice cream will melt in your mouth, and Clyburn will be in your hands.

  6. No MAIL IN BALLOTS for voting . . . EVER! This is a Left Wing Democrats WET DREAM – a perversion of the U.S. Constitution. They HATE the Constitution, like ALL TREASONISTIC TRAITORS do! One Wary and DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Typical delusional republicunt trying to suppress voters and voting methods and endanger millions more Americans with their delusional conspiracy theories of imaginary “voter fraud”. It’s sickening. Stay safe, stay home, vote by mail in November, vote blue no matter who, and let’s put an end to the corruption of the republicunt party forever!

  7. Pelosi and her democratic treasonous political buddies are diving into very deep water,,,,,,be very careful,,,,you could drown and never be found,,,,it is time for unity,,,not more and more divisiveness,,a revolution looms on the horizon,,,citizens are tired of treasonous people who for three years have tried to intimidate and punish our President,,,the citizens you swore to support and the constitution you swore to uphold are becoming false lies that you perpetrated,,,any uprising that happens,,,,you caused,,,you brought it on yourself,,,

  8. This upcoming election in November is really simple. You either want to keep the constitution, bill of rights, a capitalist economy and the freedoms you enjoyed before the virus or you want the federal government to control where you live, pay you welfare from money they don’t have, and tax the hell out of everything. You’ll be living in a tin shed and standing in food lines, all the while they jet around the world enjoying all the excesses the stole from you. The answer is simple. Vote the Socialists (democrats) out of office.

  9. Nowsome only want to quote the Constitution when it is what they think, forgetting the Constitution is like a book if you do not read it all you do not know what is intended to do.
    No no where in the Constitution says that the party in power has the right to redistrict without inpout from the opposing party, now where was I ever taught that the Constitution says you have to prove who you are to vote. Some will come backa nd say it would be common sense, well I do think that the founders had a lot of Common Sense in this Constitution. Now when the voting was first here about 30% of the population was here illegally. I know of about 20 families that we know thatt here is no record of their ancestors coming to this USA. Most ports of entry had one immigration person and as the History books say that person could be found i8n the local; bar drunk most of the time, with no one to check the people in that came to this Country. Now one famous family the DuPonts hired a boat just came ashore on the coast of Delaware and never got close to an immigration office, and they were not the only famous people who did the same thing at different locations prior to 1930.

  10. Louie should also be pointing out that also written into the heroes act is gun legislation, a 30% tax on all firearms sales, a 50% tax on all ammunition sales, and that to purchase either you have to have a Federal Firearms License. This bill should be dead on arrival when it reaches Senate, and there should not be any kind of negotiation on it, it should be flatly refused by Republicans, this is the kind of crap that the democrats are trying to sneak through under the guise of helping citizens. This kind of blatant sedition an treason has no place in OUR Country, PERIOD!!!

  11. Never give your power away because you will never get it back! The framers of our constitution made it very clear what the rules are and why the rules are. It worked to keep this country in the hands of our democracy. So if remote voting and paper ballots are allowed, the house becomes a puppet of the speaker with no equal representation from each elected congressman, which is not happening as it is and who is supposed to vote what his constituents want, not the lobbyists who line their pockets, nor the party in power but what is what the people want. Paper ballots allow the George Soros and foreign powers to stuff the vote they want in power, or the illegal aliens who have no right to vote becauseTHEY ARE NOT US CITIZENS!! No no no! We the people and for the people is our freedom loving system of government that we must preserve. Using this scare tactic that we will not have elections in November is crazy. We will be back in business again by then because otherwise our lifestyle is shattered. We want to work and we need to go back to work so shut up with your crazy shenanigans. Senate please reject this new package. Since we are going back to work we don’t need to make our children and grandchildren pay these bills that are fruitless if we can do what we need to do now to be safe at work and still do our jobs!

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