Mainstream Media Pundits Showing Video Of “Cruel” Border Patrol…But Here’s What They’re Hiding

(Tea Party PAC) – The more the mainstream media tries to slam the Trump administration, the more they reveal themselves to be complete and total hypocrites for giving such glowing, favorable coverage to Obama.

First, it was the “kids in cages,” which happened under Obama.

Then it was the tear gas–again, an Obama-era practice.

Now, it’s a video of Border Patrol agents kicking over and destroying bottles of water left out in the desert by pro-immigrant groups…from when Obama was still president.

The really insane thing is that mainstream media pundits are deliberately obscuring the date the video was captured, and using it as evidence as to just how cruel the Trump administration’s immigration tactics really are.

As Newsbusters reported over the weekend, MSNBC’s Joy Reid shared the clip on her show last week and discussed it at length in the context of a little girl who recently died shortly after being taken into custody by Border Patrol Agents.

Of course, this little girl had not been given water or food for days during her illegal cross into New Mexico with her highly irresponsible and negligent father, but there is also the very inconvenient fact that the video Reid shared to slam the Trump administration was entirely irrelevant to that poor little girl’s plight.

The AM Joy producers appear to have deliberately obscured the date of the video–from 2011–with a chyron.

“One of the issues was dehydration. We’re going to show you some video … but there is video of Border Patrol agents dumping water on the ground — water that was meant to be left for migrants. This is from a Tucson-based aid group,” Reid explained on the show, as the clip showed Border Patrol agents kicking over and pouring out water left for migrants.

She even went as far as to say this was all an effort to please Trump supporters…somehow.

“We saw Border Patrol dumping water that was made for desperate migrants being dumped out on the ground. This sort of extravagant cruelty is unusual for any administration, but, for this administration, they seem to think it’s effective for their base.”

This is blatant, deliberately deceptive propaganda. No doubt about it. How do you sleep at night while spinning the truth this much?

The reality is, you won’t find a video of Border Patrol agents doing this under Trump, because it is against Border Patrol policy to do so now.

“All agents in the Tucson Sector have been instructed not to remove or destroy water stations, food or other resources left along trails in the desert. The Border Patrol is aware of the video from approximately six years ago depicting agents damaging water bottles,” an agency spokesperson said after the video was released in January.

“The Border Patrol shares a common goal with Non-Governmental Organizations to preserve human life and to prevent injury. We do not condone or encourage destruction or tampering with any water or food caches. Furthermore, anyone aware of these activities occurring is encouraged to it immediately to the Border Patrol.”

In fact, what Joy Reid would never tell you is that Border Patrol agents did everything they could to save that little girls life, and even had her airlifted to a Texas hospital for emergency care.

Without them, she would have died in the desert, like so many children have.

But Reid doesn’t care about children, does she? She cares about her agenda, and is obviously willing to lie to your face to push it.