“Mad As Hell” How Liberals Are Reacting To Vote Blocking Witnesses Will Crack You Up

(Tea Party PAC) – Oh, this just didn’t go as planned, did it?

On Friday, the GOP-controlled Senate successfully voted down a measure 51-49 (despite two RINO defectors) which would have given the Senate power to subpoena additional witnesses in the ongoing impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump.

Leftists are now absolutely beside themselves, having erroneously hoped they would somehow be successful at kicking Trump out of office.

Here are some scenes of the tear-stained protests, which call to mind the national melt-down that occurred after Trump’s victory in 2016.

Conservatives responded in kind:

Of course, we could surely count on the left-wing media to join in the freakouts, as they also seem to have been under the impression they could fake news their way to a successful political coup, despite their 100% failure rate of doing so.

“You should be mad as hell, and you need to show these people you will not take it anymore!” CNN’s Chris Cuomo mourned.

“It is striking that there is a national security adviser for President Trump, who is out there basically waving his hands saying, ‘I would like to be subpoenaed’ … Even in that context, the Senate voted the way they did,” CNN’s Jake Tapper whined.

(He’s wrong, by the way. Bolton hasn’t stayed that he wants to testify, he’s simply indicated he may be willing to.)

“Donald Trump may well have now become the most powerful president in American history. … President Trump is functionally a monarch at this point,” NBC’s Jon Meacham outrageously pontificated.

“If the king does it, it’s okay. That’s what we’re seeing unfold in Washington right now. And I think all Americans, whether you support the President or you don’t should pause significantly and think about the long term implications of having a president who is above the law.”

Over on CNN, one-time legendary journalist and current anti-Trump zealot Carl Bernstein declared that Trump is a dictator, despite the fact that the unfavorable outcome of yesterday’s vote couldn’t be a more perfect example of the republican process.

“[W]hat we have here now is the Senate of the United States through the Republican leadership and membership has now joined hands with a tyrant,” he reportedly said.

Drama queens!


  1. But we have to go out and vote! As I said before do not take anything for granted. Do not think oh I do not have to vote because other people will vote. Do not think oh they do not need my vote they have enough votes. GO OUT AND VOTE.
    So we can have a big party and open up lots of bottles of Champagne. Don’t let you’re vote go to waste.

  2. I seem to recall many of the fools begging Obama’ to “just take over”. They liked his “pen and phone” policies. They just don’t like when the shoe’s on the other foot.

  3. These people STILL don’t get it. The “damning evidence” was the phone call, which once the transcript was released, wasn’t so damning after all. Presidents have advisors to bounce ideas, thoughts and plans off of. Just because they discuss it doesn’t mean it happens. President Trump may have discussed holding funds in exchange for investigations of corruption regarding Burisma with Bolton, but if it didn’t happen, then where is the crime? And why in hell does the House leadership think they are entitled to see all those notes?? Executive privilege is paramount for our presidents to be able to discuss freely all sorts of things without the entire nation knowing every syllable that has been spoken to everyone he has had conversations with.

  4. Ignorance breeds stupidity and the liberals have more than enough ignorance to go around. Difficult to believe that so many blindly follow their crooked liberal leadership. Pelosi as the king leader is like the Pied Piper as she merrily leads her followers into a sea of gloom. When you try to discuss issues with a liberal it is like talking to a piece of dead wood. There is no logic. Thankfully many Democrats see the corruption within their party and will join with conservatives and independents to keep our country on the right track.

  5. Hate to use the language BUT WE’RE FED UP WITH THESE MINDLESS MORONS – F those IGNORANT AZZHOLES- Get a job , get a life…and MOST OF ALL—— STOP TRYIN TO RUIN MY LIFE 😂!!!

  6. Where was all the hue and cry when the Dems hijacked the house to push their agenda? An eye for an eye. Calling extra witnesses ( the job of the House) would have only given legitimacy to a 3rd world style coup. Try that from EITHER side of the aisle and see what happens.

    • They’re hoping to jin up enough “outrage” from the electorate to win the senate and keep the house. They know Trump will be re-elected. Also, they’re trying to delegitimize the president by any means possible. Schiff stated during his arguments that Trump intended to cheat his way to the presidency. Again. The press will replay that narrative from now until kingdom come.

  7. So basically, President Trump has gone from, “Take it to the bank, Trump will never be President”. To…”Donald Trump may well have now become the most powerful president in American history”.

  8. The best night will occur in November 2020 when Trump wins every State and the Democrats lose every single seat in the House and Senate. Tape that night. Number ONE comedy for the next few years.

  9. Hey Chris C, We are mad as hell & we’re not taking it anymore ( Goofy leftist B.S. that is) now just go away & let the sane people run things.

  10. Well, technically speaking….it is a shame. A shame that democrats have been allowed to attack a legally elected president since BEFORE he even took office. A shame they were able to pervert the FISA subpoena process. A shame they haven’t done anything else in congress since Trump was seated, except attack Trump. A shame that democrats have been using tax dollars in the guise of impeachment to influence the upcoming election so they don’t have to use the funds from the DNC. A shame that democrats are promoting the destruction of this nation by leaving our borders open, importing illegal invaders to pad the democrat voters pool, to destroy our social services security net by adding millions of illegal invaders to drain it dry while elderly citizens and disabled veterans live on the streets or starve or freeze to death while the illegal invaders collect thousands in welfare assistance. The shame goes on and on. I don’t have the energy or time to list them all. If you are watching intently or even paying just a little attention, you already know what the offenses are.

  11. These CRAZY leftist loonies are the reason the Dems must NEVER get control, that would just flush the U.S. right down the crapper. We must vote republican in Nov. or the country is totally doomed.

  12. Have you ever heard of a trial where the jury is allowed to call witnesses to a crime? I have not. The Democrats are claiming they impeached President Trump by having the trial in the house, as it is documented in the Constitution. Now Adam Schiff is asking for more witnesses in the Senate which is supposed to determine the guilt or innocence based upon the testimony presented in the trial. This just illustrates the malfeasance of the Democrats since President Trump was elected by the Constitutional rules that are in place.

  13. The whole of it all has been PARTISAN since the beginning. If one can accept the monkey trial in the house which took forever and ended with the same vote as it would have on day one as a legal event, then one better be able to accept the OPPOSITE PARTISAN proceedings and vote in the senate. Come on, all this has proved, once again is those that hate Trump hate Trump.

  14. WOW! How can they have it so backwards? Trump broke no law, and did nothing we wouldn’t want any president to do — investigate corruption before taxpayer dollars are given.
    And yet these same people completely ignore the lawless Erick Holder, the Marxist Barack Obama, the Corrupt Hillary Clinton, the pedophile Bill Clinton, the Corrupt Maxine Waters, the Tax-Dodger Al Sharpton, and the whole Deep State Democrat Bureaucracy.
    Trump – while crass – is doing great things for America. Obama – while smooth – led America toward Socialism. Trump – while brash – is attacking the heart of the Swamp Beast. Biden – while stumbling toward being a classy guy – displayed world-wide government corruption in protecting his no-account son’s “business dealings” while being “in charge” of Ukraine and China policy.
    Thankfully, the grown-ups in the Senate prevailed. Now it is up to grown-up Americans to stop the insanity of Open Borders, Trillion Dollar Taxes, Free Everything, Anti-Christian, Anti-Law Enforcement, Sanctuary City Democrats.
    Democrats in power = destruction, chaos, and violence. And those vying for their power — the AOC-Tlaib-Omar-Sanders Marxists — are worse. Cue the Gulags, the re-education centers, and the mass extermination of the educated and the moral, for they are the major inhibitors to Marxist Progress.

  15. For eleven years I’ve been telling My Conservative base that Socialists can scream and holler who they want in the White House in 2020. This election is NOT about the candidates, it’s about saving our Constitutional Republic, and stopping the Corruption in D.C. Socialist have been waiting for the opportunity that presented it’s self when the phony Obama opened the way for a Socialist/Communist America, and it’s still that way going into 2020, they want you to think that all their violence, murders, corruption is over the presidency, it’s NOT, they want to overthrow our country.

  16. Ain’t it GREAT to watch SNOWFLAKES melting down when common sense is exercised? . . . more entertaining than a SITCOM! Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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