Mainstream Media Scrambling To Explain Away Migrant Caravan, Claim They Never Reached The Border

(Tea Party PAC) – As the migrant caravan played out exactly as the Republicans warned it would, i.e., showing up at the border causing violence and chaos, the mainstream media has been scrambling to adjust their narrative accordingly.

On Friday, MSNBC Live with Katy Tur spoke with Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire, who claimed that the several-thousand-strong caravan that originated in Honduras in October never made it to the U.S. border.

This of course blatantly contradicts the ample press coverage of the caravan’s arrival in Tijuana, which was well-documented and even sparked protest from locals and the mayor of Tijuana himself, who has made numerous public statements about the caravan.

In other words, this is sort of like denying that Congress just reconvened on Thursday, or that the government isn’t partially shut down. It’s insanity.

During the segment, Tur herself also claimed that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said “4,000 terrorists are apprehended at the border every day.” In reality, Sanders told Fox & Friends that morning that 4,000 terrorists had been apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in all of 2018.

Tur and Lemire’s outrageous claims came right after MSNBC’s live coverage of the President’s presser in the Rose Garden about his meeting with Congressional Democrat leadership, which of course pertained to funding for a border wall.

Here’s what they said:



2:19 PM EST

KATY TUR: Jonathan Lemire, what is the strategy here? Because what I heard from the president a moment ago, beyond the back and forth on where he wanted the wall and whether the wall would be in California, and what I heard from the White House press secretary this morning, communications director Sarah Sanders, um, press secretary, was a lot of fear mongering. Sarah Sanders saying this morning 4,000 terrorists are apprehended at the border every day. That’s not true. Jacob Soboroff will fact check that for us in a moment. But the president also talking about smugglers and talking about all the crime that pours in on the border. Is this just all about making it seem like there is a crisis? Is that their strategy?

JONATHAN LEMIRE [AP, WH REPORTER]: It certainly seem — I mean, certainly, the president’s remarks right there, rambling as they were, were delivered like a campaign speech. There wasn’t, like, an update to reporters about legislation. It was the same rhetoric we’ve often heard about him discussing how this threat that exists at the border, this, the — couched in the same sort of dangerous terms we heard about that caravan, which, of course, never did arrive at the southern border of the United States. That this is he — this is still feels for the president — it’s a base play. It’s an attempt to be strong for the people who have supported him that he feels like he can’t give them up.

Lemire’s absurd claim stands in stark contrast to his own network’s reporting. Like much of the mainstream media, the AP drew substantial attention to the incident when Border Patrol agents fired tear gas on a group of caravan members who tried to storm a border checkpoint in November.

A photo snapped of a mother and two children who were (for some reason) caught up in the riot was circulated widely.

So it’s very difficult to believe either he or Tur somehow completely missed the arrival of the caravan at the border.

Additionally, just a few days ago, the AP reported on yet another incident of tear gas being deployed on caravan members as they attempted to breach a border fence near Tijuana on New Years’ Day.

Is he really this dumb, or is he just hoping that viewers are?


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